A film that’s been on Netflix for a while now, 2022’s Home Team is something that is easy to watch.

Home Team (2022) Netflix Film Review

One of the best coaches in the NFL, two years after the historic win where he led the New Orleans Saints to super bowl victory, Sean Payton (Kevin James), is suspended amidst a scandal. This sends him back to Texas where he tries to reconnect with his pre-teen son Connor (Tait Blum).

Doing so means he also finds himself coaching his son’s football team alongside their coach Troy Lambert (Taylor Lautner). Disasters here and there aside, this challenge turns out to teach Sean his most surprising lesson.


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This film has been on Netflix for over two years and yet, here I am just now watching it. Inspired by real events, this Netflix flick is one of those film’s that’s feel good and somehow charming too. The script, the story and the cast is all fabulous. What surprises me most is Kevin James in Home Team. Being so used to seeing him in a strict comedy role, seeing him take on this role is interesting. He does such a good job with this role (given it has a little more depth) and I love it.

The film still has dry wit and sense of humor that I love and laughing out load is what this film inspires more than once. From the adorable attempt a preteen makes at wooing to the jacuzzi tub saga, this is very entertaining and I love that it’s nothing more than a feel good movie that makes us smile.

You can stream Home Team digitally on Netflix


‘HOME TEAM’: A FUNNY COMEDY WITH KEVIN JAMES. Adam Sandler produced comedy from Netflix. All text © RissiWrites.com

Content: there isn’t much to note outside of some thematic elements. There is some physical comedy which includes a group of teens projectile vomiting (it’s in excess to play up laughs). There is talk of a marriage ending and why it came to be. The film is TV-PG.

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