The Happiness Tag 2016


Happy Friday awesome blogger friends and readers. Much to my regret, the blog has been, well, quiet this week. I meant to post a review, and something else (I didn’t know what right off hand), only nothing worked out. My apologies for this (partly it was a weird, busier week and partly I’m going through a sad event that we all have had to deal with at some point in our digital lives: computer woes!). It wasn’t that there wasn’t work done on the blog this week, it was just that you all didn’t get to see the work. You see, I’ve been updating links, re-editing terrible reviews, re-sizing and adding new/different pictures, working out a new tweeting regime, and making other changes here and there.

In short, no one told me how hard it was going to be to try and update ones site in the same fashion as my current “format,” or to correct the links so they direct to the new .com domain. Like, wow. Why didn’t I know this!?

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Speaking of blogging, I am thinking about writing a post that might bring some changes (good ones, I hope) to the content of this blog, and could possibly involve some of you. Cryptic, I know. To expand, what I have in mind is trying to start some kind of collaborative series… I just don’t know how it’d work for sure, if there’d be interest or what direction it’d take. Once upon a time I did try a series and that didn’t work out as I hoped, so… maybe that’s indicative of any future projects. If this did happen, it’d probably not be until June/July (the time I’d need to get organized), but I’d definitely blog about this before then to gauge interest. I appreciate that we’re all busy, but it’s been an idea I’ve been toying with.

But all of this is beside the point. While I cannot promise blog content will return to its regular schedule next week, this IS the goal. Until then, I remembered this awesome tag Bekah (of Will Bake for Books) tagged me in a while back (apologies for the delay, friend). Since it’s Friday and we all love Friday and smiles – plus, really, one can never have too much happy, right!? – I thought it’d be the perfect day to put this one together. Let’s get started.

The Happiness Tag 2016

The Happiness Tag 2016

Some SONGS that make you happy:

There are countless songs that make me happy! I mean, music in general, is a “happy place” kind of creative medium. Just to name a few: “Blank Space” (really, quite funny when you realize it was written as a kind of parody); “Shake it Off”; “22”; “Enchanted”; “Wonderland”; “Style,” all by Taylor Swift (really anything from Taylor is a must in my musical repertoire; she’s one artist whose songs I don’t tire of); “Big Kids” Megan and Liz; “Footloose” Blake Shelton; “You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile” Sia; “Confetti” Hilary Duff; “Fight Song” Rachel Platten; “Downtown” Lady Antebellum; and SO many more!

What are some of your favorites? I’m always anxious for new song recommendations!

Some BOOKS that make you happy:

How can I pick a mere few happy inducing books!? Like, seriously! This is next-to-impossible! Okay, let’s give this one a try. Melissa Tagg’s Like Never Before; Just One Summer novella collection; Hillary Manton Lodge’s Two Blue Doors series; Jenny B. Jones I’ll Be Yours; Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss; Rachel McMillan’s Bachelor Girls Guide to Murder; Julianna Deering’s Drew Farthering mysteries; and so many more!   Books that make you happy: GO!   (I’m just going to go ahead and say this: this tag is really making me work! I mean, come on. How can I limit my lists of things that make me happy – especially when talking music, books and next, movies.)

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Some MOVIES that make you happy: 

Another impossible-to-keep-short question. RomComs are my happy place, as are period dramas. So, with that said, just a random few flicks to leave me smiling. The Proposal; ITV’s Doctor Thorne (TV miniseries); Barely Lethal; Ant-Man (possibly Marvel’s most hilarious yet!); Not Another Happy Ending; 27 Dresses; The A-Team; Knight and Day; Warm Bodies; Pitch Perfect; Despicable Me; Cinderella (2015); Pride and Prejudice (2005); Leap Year; the “Pirates” series; Safe Haven; The Lucky One; Footloose (2011); Frozen; Jupiter Ascending;  The DUFF; Veronica Mars; and so many others.

What movies make you grin silly?

Some FOODS that make you happy:

Is it okay that it’s not something sweet? Or is there some kind of unwritten rule that says I must talk only of sweet things!? Tacos, stir-fry and recently, homemade veggie burgers are some of my favorite things. Weird I know. But hey, I don’t eat all three at one meal. Beyond this, baked fries, my mom’s amazing baked potato salad and for comfort food, there’s nothing like homemade macaroni and cheese! Also, for one sweet treat, my uncle makes a to-die-for cheesecake.  

Some WORDS that make you happy:

Autumn; family; organized (yes, this might be strange, but I not only LIKE the work organized, I also don’t mind organizing!); music; bookshelves; create; laughter; joy.

Some SCENTS that make you happy:

Something yummy baking in the oven; the fresh scent of spring hanging in the air (especially after the first spring shower); flowers (lilacs). Candles! I know, this isn’t specific, but we have and have tried so many different scents, it’s hard to know which is a favorite.

the happiness tag

Some RANDOM things that make you happy:

A fun girls day with my mother; writing; music; silly movies; laughing out loud (you know, in those times, when there’s no real reason); BBC period dramas; emailing friends; Saturdays; graphic design (in the loosest sense of the word since I have no professional tools to create, etc.); Dancing with the Stars; Starbucks; new TV shows; fandoms that finally travel in the “right” directions; promoting awesome authors books; chatting with authors; Twitter conversations; reorganizing my bookshelves (I know, I’m strange); Gilmore Girls; Hallmark Channel films; finding new recipes; books, movies and music (obviously had to add these because, um, that’s essentially what Finding Wonderland is all about); finding new blogs; visiting favorite blogs; chatting with readers and blogging friends; and last, but not least, all of you who read this little blog, leave encouraging comments and all that amazing-ness. Thank you.

That’s a wrap for today. As always, if you want to borrow this Happiness Tag, consider yourself tagged – and return to let me know if you did! What makes you happy?  Happy weekend, friends and readers. Thanks for visiting.  

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    1. You most certainly ARE NOT, Kristin. I'm glad too because I thought maybe I was a bit "strange" listing that as something that makes me happy. I like to put my ear buds in, opening the windows and get busy. It's always fun to read through the jacket flap of those I forgot I had too! This is a task on my schedule either Friday or early next week, and I cannot wait. ;)

  1. Yay happiness!! And I know just what you mean. When I wrote my post for this tag I realized pretty quickly that I was going to have to stop adding to my list because my book list especially was getting LONG. :)

    Another yay for Cinderella, P&P, Leap Year, Warm Bodies, Veronica Mars….movies that all make me happy-grin!

    YES to BBC period dramas. I never tire of them and am always excited to find a new one to gush over! :D

    I love our twitter convos and silliness and fangirliness! So very thankful for your friendship, Rissi. You are awesome!

    1. How to keep these answers short and concise!? I mean to list a mere few titles in these categories!? Next to impossible. :)

      Three cheers for shared movie favorites. That always rocks. :)

      New period dramas are a "happy place" for both me and my mother, so we love to find new ones. Always a great day in our movie-going fun. :)

      Me too, Kara. Thank you so much for fan-girling with me, and for all of your kind words. I feel the same. SO grateful to know you, awesome friend… which shamefully reminds me: I owe you a note/card. Apologies for the length of time that has passed. Ugh. It'll come… hopefully that's something that will happen in this next week. :)

  2. Yay! Made me smile when I saw this. Re-editing reviews is something I have to do too, but the task is so daunting. :/ Kudos to you for all the behind-the-scenes work! I know how difficult and time-consuming that can be! And also, you always have such wonderful ideas for blog series. Hope it works out wonderfully!

    Haha, agreed, it’s way too hard to chose only a few books/movies! Love your picks! I’ll Be Yours is one of my faves – I really need to check out Melissa Tagg’s and Julianna Deering’s novels soon. High five to The Proposal. Just saw that recently with my sister Mia who has never seen it…just as good as I remembered! All the movies you mentioned are amazing, really. Oh! Baked fries and baked potato salad sound so good. Yum! Anyways (before my comment gets any longer hehe)- I really enjoyed reading this tag, Rissi! So fun. :)

    1. Ugh. Yes! Going in and re-editing is no easy task; it's SO difficult, and above all time consuming. Plus, I shudder when reading through old reviews… even a year makes a difference, which I'm glad for!

      Thank you. I'd love to get some collaborative series started because I think this blogging community is full of talent (including yourself :D) and potential (lots of newbie bloggers still trying to get started). Each of us have had different experiences and I feel like maybe we could all teach each other some helpful things while also reaching bloggers just getting started or those wanting to start. So, yeah, it's an idea. We'll see if anything would come of it.

      Melissa's and Julianna's novels are great! Hope you can read them soon. Jenny's… I could never overgush about that one. Or I don't think so. ;) Ahhh! I'm glad you and your sis watched The Proposal; it's so cute, right!? My mother and I still laugh throughout. Yay for fab movies… and thanks, as always for dropping by. Always great to talk with you. :)

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