‘A Christmas Detour’: A Good Time Happenstance Romance


Another Countdown to Christmas original is always cause for a little celebration. Even more so when it features familiar (and favorite!) faces.

A Christmas Detour (2015) Hallmark TV Film Review

Christmas is going to be perfect for Paige (Candace Cameron Bure). She has a plan and everything on her checklist (or rather, her wedding board) is going according to plan. Then her flight is diverted. You see, she’s on her way to meet her future in-laws and being late to the brunch they have planned or any of their opulent Christmas functions is not okay.  

‘A Christmas Detour’: A Good Time Happenstance Romance. A review of the 2015 romance with Candace Cameron Bure. Text © Rissi JC

On the same flight is Dylan McKenzie (Paul Greene). He’s on his way home too… only unlike the overly bubbly Paige he hasn’t seen his family in four years and is far less joyful. As the pair of travelers must deal with no transportation, they’ll have to do some creative thinking to make it to their destinations on time for Christmas!   

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Casting familiar faces in their films seems to be a strategy that works well for Hallmark. Anyone who binge-watches these films will recognize Candace from other films like Puppy Love, Just the Way You Are or the darling fan favorite Let it Snow (in which she co-stars with Jesse Hutch from Cedar Cove). Anything Candace stars in is, simply put, cute. The same is true of this. Personally, I don’t think the story is as dazzling as some (there’s something too “exaggerated” about it) from this season’s line-up however that shouldn’t alter anyone’s anticipation in seeing this.  

‘A Christmas Detour’: A Good Time Happenstance Romance. A review of the 2015 romance with Candace Cameron Bure. Text © Rissi JC

The script hides some sweet surprises particularly between Paige and Dylan. After their initial meeting, they settle into a more comfortable routine that feels natural. Plus the subplot involving another couple on the plane adds some nuggets of wisdom to the possibility of a new romance. With the Thanksgiving meal prepared and gone, and the Black Friday shopping day over, why not settle in with your remaining holiday guests and relax with a cute Christmas movie? What’s not to love about that plan?  


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Content: I consider A Christmas Detour a “clean romance” with nothing that would offend a viewer who prefers films like this.

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  1. Spot-on review, Rissi! Watched this one last night with my mom and grandma. Thought the same- cute even if a little much. Lol! I love Candace, so really I'll try anything with her in it. :)

    1. Hi, Bekah! Thank you so much (as always) for visiting and reading. Always great to hear your take, friend. I'm glad you liked this one too! I watch pretty much anything with Candace too and get a kick out of the fact that she tends to play the same type of character; sort of a type-A planner. But then, her films are always so cute, I don't mind. :)

  2. This one was cute! Agreed, not dazzling or my favorite of this year's newbies (so far). But, it was fun. I did really like the casting — the other tag-along couple provided some great comic relief. And I also liked the actor cast as Dylan. Maybe he will be a returning familiar face in other features :)

    1. Exactly; I think my biggest grudge with this one was the timeline. It just wasn't "good enough" to be convincing. Nonetheless, I did enjoy it and like you thought the cast was good. I suspect Dylan will appear again if the rest of Hallmark's returning starts are any indication. In fact he did star in the Hallmark rom-com Perfect Match. :)

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