The Story of Us – Unique Bookshop Re-inspires Old Love


With the arrival of a new month come new possibilities. On Hallmark Channel, those possibilities include new romances. As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, one of their new originals uses the day, plus the old-fashioned charm of letters to re-inspire an old romance. This is The Story of Us.

The Story of Us (2019) Hallmark Channel Review

Since she was a young girl, Jamie Vaughn (Maggie Lawson) dreamed of owning the quaint book shop True Love. Located in the heart of her Oregon state hometown, it’s this shop that inspires so many love stories. Jamie’s dream comes true, and now she continues on the traditions of the shop. Everything begins to change when a developer begins to buy surrounding properties with plans for a new skyscraper development.

Enter Sawyer O’Dell (Sam Page), the architect responsible for the new project, and Jamie’s ex from high school. As Jamie makes it her mission to remind Sawyer about their hometown, the pair also discovers their best friends just might harbor a crush on each other.

This film is one of those movies that will give you “all the feels.” It’s brimming with romantic gestures, and sweet moments. Even the (re) meet cute is darling; it’s a kind of “twist” on what would typically happen in the situation, and is all kinds of cute. In short, before I say more, this one is, for me, a keeper.

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What keeps things clipping along and fun is the script. It’s fantastic with its banter and the relaxed wit between our love birds. Part of this is due to the cast, and part of it is that it’s possible because the characters share a past. I’ve seen both Sam and Maggie in prior Hallmark originals, but never together; I do really like them together though, and find them believable as these personalities.

Although this is the only one of Hallmark’s 2019 February premieres I’ve seen, it’s memorable and lovely. Plus, I’ll admit, of their three Valentine romances, it’s this that I’m most interested in seeing. Happily I can report, it doesn’t disappoint. The book shop setting is ideal for those of us who swoon over a good fictional romance, and the book shop itself is a tour in quaint reading nooks and spaces.

Like basically anything on this channel, if you enjoy swoony contemporary romances, don’t miss The Story of Us. It’s a charmer that I already consider a rom-com favorite.

Catch the debut of this one tonight, February 9th.

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