As I decided to put this little 10 year anniversary or birthday party or whatever you’d like to call it together for the 10 year mark of this space, I wanted to do some things that weren’t just about the content we publish here. Sure I don’t want to stray too far outside of this, but I did want to have some fun with it. One of the ways I thought it could be fun is by going back and looking at some of the pop culture trends of the last decade (aka ten years). Because, honestly, if there’s one thing that can effectively make me feel OLD, it’s taking a look back at trends and pop culture.

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Ok, so I never really now what “good sources” are when doing ones research. By this, I mean, where do we go to find out the what’s what of trends from a certain time period? It seems a legit question, right? I just went about doing basic bits of searching hoping that through it, I could piece together a few pop culture trends to share about. Because, come on, we do love a fun little pop culture throwback! So, here I present to you some of the pop culture-y and trend-y things that were occurring nationally or just my own personal introduction in the years this space has been, well, a thing.



I did see the whole YA adaptations on a list somewhere, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s true. The YA adaptation trend did really take off there for a while. Everything from The Hunger Games to The Maze Runner, basically if it was a dystopian story, it was in the box office.


Pretty sure this has been a more recent trend, but as its book related I kind of “have” to include it. Everywhere we look nowadays, there’s an illustrated cover design. Don’t mistake me, I like the vibe, it’s just funny to see everyone jump on board.


I feel like this is really A THING in these past ten years, though, full disclosure, I didn’t research it to see. However, the influencer world is here and big right now. I definitely have thoughts on it, but that’s tied into my social media opinions, so we’ll talk on that another day.

10 YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY: SOME OF THE POPULAR TRENDS OF THE DECADE. Chatting about a few pop culture trends of the last decade! Text © Rissi JC

Speaking of influencers, Instagram gets a mention. Articles say Instagram was founded in 2010 (is that true?) so while it’s been in existence for more than ten years, I certainly joined the platform in these last ten years AND wow have I seen it change and evolve into something I don’t recognize. It’s certainly just been in these past ten years that the thing exploded. Right now I’m way more curious about these newer spaces.

5: MCU

Pretty sure, the REAL MCU cinematic world amped up in the past ten years. Sure there were the Iron Man movies, but I think Marvel’s real “phase” of the MCU started in the past ten years. I also think that in these past ten years is when I really got interested in the movies! I’m not sure if Iron Man was my first to watch or if it was Captain America: The First Avenger or Thor, but either way, the latter two celebrated their tenth movie anniversary this year and it’s fun to celebrate with them!


Despite the fact that Jane Austen adaptations have been a thing and happening for YEARS (even as far back as the 90s Miramax period drama “collection” which did include an adaptation of Emma and Mansfield Park), I feel like the more recent years have REALLY opened doors for period dramas. My favorite (most days) version of Jane Eyre released in 2011 as did adaptations of the novel Brooklyn.

Finally, though this is kind of cheating, January 2011 debuted my favorite, Downton Abbey. Technically this one as a 2010 year tag on it because it debuts in the U.K first, but I’m making the 2011 date fit so I can work it into my pop culture trends. I know lots of people despite this series, but I adore it. Are there things I don’t care for? Sure. But mostly I love it and I’m 100% here for it.

The world also met (in 2012) the feisty Miss Phryne Fisher in the period drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

10 YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY: SOME OF THE POPULAR TRENDS OF THE DECADE. Chatting about a few pop culture trends of the last decade! Text © Rissi JC

The clothing brand Who What Wear informs that in the last ten years, then skinny jean cemented itself as the jean to own. I’ll confess I went full on board with the trend and own a few pairs. Not sure even in those years I’ve found THE pair or brand that is just right, but it’s the trend I like.


Who’d ever assume that while you scroll Instagram that’d be the cool way to shop? I’d say 90+ percent of the time that’s NOT how I shop, but I know I’m in the minority!


While Swift’s ascent and descent in the world of popstar princess did begin before just ten years ago (I mean, come on, we could argue the Fearless album was THE album to really put her on the map), she’s been QUITE the news story in the last ten years. In 2012, she released Red which had that four-minute song everyone seems to obsess over. Then, in 2014, she made the FULL-ON transition from country darling to pop princess with 1989. Of course, then she disappeared for longer than her usual two-year album hiatus before she came out with the angsty Reputation (in 2017). Since then she’s been a full record making machine with Lover (2019) and in 2020, she had TWO full length albums.

ranking taylor swift's lover

Of course, she is also reclaiming her prior masters from her previous record label (her break from them came after 1989) by re-recording everything. Her first to release is Fearless (2021) and in the fall, she’ll drop Red.


I feel like the “all white” décor thing was a trend in the last ten years. Now it seems like it’s “out,” but I’ll admit if I had a new build or space, I’d still go with a lot of white. I think it’s super versatile and clean (Which I LOVE) and you can add warmth or color with what you put on the walls, furniture or with greenery (aka plants!).

There’s also countless other “pop culture” stories (kind of like the whole “what color do you see?” dress debacle) that kind of “broke” the internet, but mostly there ones I likely didn’t get a second glance or they simply don’t represent what we discuss here. There’s also other trends like low-waisted jeans or more recently, the bucket hat. Additionally Disney live-action adaptations of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast graced our box office screens, too. Let me tell you, I’m still swooning over the former.

What about you! What trend or pop culture story made you take note in the last ten years? Did you follow any of these stories or trends? Do you hate any of the trends here? Which ones (from the last ten years) do you like that we didn’t mention? Comment all of your pop culture trends of the last decade (aka ten years) down below! Let’s discuss.


10 YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY: SOME OF THE POPULAR TRENDS OF THE DECADE. Chatting about a few pop culture trends of the last decade! Text © Rissi JC

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    1. I feel like I used to wear “lower” rise jeans but right now I’m wearing high rise. *shrugs* Not sure if I like either 100% (for different reasons). I don’t like the whole bucket hat trend either, but I have been wearing a baseball cap as more of a “fashion” piece lately and I kinda like it. It’s a way to put a more casual spin on an outfit. :D

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