‘The Color of Rain’ (2014): An Emotional Drama Inspired by True Events


Adapting true stories are often the films that will tug at the heartstrings of its viewers the best. This sweet, tender romance is one of the movies that while bittersweet moves forward to become one of healing and hope. the color of rain

The Color of Rain (2014) Hallmark TV Film Review

For three years, Gina Kell (Lacey Chabert) has lovingly cared for her cancer stricken husband. His death may be a surprise, but coming at Christmas makes it especially difficult. This is also true for her two young sons (Sean Michael Kryer, Seth Isaac Johnson). Now two months later, feeling a stranger in her own home, she tries to resume normalcy for her family. Putting them back in school and searching for something to keep her busy, she inquires of an office position at her school. It’s then when she learns that a woman she met at her husband’s service, a former classmate, has suddenly died leaving behind a family of her own.

Michael Spehn (Warren Christie) is having a rough time moving past his own wife’s death. Seeing Gina at her service offers Michael a chance to connect with someone going through the same thing. Trying to do everything without adjusting to his in-laws swooping in to relieve his juggling act, Michael finally finds a schedule with his three kids that works. Together and apart, Gina and Michael slowly begin to heal, both opening their hearts to new possibilities.

Starting out sluggish, what was high hopes for this drama turns into disappointment as I sit through the opening 8-10 minutes. Though I can’t really put my finger on what I don’t care for (perhaps, it’s the somber tone or the flipping back and forth from past to present), something just isn’t “right.” It’s not long before things pick up and the viewer is swept up into a tender drama that is more than just about the romance. Perhaps it’s because this is based on a true story and the writer’s want it to feel genuine. Or maybe the people behind the characters have input. Either way, I respect, that aside from perhaps one or two instances, this film is relatively (over)drama free.  

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TV fans will recognize Lacey from everywhere and – hello! – Hallmark aficionados will be glad to see Christie in something again after the cute Christmas flick The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

The entire cast does a splendid job with the characters they depict, and I like all of the relationships with the kids, too. The struggle that the writer’s (or in this case, the real-life inspiration) put everyone through is very genuine. Especially lovely is seeing it in a televised film since most the time, these are more about “fun” than something serious. In the case of The Color of Rain, that’s what makes it shine.  

Despite a weak opening, this turns out to be a lovely, inspirational, genuine story. It’s equal parts sadness and love. All elements that make us realize the fragility and beauty of life. But that no matter what happens, we can find that ray of sunshine again. 

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  1. I don't always care for sad movies like this one, but I think this one sounds good.
    Thanks for reviewing it.

    P.S. Your new header is so cool:)

    1. It is a sweet story, Ella – and given it's based on a true story makes it all the more so. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy if you watch it. :)

      Thank you! I've been tweaking this one off and on over the past couple weeks – between colors and "main" theme (was trying to work with an old-fashioned bicycle for a bit), it's been fun. Still may change the color scheme on this one yet since I've used these colors for a while. :)

  2. Wonderful review, Rissi! Sounds like a promising movie. Especially since it has Lacey Chabert in it…:) I just recorded it and my sisters and I are planning on watching it when we can!

    1. It was a sweet film, Bekah! Hope you and your sisters enjoy it – Lacey does a great job, too. It's nice to see her in something more serious. :)

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