An Alfred Hitchcock film from the 1950s, Strangers on a Train is a story that likely inspired many a mystery after its time.

Strangers on a Train (1951) Film Review

Sharing idle conversation with a stranger on his train isn’t something tennis pro Guy Haines (Farley Granger) is planning on. When his time, while travelling to finalize a divorce, is monopolized by Bruno Antony (Robert Walker), a man who claims to be a fan devoted to Guy, he’s more than ready to escape for a quiet dinner. Instead the pair shares a meal together where Bruno spins a crazy tale about murder and swapping murders in a convenient trade. Bruno claims he’ll take care of the wife Guy wants free of, while Guy needs to repay Bruno by doing away with his controlling father.

Guy brushes off the crazed fan as just that, and a man in need of help. He returns home again to court Ann, the woman he plans to marry. Upon his arrival, he learns his wife, the woman he’s been married to in name only for months now, is found strangled…


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This is more of the “proper” kind of mystery that I did anticipate when watching To Catch a Thief. In that I didn’t find what I expected. Strangers on a Train is also the kind of film I suspect inspires many of the films we know today. The concept of this film has been used in more than one TV mystery episode and I’m sure is a script that inspires many a mystery feature.

I think, so far in my journey of watching Alfred Hitchcock films, my favorites tie between this and Dial M for Murder. They’re both more of a traditional mystery, and feature the usual good versus bad morals and questions about what will shake out. The cast, though names I don’t recognize, is good and they turn in solid performances. I like the setup in this one though like any film of its genres, there is some unnecessary drama and dramatics that earns a giggle or two.

Telling a solid mystery story that takes its time to build into what it becomes, Strangers on a Train is a memorable film. So far, it’s one of the few Alfred Hitchcock movies I’d happily re-watch.

You can, at publication, stream Strangers on a Train on Tubi; or purchase or rent on places like Apple TV.


‘STRANGERS ON A TRAIN’: A HITCHCOCK MURDER MYSTERY. Review of the 1951 mystery. All text is © RissiWrites.com

Content: nothing much to note outside of the thematic moral elements. A man discusses murder and how the perfect one could happen. There is discussion about having an affair while married. The film, according to trivia, implies homosexuality.

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