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Good morning! Today is an exciting day. Another issue of Femnista is out for you all to page through!

Femnista: Tell a Tale. Sharing our March/April 2013 issue of Femnista, all about "one shots." What's your favorite fan fiction? © Rissi JC

This issue proved to be unique – for both you, the readers and the writers. Our editor challenged us to write fan fiction. Or a one-shot; a scene from one of our favorite books, movies, shows. For me, it was both nerve-wrecking yet exciting and I am thrilled Charity picked this as a topic – perhaps we’ll do it again sometime.

In this edition, you’ll find a touching, poignant scene between Revenge‘s Emily and Jack; a fun “epilogue” for I Capture the Castle (this movie is so crazy that it’s good!); a crossover story involving Doctor Who and Pratchett’s Hogfather; Reese’s beginnings working with Finch in Person of Interest plus SO much more! Seriously, everyone, it’s epic. Take a look at it.

Page through it by clicking on the cover under the “Femnista” tab on the right sidebar or download it via the link below. Also, anyone who likes this publication, please re-blog it on Tubmlr or retweet it on Twitter! Your support would be appreciated. Thanks for reading – and let us know how we did on this Femnista: Tell a Tale issue.

Femnista: Tell a Tale

A special shout-out to fellow Femnista contributor, Elizabeth; wishing you a wonderful birthday on April 25th! Hope it’s a memorable day. ♥

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    1. Thanks, Kellie! For a while, I had a new header up but didn't love it so I am still "tweaking" it. Hopefully I'll put it up before the week is out – the design aspect is as fun as the writing. Perhaps more "therapeutic." ;)

    1. Aw, thank you, Charity! You are the one who is wonderful, my friend: thank you for putting this all together. It's always a memorable and fun experience! :)

  1. YOu want to know something–I did have a tough time with mine….because I do NOT want Emily with Jack ;-) However, I feel that is what is going on in her head so I went with it <3

    1. Well it paid off, Ella! Really enjoyed getting inside Em's head in your article. :)

      Who would you like to see Emily with? I know there are a couple of new dudes this season, so I'm curious…

    2. … who are you rooting for Emily to be with?

      (Granted, I'm only 10 episodes into season one, so…)

      Ironically, I'd go for Nolan myself — even if he IS bisexual. =P

    3. You broke down, Charity… finally!? Cool! Yeah, there are rumors that Nolan and Emily may be paired romantically. Me, I prefer them as friends but… who knows what will come. ;)

      What do you think of it?

    4. I'd like to see Nolan/Emily … they deserve one another.

      What do I think? It's well done! But very immoral. I'm taking a temporary break on disk three while I have my annual Titanic week marathon. =D

    5. When you put it that way: YES they do! ;)

      Isn't it spectacular in its scripting?! As a mystery, I found it brilliant. If anyone is looking for likable, fuzzy characters, then no, you are right, it's not moral. At all.

      Just realized I didn't answer your question! Anyway… I like(d) Emily and Daniel together. She brings out the best in him and now after everything that has happened with Jack, I'm not sure how I'll feel about Emily/Jack together. There was a time when I desperately wanted them together and I think Daniel genuinely loves/d Emily, however she didn't him… though she truly cared about him. Then there are new guys in S2, so that will add a completely new dynamic.

      It's embarrassing to admit but mom and I started S1 last summer when dad was gone for work and seriously, we would finish one and go, "okay, ONE more." Needless to say, we stayed up quite late that night. ;) Looking forward to getting your final impressions whenever you get back to it.

    6. Yes, the writing is very good. I'm not sure where they're headed with it or what their end game is, which is nice. I pretty much just shut off my brain and watch instead of trying to figure it out.

      I would like Emily/Jack all right if she were a better person — or could become one; but he deserves a woman who isn't so consumed with revenge that she is self-destructive.

      Let's see, I'm in the middle of the trial now, so I guess I'm six episodes from the end or something?

    7. I am lost as to what their end game will be also, Charity – and that is AWESOME! Who needs to know!? I am just caught up in the mystery part of it now. Although, it's a puzzle if they can keep up this façade for more than a few seasons… yet, it's quite popular so, perhaps fans enthusiasm will keep it around longer than I'd expect.

      Jack is a decent guy. Declan is decent. And yet… sometimes, they annoy me to death. Guess that is just a sign of a good character. :) Right "now" (where I left off), Jack does deserve someone better than who Emily has become and that is sad. I think there are two moments in a couple of the last episodes where Emily is about to give it all up (leave and everything) but it's just that: a fleeting moment and then she's back on her ridiculous crusade. Nolan being part of that.

      Oh, I liked that portion of the show: it was fraught with new battles and interesting dynamics.

    1. Aren't they, Rosie!? I was so nervous about this one since this was my first fictional "story" to ever be published. Thank you for reading – we appreciate that!!!

  2. I didn't know you wrote for Feminista… I just discovered Charity's blog the other day and fell completely in love with it, being a fellow INTJ female. I'll have to give this a read.

    1. Hey, Kate! I have written for Femnista since it began and have loved every second of it. :) Thanks so much for taking a look at it – hope you enjoy it as much as I did; there are some great fanfics this time.

      Charity is awesome. She's a talented blogger and does a great job with everything she writes. Glad you enjoy her blog! :)

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