Romantic Movie Scene Feature: Penelope and Max, and a Reunion


Romantic Movie Scene Feature: Penelope and Max, and a Reunion. Putting a spotlight on this favorite couple. All text © Rissi JC

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared a blog post here for one of the romantic moments I’ve put together over on Silver Petticoat or not. But today felt like just the day to do just that. The romantic moment series on Silver Petticoat happens at least once a week (or that’s always the intention) and can be either classic (something older than a year) or more current like moments from what we’d see currently at the box office or our weekly shows. This week I had the pleasure of putting one of these moments together and I’m really quite giddy about it. This Romantic Movie Scene Feature: Penelope, is certainly one of my most favorites!

FILM REVIEW | Penelope (2006) – Whimsical Modern Fairytale
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Romantic Movie Scene Feature: Penelope and Max, and a Reunion. Putting a spotlight on this favorite couple. All text © Rissi JC

Why am I giddy? Because I wrote about one of my very favorite “classic” films. It’s the ideal fairy tale really. Contemporary, yes, but all of the proper elements combine to make Penelope one of THE most beautifully written little gems to come along in well, nearly ten years. Because I needed to put this together, I popped my disc into my laptop intending to kind of skip through it since it’s not been overlong that I did watch it in its entirety plus I figured I could focus on only the moments required for writing this piece. That plan flopped. Instead I let the entire film play which meant I stayed up late, but oh, it was worth it. I think each time I watch Penelope, I grow to appreciate its beauty a little bit more.

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Want to have a look see at the romantic moment (either by reading through it or rewatching the scene – because I added videos!), find the link below.

Classic Romantic Movie Scene Feature: Penelope and Max

Without a flowery preamble, the most straightforward description of Penelope is a compliment – that it is the ideal contemporary fairytale. It’s the kind of film fairy tale addicts wish came around more frequently. Sadly, the reality is this kind of story only visits us every few years… and that’s if we’re lucky. If you’ve not seen the film, it’s a modern role-reversal of Beauty and the Beast. This time, it’s the girl who suffers a deformity (she’s cursed with a pig nose and ears) and is in need of true love from a blue blood to break the curse. The trouble is, Penelope’s mother is something of a control freak who believes that by placing her daughter in a bachelorette setting, she can secure her the perfect man. Instead, Penelope’s deformity scares away every blue blood her mother finds… and then Max enters her life. Continue Reading on Silver Petticoat ➔

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  1. I love Penelope! It's my second favorite film ever (after Pride and Prejudice)…it's so sweet and charming and always puts me in a good mood. And yes, that's definitely a classic romantic moment. :)

    1. YES, yes and yes! All you said and more, Kristin! :)

      I adore all of Max and Penelope's romantic scenes together; they're so charming and darn CUTE! :)

  2. Penelope is one of my favorites! I love that she basically rescues herself AND rescues the hero too for that matter. :) Time for a rewatch!

    1. Well said, Kara. She DOES rescue the hero, not just her self. That's a lovely little solution – and I respect that Johnny WANTS to be rescued. By knowing Penelope, he takes a hard look at himself and doesn't end up liking what he sees. They both learned much. :)

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