Little Letters Christmas 2015: Twinkle Lights and Sherlock Holmes


Little Letters is a random feature of “letters” to people or things that make us laugh or we appreciate.

Little Letters Christmas 2015

Dear 2015,  

Where did you go? Are you playing an April fool’s joke on us and really, it’s only March? I’m serious, you zipped by with alarming rate. I refuse to accept the premise this is because I’m getting “old.” 

Dear 2016,  

It seems impossible to believe that in less than two weeks, the world will be ringing you in. Wow. Another year gone, another New Year about to be ushered in. What will you bring?    

Dear Books,  

Please, keep yourself organized and while I’m being all demanding, please read yourself. 

Dear Christmas Checklist,  

As I (mentally) check off each item on your list, it seems another to-do has popped up to take its place. What happened to our former sense of copacetic cooperation?  

Dear Christmas Tree,  

I’m glad I switch up your theme to “elegant sophistication.” You wear black and gold well. 

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Little Letters Christmas 2015. Writing some random "letters" to people and things. Just because. All text is © Rissi JC
Dear Funko,  

It’s official. I’m a fan of the adorable vinyl figures one can buy under the Funko name. I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a
very dangerous accomplishment.  

Dear Hallmark Channel,  

Thank you for the sensational “Countdown to Christmas” line up this year. There were so many new favorites among your 10+ originals this year. Looking forward to whatever 2016 brings.

Dear Liz,  

Congrats. See, I knew you had what it took to finish that crazy thing called college. All that stress was for nothing. Whatever is next, remember to stay awesome.    

Dear Rain,  

Please go away. We are no longer in need of more moisture – we’re so waterlogged, the warm temperatures come with a chill because of all that dampness in the air.

Dear Rudolph, 

Given the amount of fog that has been overwhelming the Midwest, when you travel our way tomorrow, that nose so bright might be in high demand.    

Dear Sherlock Holmes,  

I. Cannot. Wait. Your return to TV (and Victorian England) will be epic.  

Dear Twinkle Lights,  

‘Tis true I may over deck the house with you, but what’s Christmas without you?  

Dear Readers, 

Finally, I’m saving this last –though not least important, letter to close out today’s ramblings. A million and one thanks to you all who have been such amazing readers (old and new alike), friends and supporters of this place – you all know who you are. I’m always grateful, but it seems with the end of a year, I’m reminded afresh of this amazing community. I am so honored, thrilled and grateful for another fun year here and continue to enjoy your return company.  

Thank you for continuing to hang out here and to stick with this Little Letters Christmas 2015 installment

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    1. Funko is way too addicting for its own good. That's just fact. ;)

      Thanks for visiting, Missie – and a very merry (belated) Christmas to you as well. Hope you enjoyed a lovely day. :)

    1. Thanks, Miranda. I had fun putting this one together (as always) and yay for another twinkle light string fan. They're pretty and make everything a little more festive.

      Merry (belated) Christmas to you as well, Miranda. I hope you enjoyed a fabulous holiday. :)

  1. Thank YOU for being awesome!! Love your 'Little Letters'!! My sister Mia has been begging me for the Arrow and Flash funko ones, so I might grab them but I'm thinking, like you said, it might be dangerous to start. ;) And a big fat YAS to Sherlock coming back! So excited. This year really has passed by at an alarming rate. So crazy. Here's to hoping that next year will be better! :)

    1. These are always such fun, Bekah! But then I've sort of slipped off putting these kinds of posts. :)

      If you and Mia do ever decide to collect a few Funko, good luck. ;) It is definitely a challenge to see an entire stock of them at the book store and tell yourself "no." In fact last time I was at B&N, I had no intention of getting another one, and then I saw Barry (The Flash) and well, yes, I'll confess I walked out of the store having bought it. :D

      I'm all for a slower year. Here's to hoping. :)

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