Since my library of usual television shows weren’t DVD ready, and I ran through all five available seasons of The Mentalist in record time, I had to go hunting for a “fill-in.” Rudimentary research and a trip to the video store later, I walked out with Fox’s Lie to Me and the hope that it’d be interesting.

Lie to Me, Seasons One – Three (2009 – 2011) TV Show Review

As the best deception specialist there is, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is something of a human lie detector. Thanks to book sales (inspired by his government work), he now owns his own company, The Lightman Group in a company that has assembled the best in the field. 

Their current case involves a murdered high school teacher. While interviewing the students, along with his partner, therapist Dr. Gillian Foster (Kellie Williams), Cal uncovers more than meets the eye hides in this case, including a student with strict parents.

Rounding out the Lightman Group is the hot-headed Eli Loker (Brendan Hines) whose work clashes with Cal’s personality. Into this comes TSA screener Ria Torres (Monica Raymund) whom Cal and Gillian vetted after reading her near perfect deception diagnostic testing score. Ria is what the deception world would call a “natural,” she has no formal training, but her skill at detecting deception is eerie. With office politics, and many cases from a variety of sources, these are the cases of the Lightman Group. 


‘LIE TO ME,’ SEASONS ONE - THREE TV REVIEW:  An Interesting Drama about Deception and Truth. Review of the full series of the drama. All text © Rissi JC

Lie to Me is the kind of show that’s probably going to smack you across the face a time or two, and enjoy doing so. It’s not because there’s poignant truths to glean (there are some), more because it’ll make you rethink what we, as layman, think of as dishonest indicators. Plus, there is the fact that its protagonist can sometimes morph into an antagonist, and his “idea” of truth is enough to stun anyone. 

Season one is more diverse with cases without the consumption of crazy life-or-death situations. But the second season tends to lean more into the “dangerous” excitement (kidnapping and weapons). What this does is morph into more of an adrenaline rush with its thirst for seeking to follow in the footsteps of the crime drama scene. 

This leading character is a guy who doesn’t care when others threaten his own person with or say about him. However, if you threaten his people or family, then you’d best watch out! Only Cal can talk trash to or about his employees (I’ll say, I adore Cal and Gillian’s friendship). Still the writers do toy with various impersonations of his character. He starts out annoying in a tolerable manner before they amplify that in season two. The latter portion of season three finally evens it all out. (Though the series end does have an open-end conclusion.)

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‘LIE TO ME,’ SEASONS ONE – THREE TV REVIEW: An Interesting Drama about Deception and Truth #TVarchives Click To Tweet
‘LIE TO ME,’ SEASONS ONE - THREE TV REVIEW:  An Interesting Drama about Deception and Truth. Review of the full series of the drama. All text © Rissi JC

Annoying habits aside, part of the fun is watching Cal work, both in the environment and his process. The friendship he has with Gillian is beautiful and leaves audiences happy without the complication of a romance.

If nothing else, I’m willing to bet the show will make you think about things you never have before. Certainly something meant to entertain has a creative license. But given that this is loosely based on a real group of professionals, I’m operating on the assumption there’s a tandem amount of research. Given this, it’s cool to think this is a profession that working professionals actually specialize in. Because of that, one thing stands out; Lie to Me is likely to make you look at the reactions of people very differently. And that’s the truth.

Content: there are a few bedroom scenes [one involves exes reuniting, others are either related to a case or later, one of the main characters begins dating] throughout the entire 3 season run, mostly the sexual content involved is mainly innuendo [we learn one of the characters “experimented”], though there are some awkward conversations between Cal and his daughter – she once admits she’s already had sex with a boyfriend and that she and her current boyfriend haven’t. There is some profanity and some violence. Hostage situations, characters are shot, bombings injure people, one case involves a rapist. A character’s ex is a drug addict. Lie to Me, seasons one – three is TV14.

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  1. I was so sad when this was canceled. :( I liked the friendship between Cal and Gillian, too. I'm glad they didn't get romantically involved, it was refreshing. Although, yeah the final season does muck that up a bit. I think, had it not been canceled they might have got together, but only in the series finale. And that would have been cool with me, I like a friendship turned romance between two people who have known each other for so long. :)

    "this show is likely to make you never look at the reactions of people the same again."
    ^ Agreed!

    1. Since I recently watched this on DVD, I didn't follow its cancellation at the time, however yes, I was sorry to see it end too, Renu. It was REALLY a good show and premise. I'm the biggest supporter of putting the leading couple together (because usually, I like the tease, friends becoming romantic interests – this is a win-win if done right, or how cute they are), however like you, I like it when they steer clear of that because a.) it's refreshing and b.) when the writer's do put the couple's together, they don't always remain a couple which in turn ruins the FABULOUS friendship we watched grow for X amount of seasons.

      If another season had been green lit, yeah, they probably would have played up the romantic tension. In some ways, maybe it's best to end as it did. But then, in others, it's very much missed. :)

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I think about it when I'm writing a complicated scene, trying to use body language to show what the character's thinking/feeling even when they're saying something completely different. I wish it would have had more seasons.

    1. It wound up being a favorite for me as well, Karen. Too bad it's no longer airing. :/

      How neat that you used it for inspiration for your writing! I love that – it certainly makes the viewer think about people's reactions. There is no question about that! :D

  3. This was one of my favorite shows! I loved the depth behind each story line, there was no easy shut and run cases. It kept you thinking and guessing! Cal's personality cracked me up, and Gillian was just plain classy. Although his daughter got on my nerves at times, I loved the relationship she had with her dad.

    1. Everything you said, Heather = YES! Cal made me laugh (though on occasion he got on my nerves), Gillian was probably the classiest female lead I've "met" on TV and the father-daughter relationship between Emily and Cal was sweet. I think I still prefer Alexis and Castle but… this was a memorable relationship too. :)

    1. Exactly, Missie. I agree completely. It could have benefitted from a fourth season though on the other hand, if they ruined Cal and Gillian's friendship, I'd have been mad. ;)

  4. My sisters and I LOVE this series! We started watching it a couple months ago and are a little slow finishing it (on the second season still)…mainly because I don't want it to end. I think it's just really interesting. And I agree, after watching this show I always watch peoples reactions! Love the review, Rissi!

    1. Good for you, Bekah! Draw it out. We sort of binge-watched it and couldn't seem to stop. It's sad to see it over though someday, I think we'll rewatch it. It IS interesting and I love that – much as I adore mystery/cop series (i.e., NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, Person of Interest), it's nice to watch something a little different now and again. Hope you continue to enjoy – and thank you for reading!

    2. I love cop shows also…especially Hawaii Five-0!! (Have you heard Catherine/Michelle Borth isn't coming back for Season 5?? How could they?!) I've heard Person of Interest is good from a lot of people…I'll have to try it sometime.

    3. Hawaii Five-o is one of my VERY favorites, Bekah. Every year when the DVD set arrives, I binge watch it because well, it's awesome. Yes, I did read that Catherine isn't returning. Makes me sad. :/ Especially as I liked her and Steve together. Person of Interest is excellent! It's more serious-minded as opposed to a nice, "light-hearted" drama, however the cases, and the mysterious characters make it one of THE best on television. If you ever try it, let me know what you thought. :)

  5. I really enjoyed watching this show. It was definitely captivating, and made you think about people's reactions a bit more than you normally would've before. I was so disappointed when I got to the end of season 3 on Netflix and found out it was the last season! What a sad day that was. It's always so depressing when a good show gets cancelled. *cough* *cough* Veronica Mars! ; ) Awesome review Rissi!

    1. Same here, Regina. If nothing else, that is the one thing this show will do – make a viewer look at the reactions of people very differently. While it would have been nice to get more seasons of this otherwise great show (especially as S3 was so short), at least it didn't end on a cliffhanger – we can write our own ending! :D

      (YES! Veronica Mars ended way too soon. *sigh* I know there were complaints tied into S3 and V heading off to college, but honestly, I thought it was just as good. At least we got a movie that was really very well done.)

      Thanks for reading, Regina.

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