One of the social media fandom favorites, the third season of the PBS costume drama is back and ready to tease more out of its stories. miss scarlet and the duke series three

Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Series Three (2023) TV Show Review

When a magician goes missing, Miss Eliza Scarlett (Kate Phillips) is the detective for the case. Appearing to disappear without a trace, Eliza begins her investigation. Trouble is, the police is already on case and this annoys Inspector William “Duke” Wellington (Stuart Martin). With the police investigating, the usual conflict between the childhood best friends continue their same bickering banter.

Things grow more tense when a former foe of Eliza’s enters their lives…


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Like any prior season of this social media obsessed show, Miss Scarlet and the Duke has its charms. Set in the 1800s with two strong willed characters at the forefront, there’s plenty that annoys me. I’ve written about the reasons I do and don’t like this show in addition to writing season reviews of the show, too. Needless to say, there’s plenty of content around this PBS show.

If I’m being honest, three seasons in, I still hold to all of those reasons I don’t wholeheartedly champion this show. Like anything else, this plays on modern emotions of, likely, its female audience to ensure its titular heroine is the one with all the sympathy. I understand that Eliza, in this timeframe, is someone who has to work harder to accomplish what she wants. However, the titular characters have very similar personalities and when it comes to emotion and the way they treat one another, both should be criticized equally. Sadly, they’re not.

Despite these complaints Miss Scarlet and the Duke is a pretty visual experience. The filming tends to be “dark” because the settings and filming tries to be authentic with lighting which is why it’s darker. The costuming is gorgeous and like any other season, there’s fun characters and a solid cast. In spite of the popularity of fans wanting these two together, three seasons in, I do like them as a potential couple but since a series star has made statements that they aren’t necessarily end game, I’m trying not to invest in them. That said, I also haven’t seen them with others I think are better.

If you enjoy this show, this third season is another winning six installments.

You can stream Miss Scarlet and the Duke series three with a Masterpiece Theatre subscription.


‘MISS SCARLET AND THE DUKE,’ SERIES THREE HAS MORE MYSTERY. Review of the 2023 third season of the popular Masterpiece show. © Rissi JC

CONTENT: There is some violence and use of weapons plus tense situations where people are threatened. The series is TV-14.

Photos: PBS / Masterpiece Theatre

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