Charmed Review: A ‘Charming’ Story with an Agenda


When it comes to ghosts and goblins, I’m usually the girl who says a polite “no, thanks.” But on occasion I settle in and give something I might not ordinarily watch or read a chance. The CW remake of Charmed is one example.

Charmed (2018) CW Pilot Review

Parties and finding themselves is all sisters, Mel and Maggie Vera (Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery) have on their mind. Their mother has raised them to be strong, independent and above all, to strengthen their sisterhood. But in the aftermath of her sudden death, things between the girls fall out of place. Maggie tires to work through it by committing herself to getting into a prominent sorority, while Mel falls apart. She becomes obsessed with solving the mysteries of her mother’s death. Even to the point of ruining her relationship with her cop girlfriend.

The sisters are busy arguing when a knock on the door reveals a woman named Macy (Madeleine Mantock); a woman who claims to be their third sister. This mystery becomes the least of the sisters’ worries when each of them begin to have supernatural powers. Powers that could destroy them unless their bond is strong enough.

Sometimes when I watch a film or TV show, because of the script, my mind gets political. Not every time because each time I watch a TV show, the primary shift is to unplug and be entertained. But I think because I had read so much about this pilot prior to its air date, and even filming, I had a kind of ready opinion already. Irrespective of this, I can say, I did enjoy Charmed’s maiden voyage.

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With its “new kids on the block” cast, and fresh spin on the source material, I suspect CW has high hopes for Charmed. Though I’ve only seen one (or maybe two) episodes of the original, I think this reboot is very well done. It has atmosphere and the primary setting (the girl’s home) is warm, but also “spooky,” and is precisely the kind of place we might imagine witches living. There’s a rustic attic, séances, and of course, plenty of girl power. All of which comes alive thanks to its female cast.

If you’re like me, you might not recognize any of the faces or names. But cursory research tells me they have played in prominent TV shows. You might know Madeleine Mantock from Into the Badlands or Sarah Jeffrey from NBC’s Shades of Blue. Whether you do or not, they are all fantastic in their respective roles. Their unique personalities glimmer through even in the pilot. I’m especially curious about Macy, and her story given that she seems to be the one who might be “overlooked” most often especially as the outsider. Maggie is the baby, and Mel is the fierce opinionated sister who takes zero flack. You may also recognize Rupert Evans from a handful of British period drama.

It’s Evans’ character who’s going to be most abused (or I suspect). Given that each show likes conflict, I suspect he’ll be up to the task. Humor finds its place in the script, plus a strong sisterhood suggests Charmed is sure to enchant viewers looking to unplug once a week. I don’t know if it’s something I’ll keep current with because my addiction to TV shows is already one too many, but I did enjoy it.

Did you see this new CW show? Share all your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to know your opinions.

Content: there may be minor profanity, and there is some innuendo/sexual content in the pilot, but nothing graphic. Sorcery and witchcraft also plays a part. The show is TV14.

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  1. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to even watch this one either, because I don’t really like reboots when the original isn’t even that old. I started the first episode and it didn’t really capture my attention?? I recognized the one girl from Shades of Blue. I don’t know if I’ll continue on with it, but maybe if I get bored enough LOL. Anyways your review is perfect, Rissi!! Glad to see your blog thriving and hope you’re doing amazing as well. :)

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