What’s Playing on my iPod 2013 Edition


Ever since I can remember, music has been a form of communication that I have loved. It’s a form of worship that speaks to me more than even the best of sermons. It’s a way I can act crazy without anyone questioning me if I’ve lost my mind. And it’s something that always puts a smile on my face.

If I’m writing, it’s a safe bet that the Windows Media Player app is open, blasting something and the ear buds are in. When the
strains of say, Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ begin to play or Lady Antebellum’s ‘Downtown,’ I will admit that I do go full out for the… well, silly and sassy attitude. The sillier, the better; in songs such as this it cannot be helped. The head-bobbing begins and “jamming” out to a song that may be juvenile or teetering on the edge of morally corrupt but is, nonetheless fun. (Thank goodness, the webcam is never activated!)  


Until last week, it’d been ages since last I synched my iPod. Oh, I’d bought new tunes and listened to them – largely thanks to Charity after our conversations on Twitter (anyone who still allows my timeline on your Twitter feed – thank you. Seriously, you probably think I am cr-a-zy by now), many new songs have taken up residence on those music apps. Unless I am busy working on a projects or mowing the lawn (why, oh why is the lawn greening up!?), usually I don’t use my iPod, so it’d been in its place, on a dock for weeks. What I didn’t realize was that since I’d not used the device, I’d be getting an entirely new arsenal of tunes for my
next iPod jam session. What could be more fun?

So, here are some of the tunes, and their artists as well as some artist’s in general I’ve been jamming too while writing or continuing the never-ending process of de-cluttering. (Don’t judge. It’s a process.)


What's Playing on my iPod 2013 Edition #FWarchives Click To Tweet
  • Rumor Has It
  • Skyfall 
Madilyn Bailey
  • Titanium
The Band Perry
  • Forever Mind Nevermind    
  • I am a Keeper  
Lady Antebellum
Demi Lovato
  • Heart Attack
Little Big Town
  • Pontoon
Britt Nicole
  • Still That Girl
Phillip Philips
  •  Home
Blake Shelton
  • Over        
  • Sure Be Cool if You Did 
Taylor Swift
  • 22       
  • Begin Again        
  • Starlight  
Carrie Underwood   
  • Good in Goodbye 

Kelly Clarkson

Megan Hilty

Thompson Square

Now… how about all of you? Got any good music recommendations? What tunes are you rocking out too? Join Charity and I’s Twitter convos with your recommendations or fill up the comment’s with your favorite tunes. Either way… Toss them my way. ❤

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    1. Just recently started listening to Adele, Juju (I think with her single for Skyfall) and now I think she's spectacular. 'Rumor Has It' is great! :)

  1. Real fun post! I probably have you to blame for getting me into Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum (not like I mind). My playlist usually consists of eclectic genres and artists–Broadway, movie scores, Taylor Swift/country, Owl City/electro, Josh Groban, a variety of Christian singers and bands, and more. Any song that makes me want to get on my feet and dance is my guilty pleasure. Thanks for sharing those songs, by the way! I'd like to check 'em out.

    1. Why, hello there, Jemimah. Glad to see you stopping by. :)

      I listen to some movie soundtracks and while I adore music like the songs from "Phantom" or other "classic" scores, generally it's music more to the likes of Mamma Mia! or Tangled. I've heard some of Owl City's music and of course, like Taylor (I'll take the blame ;D). Ironically, it's been said that 'Enchanted' (by Taylor) is about Adam of Owl City and he recorded the same song a couple of year's ago as a kind of "answer" to Taylor's version. It was sweet. :) Adam also has a song he recorded with Canadian sensation Carly Rae Jepson and it's good a nice beat.

      Isn't that the truth – any toe-tapping song is the best!

  2. Yay! I got mentioned! That just totally made my day…except for getting to watch DWTS tonight. ;) But! Lists of songs! I'll be back by later to check these out…and comment throughout. But those Twitter conversations have been SO much fun! Love them. :)

    1. You and I both, Charity! Love our Twitter conversations. (LOL! DWTS may win out in the end. ;D)

      Cool, cool! Will look forward to you dropping by later. :)

    2. Haha, who could pass up DWTS, after all? I watched and voted for Kellie & Derek last night (after the video got posted online) but will watch the whole thing tonight, probably. :) Will tweet about it! And that longer comment about music…it'll come…later…back to work on other things for now. :) Tonight!

    3. Fortunately, Kellie and Derek are "safe" this week. You'll enjoy how all that plays out. :) Looking forward to seeing your Tweets pop up on my timeline later tonight – I doubt my other favorite pair, Aly/Mark will be booted off but we shall see…

    4. And they survived too! and Jacoby and Karina! Those are my three favorite couples. And I don't mind Zendaya and Val, but the other three are better. Btw, tweeted my way through Monday night's episode last night…don't feel like you have to respond to all of them? Becaause…there's prolly something like 50-100. I was a happy tweeter… ;)

    5. I like Val and Zendaya also because well, the girl can dance. However I am the biggest fans of Kellie and Derek and Aly and Mark. I think part of that is because I like Derek and Mark for pros. I've also enjoyed most of Sean's dances though will admit he doesn't have much talent. Jacoby and Karina are entertaining but like I said before, something about him "bugs me."

      Saw your tweets! Always fun – I certainly "favorit-ed" plenty. ;)

    6. Something about Zendaya has always bugged me…not sure what. I think it's mostly that I feel like these kids who start out as amazing actors/singers/dancers usually end up going bad — so much publicity when they're young isn't good, usually. BUT. She seems pretty nice, so. Derek and Mark are both awesome pros, and gotta admit — I think Val is too. Karina, meh. But Jacoby's jump over her! Ooh la la. I kinda love that. ;)

      *So off topic…* ;)

    7. I totally get your feeling. She can be that way. The girl can dance though – her week-before-this-one cha-cha was A-mazing. Usually I don't mind Val (he and Maks are sometimes conceited but whatevs… most of these celebs are) however he's made some snide comments in the past (once about Bristol Palin and this past week he took a jab at Aly for picking Andy in the dance-off). It's like that old saying: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

      Couldn't agree more with you about all of these young starlets: the fame isn't good for them – what are their parents thinking!?

    8. Oooo, attacking Bristol? Just took a violent dislike. Okay, not violent, but my esteem definitely dropped. I got to meet Piper last summer (she came to the camp I was working at) and she's super sweet! As to a jab at Aly… *sigh* I understand why she picked Andy. But in a way…it was awful? Make any sense? I would've probably done the same thing. But none-the-less. The other thing that bugs me about Val is somewhere towards the beginning he was (don't quote me) saying something about how some of the dances are very exhausting, and more than that, how some are fairly sensual — he was basically saying, if I remember right, that he wasn't going to treat her any differently since she was younger. Ummm, hello. She needs to be treated differently than the older women! Not cool with that. But her dresses have been more "modest" than the ones the other women wear, and she hasn't done any really bad dances, so I guess…I don't know.

      And yeah! You gotta wonder what in the world the parents are thinking!

    9. Yeah, I didn't like his attitude towards Bristol AT ALL. His comments were always "subtle" but as a conservative viewer, I knew who he was referencing. Aw! You met Piper!? That's awesome. She was always a cutie when she'd be on TV during the campaign. That's a fun memory for you, Charity – the entire family would be one I'd love to someday meet. :)

      Huh! Yeah, that is not right of Val to suggest that Zendaya shouldn't be treated differently. Must agree! This week he was hinting at difficulty if they would have gotten the Rumba in the dance-off. I'd suppose because that's a more sensual dance. Either way, duh a young teen *has* to be treated differently.

      The situation of picking Andy was a hard one! Later on, I heard Aly explain she did so because backstage everyone was discussing which dances they hoped to get and both Aly and Andy wanted the Cha-cha. True there may have been a couple who wasn't so far superior technically than Andy BUT chances are, all five couples would have beaten Andy.

  3. My "dance music" is the kind I can twirl up loud in the car and "drive" to. My current blast-the-speakers song is Lauren Alaina's "One of Those Boys," which is quite fantastic. :) Downtown is also another favorite (thanks to you!) and Scotty McCreery's new single "See You Tonight." If you've not checked out Scotty's, you really need to! It's fabulous. :) I also have Taio Cruz's "Falling In Love" (although I'm not a fan of the rest of his music as a whole) and Mozella's "This is Love."

    That's it for now. :)

    1. YES! Absolutely! Must listen to Scotty! "Love You This Big,"…oh, I have to go find my list. :) But! I agree whole-heartedly! :) I'll be back later with a full comment, but had to come agree here. :)

    2. Kellie – that's a rocking list, girl. Lauren Alaina is a fun artist. It's been nice to watch her mature because at first she wasn't very good at interviews and such (she was a typical, giggly teenager). Now, she's more refined and I think it's neat that Carrie Underwood is an influence of hers. She could do worse – and unlike some singers, Lauren actually has a voice!

      Ah, yes! I've listened to Scotty's songs. He is one of the male singers I can actually take. I think I gravitate more towards female voices just because too many men sound like women singing – uh, nope, that isn't my idea of a good male vocalist. Blake Shelton and Scotty aren't like that. Their voices are great!

      Always loved Lady A and will certainly be checking into Scotty's new single. ;)

      Charity – adding Scotty's new song to my list. :)

    3. I insert myself AGAIN…yes, so many femininish (?) male singers. Dislike! That's part of why I love country SO much — mostly deep male voices. In fact, that's all I have as "country" on my music player…bands and female country singers all go under "pop" for lack of a better name, as do girlier guys. Hunter Hayes is the only higher voice that I listen to much, but the deep…oh I love it. Have you tried Josh Turner? He was my introduction to country…and still one of my top favs. :D And I do still intend to leave a real seperate comment…it's coming! ;)

    4. I have to agree, Charity. Most male country artists do have a great voice. Hunter Haynes, not so much yet I've liked the songs I've heard by him. And, yes! I have heard Josh Turner. Trying to remember which it was… it was something about love (I know, I know, what song isn't about love?! ;D). That's all I know right now – and that it was a delightful song. :)

    5. Poor Hunter…I personally like the guy's voice. :) Since I don't watch tv or interviews, etc…I never know about the artist's personalities, such as Lauren Alaina being a ditz. :) I remember years ago seeing Charlotte Church on tv and being horribly disappointed. And then there was that day I saw Michael Buble…and realized that he was just a big self-centered, full-of-himself jerk. *sniff sniff* Since then, I've been happily content not knowing a thing about artists other than whether or not I like their music. :D Saves me so much grief. ;)

    6. I can live with Hunter — becoming more used to him and enjoying him more. Charlotte Church was pretty good when she was younger, but really went downhill after she grew up. Her and Katherine Jenkins are my favorite in that genre. :) Michael Buble, love him!

      Rissi, you need more Josh Turner. If you want specific song recommendations…lmk. I have lots. ;)

    7. Kellie – I saw Lauren on a Christmas special one year and then saw her at another appearance and remember being shocked at the difference. Guess, we all change in maturity – hopefully for the better. Sadly, I think Charlotte Church sort of "lost it." It's a shame because like Jackie Evancho or Katherine Jenkins, that girl had talent – she had a beautiful voice.

      I need to listen to Hunter's songs again; haven't bought any of his tunes just heard them at award shows, etc. The ones I heard were great – think one of them was 'Wanted.' Heard Michael Buble on DWTS the other night – loved this song! So classy.

      …and I like your strategy in not watching artists on interviewers and the like. That is smart. :)

      Charity – the decline of Charlotte Church is sad. Too bad she threw all that talent away.

      Oh, yes! Anytime, Josh Turner recommendations are most welcome. :)

    1. Taylor has some great, fun, "flirty" songs whereas Adele's sound is more eclectic and mature. I've just recently discovered Adele and am delighted by her sound. :) Glad you like them, Hannah.

  4. I'm on break (parents) from secular music at the moment and I'm dying without my country :( Especially with new stuff coming out from TBP and Lady A. And Scotty's new single. And Jana Krammer. And Taylor, obviously, Begin Again is so beautiful and sweet :) And Blake Shelton. And Demi's new song. I feel like I'm missing out on so much :/ But I'm surviving. Currently in Christian music I'm listening to Matthew West's powerful Hello, My Name Is, Capital Kings, and Toby Mac's new album, Eye On It. Oh yes and I'm longing for Adele *sniffs*

    1. I grew up exclusively on Christian music, Sierra and to this day I still enjoy the occasional Point of Grace tune or Rebecca St. James and of course, I think Britt Nicole is AWESOME. I heard the song she and Toby Mac recorded. It was fun but not totally my style since I am not a fan of rap in general.

      You'll be in for a treat when you get to listen to country again – it'll be all the more special and something to look forward too. :)

    2. Those are some great artists…and Britt Nicole is amazing!! Yes, Eye On It isn't my favorite song on his record, it was still peppy though. Hmmm to use or not to use peppy, it sounds weird :P
      That's true, I hadn't thought of that :) That makes me happy…thank you :D

    3. It's been wonderful to see Britt rise in the ranks – she's made a name for herself beyond just Christian music and so long as she remains grounded in her faith, I think that's wonderful because her songs pack a punch.

      LOL! I like peppy… it's a word not often used. :)

      Hard as it is to wait for something, it can be nice to anticipate it also. :)

  5. Mmm, sorry, not a fan of Adele. Her voice…it's not my type. So — one strike. :P
    Titanium I did hear on DWTS, as you know…didn't love it? But reading the title started the song in my head, so it's catchy. For once, not a love/hate relationship! :)
    Band Perry — two songs to add to my to-hear list! **goes to add to list** I've got two BP songs I listen to, "Better Dig Two" and "If I Die Young." Think I mentioned that on Twitter the other day. But I love that Nevermind title or whatever it is, so maybe I'll love the song too!
    Lady Antebellum and "Downtown"! Yes. Like that one.
    Not a big fan of Little Big Town, but I've been hearing more from and about them lately — don't hate it, but not a huge fan either. Any others to recommend?
    BLAKE SHELTON! *love* He's my favorite male country right now. Except…who was the other one…ugh, there was someone else. Ah, Dustin Lynch. No, that wasn't it…him too, though. AH! Kip Moore. Yup. Top fav right now. :)
    Taylor Swift! It took me a long time to be a fan, and I'm still not huge on her…but since my best friend Angelica LOVES her, what am I to do? "Begin Again" is the one that got me addicted (and the one that sticks in my head most). I don't mind "Red" either. The music video for "Today Was a Fairytale" bugs me, but the song…again, sticks in my head. I have eight songs by her on my Media Player. "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" — both are just ones I laugh at, and lsiten to anyway.
    And Carrie! I've become quite a fan of hers…well, as much as TS. "Good in Goodbye" is a favorite, but the one that sticks most (I judge songs by how much they stick in my head) is "Two Black Cadillacs." "Blown Away" used to bug me, but doesn't QUITE as much as it did. "What Can I Say" is great, and so is "Who Are You." I think you may have recommended both of those…
    Kelly Clarkson! Still need to go back and watch/listen to more of hers. She was in the Top 30 for country this week…#29, I think though. Can't remember the song title. I love her accent so much on DWTS! :) Actually, I just really like country singer accents. And voices (thinking of Blake…).
    And Thompson Square! So sweet, I really enjoy them. :)
    Okay, I'll stop now! There you go, a comment longer than the blog post… xD Don't feel like you have to respond to every one of the thoughts in this comment. And I'm sorry if this is frightfully overpowering…this is why I had to put it off 'til I had time. ;) But! There you go. :)
    Enjoyed reading your thoughts, and as you know — love our conversations!

    1. Comments that are longer than blog posts!? Yep, that is always a welcome thing around here! You can do this anytime. :)

      – Adele: just recently became a fan of hers. She does have a "unique" sound; it's not really "pop" so I'm not sure what genre she fits into.

      – The Band Perry: this is a band fans either love or don't. Their sound is, once again, very unique. I like their "artsy" sound and in that way, appreciate that their music is "different." 'Nevermind' is WAY fun.

      – Lady A: what else can be said about them!? Huge fan!

      – Little Big Town: for years, this band was "under the radar." Then 'Pontoon' came along and was an overnight success. 'Tornado' is kind of interesting (think Carrie's 'Blown Away') and 'Pavement Ends' is groovy.

      – Blake Shelton: again, 'nuff said. ;)

      – Taylor Swift: not the strongest vocalist but the girl has talent in her song-writing pen. That is where she shines. 'Begin Again' is proof of that. Don't recall the 'Fairytale' video although I likely saw it and yes, 'Never Ever' and 'Trouble' have that laughable tag permanently attached. :)

      – Carrie Underwood: country's best female talent today. 'Good in Goodbye' wasn't a favorite way back when but golly, it's GORGEOUS! Like all the other ones you mention also.

      You've got some great points here – glad you shared. The best kinds of songs are those that are catchy and stick in our minds. Nothing wrong with basing your favorites list on that criteria, Charity! :)

    2. Yay! The longest comments are always my favorites too. Oh, I think I've heard "Tornado" by LBT. Adding "Pavement Ends" to my to-hear list, along with "Pontoon" which I've prolly heard but can't recall.

      So much fun. :) Love it!

    3. Oh, yay! You'll have to have a listen to 'Pontoon' sometime if you haven't as it's… well, kinda groovy. :) It's like a "lazy" Saturday afternoon song.

      Thanks for making this so much fun, Charity! :)

  6. I have Adele and Taylor Swift on my iphone too. I like Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the Rain. The favorite songs on my play list though are from The Fray (a Christian band playing mainstream music). My favorites from them are Be Still and You Found Me. Oh, and I looove Bon Jovi. They are the soundtrack of my life.

    1. Both of those Adele songs are great, Joy – she has a really "classy" sound and that makes her stand apart. Taylor is one of those artist's that can write a dynamic song, one that makes the listener immediately recognize her style. Love it! :)

      Don't think I've heard any of The Fray and the only thing I remember about Bon Jovi is seeing him in the New Year's Eve movie – the songs he sang in that were memorable.

      Many thanks for stopping by, Joy. :)

    1. Not sure if I've heard that Michael Buble song, Maria, but I do know that he's one of my favorites! "Crazy Love," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," and "Can't Help Falling in Love" are a couple of my top favorites…and so many more. There's a theme there… ;)

    2. Maria – yay! Another song to look up – thank you for the recommendation. In my book, happy songs are the best. :)

      Charity – sounds like a good list. :)

  7. Ah, I see so many similarities to mine. Hehehe… Goodness, I love '22'!!

    I would make a post like this, but I have so many different genres it might get confusing. lol!

    1. '22' is a groovy one. Don't know why I like it so well but… it's got that charismatic vibe. :)

      Ooooh! You should definitely write a post, Rosie – that'd be awesome. :) Multiple genres would just make it more fun.

    1. LOL! No… I think I am not exactly in their "target group" and really, their band has never appealed. I never got into the boy bands of the nineties nor the JoBros or 1D. :) Glad you like them though, Nine – what are your favorite songs?

      Hey, thank you bunches for the blog follow and comment – I hope you enjoyed looking around here and I invite you to visit often.

  8. Oh, girl, you're missing out!
    They are TOO cute, you have GOT to admit that.

    And as for their music, I like all the songs. :)

    Oh, you're welcome. ;)
    Thanks for following MY blog!
    And yes, I'll visit as often as I can, your blog is great.


    1. Well, perhaps I'll take another listen to their music sometime. :)
      Ah, yes! How well 1D wears those cute accents – who can resist that!? ;)

      Good to know you recommend all their songs – that's promising for sure!

      My pleasure to follow back – lovely to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you better, Nine. :)

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