‘My Future Boyfriend’: A TV Time Travel Kind of Romance


Before getting into this review, let me just say something; contrived or not, this movie is adorable. Do I think it lives up to its standards as a supposed “family” film? No. But with that being said, compared to the majority of romantic comedies, My Future Boyfriend is not just adorable but refreshingly clean.

My Future Boyfriend (2011) ABC Family TV Film Review

‘My Future Boyfriend’: A TV Time Travel Kind of Romance. A review of the 2011 ABC Family rom-com with Sara Rue. Text © Rissi JC

Having a man in her office who claims to be from 100 centuries into the future is not something Elizabeth Barrtett (Sara Rue) needs today, or any day really. She already has enough “strange” in her life. The author of what she hopes is only her first novel, “Liz” works at the magazine Strange Times. When her boss puts her on this stranger’s story, Liz is less than thrilled about spending another day in the company of some dude with a loose screw.

Coming from a future in which people are identified by a string of letters and numbers, and love is a taboo subject, archaeologist Pax (Barry Watson) finds Elizabeth’s book where words like “passion” are foreign. Now he wants to know more. Given 24 hours to find the answers he’s so curious about, Pax sets out to learn all he can from Elizabeth before time dictates he return to the future.

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Given the wide range of genres in movies today, this one is a little bit of romance with a smidgen of quirkiness and even some sci-fi. Mostly the special effects (what few there are) are nothing “cool,” but I did like the premise of the film. It’s cute and the acting is decent for a televised film. If this were written by different writers (the writing is okay, with some sharp wit) or made by an entirely different studio, I think it could have been even better.

If there is one thing to be said about this movie, it’s the romance timeline. It continuously amazes me to see how writer’s try to cram a romance into a few days or mere hours. In this case, it’s the latter. With a time limit, it’s improbable that anyone would be whispering the words, “I love you” five minutes before closing, and yet, that is what we have to work with. Luckily, the ending is still adorable.

Thought not a new concept, My Future Boyfriend has its own kind of TV movie charm. It’s nice to see that Pax seems like a guy Liz would maybe find charming (unlike some of its movie peer heroes), and possibly fall for; he’s “naive,” yes, but not so child-like that we wonder how the heroine would form any attachment. This story makes it easy for us to like both characters. Naturally, there are obstacles for Liz and Pax to overcome before true love can reign; this includes Liz’s complicated status, and a fun subplot with Pax. My Future Boyfriend is not going to revolutionize the film industry but it’s perfect for a fun night in.

You can find My Future Boyfriend on DVD.

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Content: TV14 for some “mild” innuendo; Pax questions what “sex” is [nothing graphic] as well as “kissing.” There are a couple of kisses.

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  1. It is, Juju! So cute. My mom and I laughed throughout the whole thing. Many a time have we found little "jewels" among the ABC Family movies. This one is no different. =)

    Sara was adorable in this role – ironically, I think this was the only title I've seen her in.

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