Since it’s been a while, today, we’re having some fun with a return of ‘Link Love: January 2013′ edition.

Thanks to Juju for tweeting these neat, stylish and classy ideas; love all save for the “boho” which isn’t my style.

A “face palm” reaction seems more appropriate but I actually created another on-line “social media” profile which is just what I need. *insert sarcasm* Nevertheless, I’m having some fun with this website.

Music love: Lovin’ these songs of late. Who can resist such a sweet, romantic, country-twang-y ballad that is this tune or this melodic song recorded by Ella Mae Bowen? Plus, I cannot believe I just now realized this great song was the U.S. Olympic theme – I wanted to know what the song was since last summer! (Thanks, Sierra!)

Listening to the soundtrack from this ABC show – quite a bit!

The current color of my nails – it’s one of my most favorite shades right now.

Brought to my attention by Charity, this “inspired” color-block look

A return of an adorable blouse – why isn’t it in the same polka-dot pattern though? Llamas, I can do without!

The fact that I am a 20-something doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the doll company AG, and this new doll is adorable! The AG “collector” in me kind of wants her. (Don’t you love the name!?)

Just another one of @Jennifer_Blair_ beautiful, creative photo sessions – I am in love with this vintage inspired shoot! It’s stunning, Jennifer.

Using this operating system has been quite an adjustment but it’s FUN!

An easy way to “hide” the look of a bad hair day is the “messy bun” and this one in particular is “perfect” – why don’t mine ever look that good!?

May not have loved this movie but that doesn’t mean I cannot be excited about the first image stills! Oh, and this first promotional image, too.

That’s a wrap for today – what are some of your favorite links these days?

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  1. OMG aren't they wonderful? I even like the boho minus the large odd headpiece.

    I heart Thompson Square.

    YAY Goodreads. MAD addictive I warn you. And such a good place to keep a list of the books a gal wants to read.

    That is a great photo shoot. I love the red dress. It's sooo Spanish and reminds me of Carmen.

    LOVE the color block nails and your color. I heart teal.

    LOVE that style shirt. They just used a similar one in the premiere of Carrie Diaries this week. But you're right, why not polka dots? I heart polka dots.

    I dooo love her name. When I was a kid and AG were very new, I dreamed of owning one and my parents couldn't afford it. Now I vow to take my daughter to NYC to pick her own when the time comes. Sage is pretty adorable. I can't wait to see who she picks some day.

    That bun (and eye makeup) is pretty perfect.

    1. Those are fabulous trends/ideas, Juju! Love the Old Hollywood or classic looks. So many fun things.

      I've a newer fan of Thompson Square but I love their music.

      Don't I know it: Already I'm having fun with GoodReads! It's really not playing fair. ;) For practical reasons, I like that it's such a neat place for organizing one's reading.

      Isn't that shoot stunning!? Love Jennifer's work.

      Finding new ideas for nails is something I like – and I'm sort of obsessed with that nail color right now! Had to buy a new bottle since my old brand has a short brush and I couldn't reach the rest. :/

      Last season Downeast had it in polka dots and I missed ordering it – they ran out it was so popular! Now, I was thrilled to see it return but am wishing for the "old" pattern. (Oh! I read about that show… critics didn't like it all that well…)

      AG dolls were something my grandmother started me on and then my parents would sometimes get me something for b'days and Christmas. Now, I still enjoy collecting things from there since my dolls usually are sitting on a shelf in my room. Your little girl will love them!

      Despite being "too perfect," I loved the look of that hairstyle. :D

    1. I'm just under "Rissi" – or you can hit the "GR" button under the welcome message here. That should take you right to my profile. Looking forward to being friends there, Charity. :)

  2. I'd love to find you on Goodreads! I'm on there somewhere as Charity U. :) Love that website.

    "Kiss Me or Not"…addicted to that song right now. It keeps coming up on the radio and makes me smile each and every time.

    Woo-hoo! I'm not the only person who loves AG and is really too old for it! I've been in love with those catalogs since I was little, and still enjoy browsing them whenever they come. I've never owned anything from them, but hey…it's always been great dream material. :)

    Fun post!

    1. Oh, sure, Charity – I'll do a search to see if I can find you, otherwise, just hit the "gr" button under my welcome message and you'll find my profile. I'll look forward to "finding" you there. :)

      Love that song – it's such a sweet message unlike most romance songs today.

      No, you are most definitely not the only person to love AG and be "too old." I always say it's a bit embarrassing but cannot help it! Their product is so cute – when I was little, Liz and I spent many happy afternoons playing with the dolls. :) Love that you still get the catalogs: So do I. :)

  3. Ah, the 'messy bun' in that picture was probably created by a professional hairdresser and the model had to sit at least 20 minutes in a chair to get that look…

    Those kind of pictures annoy me. I'm growing my hair and it's now long enough to start experimenting with braiding, but I never get it to look like in the pictures.

    1. LOL! Oh, believe me, I know that, Birdienl: It is way perfect. The look was just neat. :)

      Good luck with growing out your hair: It's always a fun thing but makes it harder to care for.

  4. You got yourself a Goodreads account, girl! Would you mind sharing your username, so I can add you up? It's pretty fun over there. Bookish fun.

    How can anyone be too old for those darling dolls? AG is the best!

    That vintage photoshoot is just lovely!

    Not a huge fan of the Hunger Games film, neither am I entirely pleased with the casting for Finnick, but I'm looking forward to the second installment. Is that other image from The City of Bones (or whatever City it's called)?

    1. I am finding that out very quickly, Jemimah! It really is addictive though I like that it's such an easy way to "organize" books. You can find my profile by hitting the "GR" button under my blog's welcome message – hope to see you over there!

      I like the way you think – how can we ever be too old for AG!? They provide fabulous products.

      Love Jennifer's work! She has such a unique style.

      Yeah, I liked the movie better than the book but still have "issues" with it. Somehow though, I'm looking forward to the sequel. The second image is for 'Mortal Instruments,' yes starring Lily Collins. It sounds interesting…

  5. Messy buns are great for bad hair dyas and also lazy days!
    I have been planning to do a post likes this. I hope you don't think I'm being a copycat:)

    1. Too true, Ella. Gotta' love that about the "messy bun."

      Please do a post like this, Ella! I'd love to read it – and no I don't think you are a copycat at all. Though I don't remember where, I think I found this idea on someone else's blog also. It's a fun meme. :)

  6. Oh, the new Doll of the Year is cute! I saw her book at Barnes and Noble but they didn't have the doll. (I own one of the big ones, and collect the little ones. Every girl needs dolls, even if she is 20 something.)

    1. Isn't she though!? Love her. Oooh! I have some of the mini dolls also. Unfortunately, AG doesn't make them in the "girl of the year," only the historical characters. Either way, they're adorable. :D

    1. Welcome! I am delighted that you are now a follower, Merry and hope you visit often. :)

      This is a neat idea. Often I forget how easy it is. Each time I've done it, it seems to result in fun for the readers plus I have fun with it. :)

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