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NCIS, Season Two (2004) CBS TV Show Review

Since his questions were answered about a man who consumes his thoughts, Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) settles back into normal procedure. Much to his staffs delight he’s no longer pressing for Intel as regards the one puzzling enigma case. After a bizarre report is made by the secretary of a Navel Captain (David Keith), NCIS must investigate. The office hotshot Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) informs Gibbs and team profiler Caitlyn Todd (Sasha Alexander) of the case. The woman insists her boss is held captive in his office by his “computer.” They discover the captor has his family as leverage and the team quickly swings into action.

‘NCIS,’ SEASON TWO (2004). Mark Harmon returns as Leroy Jehtro Gibbs in the sophomore season of this CBS drama. Text © Rissi JC

Once computer expert and scientist Abby (Pauly Perrette) hacks into the Captain’s computer, they manage to get him under video surveillance. As they scramble to learn the captor’s exact location, time is not on their side for a safe rescue.

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From there, the fearless gang discovers the “perfect” fifties housewife; a ten-year-old cold case; the determination to clear a WWII heroes name; experiences déjà vu when seeing their mirror image in a police force (this is hilarious); recognizes one another’s strengths and weaknesses; and finally a twilight that’s anything but serene.

In an “alarming” amount of time, my family became “addicted” to this series. It takes a really (really) good synopsis to urge me to watch shows or films that are constantly dealing with depressing themes, but it still doesn’t stop me from enjoying hints of tense mystery, something this series couldn’t have gotten any better. The fantastic humor and chemistry between the entire cast is undeniable. Even by-the-books newcomer Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) is a wonderful NCIS, season two addition; he and Abby share not only a talent for computer cracking but sparks of the personal kind (they’re SO cute together!).


Characters get more emotional exploration, and they each have a revealing episode. It’s interesting to see the progress the character strength make after seeing such tragedy as a part of their daily life. Gibbs is still one of the most complex characters, giving his team opportunities to prove themselves as competent investigators. He’s often harsh on them, but this is to their benefit. Creator Donald P. Bellisario may best be remembered for the long-running JAG or such classic shows as Magnum P.I. As a viewer of both shows, I can see some similarities. 

The comedic sparring, thoughtful scenes and excellent work ethics continue, leading up to another jaw-dropping finale. This time it’s one of great sorrow. Where creators make their mistake in killing off a main character is the consistent humor, which leads right up to the death. This makes the finale all the harder to watch. Generally most of these episodes end on somber note, which is new this time around. (One of my favorites is the “Call of Silence” episode.)The cast is picture perfect yet again while newcomers and impressive guest stars (including Charles Durning) manage to make this show better. None of the guest stars put in as compelling a turn as youngster Abigail Breslin in one of her first roles.

The style of filmmaking shifts (very subtle) in the third or so episode. Filmmakers show a rapid black and white shot that sort of “previews” an upcoming scene. In viewing this, if there’s something I’ve learned its pay attention to details. Obscure clues lead to the perpetrators’ demise. Just as with anything, this won’t be to all viewers liking and is certainly not appropriate for young viewers. Most the time, the humor offsets the tragedies, but there are a number of episodes that remain disturbing all building to an awful conclusion. Proving this isn’t without its emotional strengths.

Content: some topics deal with cold cases, fraud or suicide. Murder scenes are nauseating; we see bodies beyond recognition, another is chained in a secluded room and left to die. “Lt. Jane Doe” is moderately graphic both in the autopsy [which shows the victim cut open] and conversation revolving around rape. Homosexuality also enters (“Lt. Jane Doe” and “Conspiracy Theory” i.e. a same-sex kiss). There’s many visual autopsies. A “human jigsaw puzzle” [three people are cut up and thrown into a barrel] is pieced together. A couple of people have their eyeballs ripped out. A sniper shoots a man character in the head. “Forced Entry” deals with rapist(s). “Pop Life” involves scantily dressed “dancers” at a club. Innuendo invades at various points [references to getting “laid,” affairs including teenagers, a transvestite, porn and unwed pregnancies], as do profanities including bas**ard. Meant to be funny, McGee has a case of poison ivy [on his privates]. NCIS, season two is TV-14.

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  1. This is pretty much one of my favorite seasons :) I was seriously amazed at how well Abigail played the part of a blind girl…it was great :) Though, you now what? I like {and I'm sure I've said this before} I like Zeva better than Cate…She's just.. I don't know… but one thing that endeared me to Zeva was how she was nice to McGee :) It was kind of sad though, in an episode {this season} in which we saw what would've happened had Cate not died. *sigh* I could go on for hours… :)

  2. Abigail was awesome in this guest-role. She has turned out to be a fab actress but I think she really shined in this role – especially given how young she was.

    I've liked both main female characters – for different reasons. Cate was really nice to McGeee (which he needed being the "new guy") but Ziva is always nice to him as opposed to Tony's relentless teasing of him. S2 definitely had a lot more strengths than the first season – my mom and I were just saying we should re-watch the early seasons again, and I'd have no doubt it would prove how much the show has grown… for the better.

    Love this show, too; it is fab. =D

  3. I love NCIS! I'm still trying to decide whether I like Kate or Ziva better. I think I like Ziva's personality better but I like what Kate brought to the team better. And I think the sparring was better between Tony and Kate than between Tony and Ziva. That said, I love this season. {Who am I kidding? I love all the seasons.} And this season is different from the first in that it starts pulling away from the overly comedic and starts to balance a little more. I like the first season, where you see Gibbs's façade crack every now and then. I wish they would have kept that up!

  4. You and me both, Annie! The show is just… awesome! It has so much "more" than the average TV drama and I appreciate that.

    There was one episode that made me tear up in a later season when Cate's (I know her name is really spelled with a "K" but I like to be "defiant" and use the "C" because her full name starts with "C" ;D) sister came to the team for answers – that was so special. Tony and Ziva have more of a will-they-or-won't-they relationship although writer's have now basically "killed" that subplot off; at the beginning, it was very evident.

    I noticed how much stronger this show got every season and I was thrilled by it. I love those hints of amusement because I do think that this genre of show "needs" that, but I also appreciate a good mystery. Occasionally Gibbs does have a crack in his armor… but it is rare.

    So glad you stopped in, Annie. =)

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