Another Alfred Hitchcock flick, Suspicion isn’t exactly the best of the bunch, but I did like it (in some cases more than his famous titles!).

Suspicion (1941) Film Review

According to her father, Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine) is quite past the age of anyone being interested in marrying her. Quiet and sheltered, with more of a bookworm nature, this wounds Lina. It’s part of what inspires her to fall quite madly for Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant), the man she met by happenstance on a train.

Charming but something of a rake, Johnnie has no sense of responsibility and instead runs into the ground scheme after scheme, overextending the money he doesn’t have. As time goes on, Lina grows suspicious of her husband, even letting her mind wander to the possibility that Johnnie is capable of murder!


‘SUSPICION’: A HAPPY LIFE TURNS INTO SCARY LIE. #CaryGrant stars in a 1941 #AlfredHitchcock flick that goes from happy to harrowing! #ClassicMovies #ClassicCinema #Movies #MovieReview Click To Tweet
‘SUSPICION’: A HAPPY LIFE TURNS INTO SCARY LIE. Cary Grant stars in a 1941 Alfred Hitchcock flick that goes from happy to harrowing! Text © Rissi JC

Featuring two of the eras most talented, Suspicion is one of those movies that intrigues me. It’s also a film that doesn’t give you any kind of concrete answer. It’s one you have to suppose by recalling former scenes and conversations, and then make your best guess as to the truth. This concept isn’t always something I like or enjoy from films, but for this one, I think it fits.

The cast is good too though not all favorites of mine. I really enjoyed seeing Joan Fontaine taking on a leading lady role since I don’t think she’s someone who I’ve seen in anything or much. She plays Lina well, and while I don’t necessarily recognize any name outside of her and Grant, I’m sure I’ve seen some of the supporting cast in other roles, too.

By the time credits roll, you’ll fall into one of two camps. You’ll think Suspicion is good and well done, or you’ll be miffed. I’m in the former category, and really do think the film is a solid flick.

You can stream, at publication, Suspicion on Tubi; or rent on places like Apple.


‘SUSPICION’: A HAPPY LIFE TURNS INTO SCARY LIE. Cary Grant stars in a 1941 Alfred Hitchcock flick that goes from happy to harrowing! Text © Rissi JC

Content Note: nothing much to note outside of the themes of murder and questions about someone being a murderer. There are some “tense” scenes, and modern audiences may not like some of the gestures or “actions” with women that were common in this period of filmmaking. The film is NR but would probably be a solid PG just because of the themes.

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