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Ahh, the end of the year. It’s finally here. For Finding Wonderland, this means the annual “best of” lists that are so popular around this awesome blogging community. Today our Top Ten Tuesday topic gives us a nudge to put together said list with a best movies and TV of 2016. Or at least this is what I’m going with.

Broke and Bookish December 27th | Top Ten Best Books Of 2016 (you choose — best books overall of what you read regardless of pub date, of a particular genre, 2016 debuts, 2016 releases, etc) – Broke and Bookish

Instead of spinning some sort of Best of 2016 book list, I’ve decided today to look at some of the best movies and TV shows of 2016. Don’t be alarmed, I will still be publishing a Best of 2016 Book List (because isn’t this a requirement of all book bloggers?), it will simply not arrive until tomorrow or the next day. Either way, I invite you to return to read that list. Or you know, just to hang out for a while.

LIST | Best of the Best (Our 2016 Favorites in Books)  

Read on for my list of favorites in the cinematic realm (if available, reviews are linked in titles). Only be aware, things are about to
get long. Read at your own peril, fellow book nerds.  


1. The 5th Wave | This is one of those completely unexpected films that I watched early on in 2016.  

2. Alice Through the Looking Glass | Though I’m not the greatest fan of this storybook tale, I do like Burton’s adaptations (because they’re tailor made for him) and Depp as the Hatter. Plus, this one is, in my opinion, far and away an improvement over the prequel.  

3. Allegiant | I’m probably the only girl who still enjoys these. But what can I say. They’re entertaining – and I love Tris and Four as a YA Lit couple.    

4. Ant-Man (2015) | Yet another one I didn’t see until 2016. It’s one that, long after the credits roll, I asked myself the following question, “Why?” (As in, why’d I wait so long!?)  

5. Brooklyn | Beautiful in so many ways. This story is one of the best romances I’ve seen in a while.  

The Best of the Best at the Cinema and Small Screen. Chatting up best movies and TV of 2016. What did you love? Text © Rissi JC

6. Captain America, Civil War | It’s Marvel, Captain America is involved, and then there was THAT kiss. Enough said.

The Best of the Best at the Cinema and Small Screen. Chatting up best movies and TV of 2016. What did you love? Text © Rissi JC

7. The Choice | Yep, I’m a Nicholas Sparks junkie, and found a partner in crime in my cousin who’s as big a fan as I am. But on a more serious note, I thought this was one of Sparks best yet.    

8. Dr. Strange | Finally saw this one, and am all too aware I need to post my review. It’s Marvel though so that should give you a hint of what said review will be like.  

9. Ghostbusters | Wasn’t sure what to expect from this comedy, but I wound up enjoying it. My favorite part though wasn’t the women (though all of them were fabulous in their roles), but Chris Hemsworth. Something I’d elaborate more on if I would ever publish a review. *Adds to list*

The Best of the Best at the Cinema and Small Screen. Chatting up best movies and TV of 2016. What did you love? Text © Rissi JC

10. The Huntsman, Winter’s War | Speaking of Hemsworth, he led the way in this Snow White and the Huntsman sequel that oddly enough, was void of Snow. Huh.    

11. Jason Bourne | Just watched this one on Christmas day, and as is always the case, I loved it. Reasons are sure to be given in followup review.  

12. Joy | This is probably the first “adult” role I’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence in, and I thought she was fabulous.  

13. The Legend of Tarzan | Beautiful is the only word I can think to describe this one. Ironically, it was also the film I thought would be “too ridiculous” to be good.  

The Best of the Best at the Cinema and Small Screen. Chatting up best movies and TV of 2016. What did you love? Text © Rissi JC

14. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies | A super fun romp so long as you don’t take this one too seriously, I was ridiculously excited to finally watch this one this past summer.    

15. Suicide Squad | Recently watched this one when it released to DVD. Needless to say, I adored it. Although I will say, Suicide Squad is quite a bit darker than Marvel (in general) as its peers and DC Comics tend to be. Still, if you like Arrow or The Flash, you should enjoy this. best movies and tv of 2016

16. Zootopia | Too cute for words. What more is there to say?  

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1. Bull (CBS) | Sadly NCIS alumni Michael Weatherly said goodbye to his long time character, Anthony DiNozzo this past year. But for those of us who are fans, you can now see him on the (really good) CBS drama, Bull.

2. Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark) | This is probably my favorite Hallmark series yet.    

3. The Crown (Netflix) | A brilliant period piece about the early days and marriage of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

4. Doctor Thorne (ITV) | From Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, this one is, as one would expect, charming, in a lighthearted kind of way.    

5. Frequency (CW) | Haven’t seen the film on which this is based, but I thought the pilot was fabulous. best movies and tv of 2016

6. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Netflix) | Adding this is anticipatory since I’ve not watched the four films that constitute this miniseries. (You can check out my fangirl-y season one review or my “Classic Romantic Moment” article.)

The Best of the Best at the Cinema and Small Screen. Chatting up best movies and TV of 2016. What did you love? Text © Rissi JC

7. Houdini and Doyle (Fox) | Love this humorous period drama, short lived status notwithstanding.    

8. Jericho (ITV) | I’ve gushed about this one more than enough. Suffice to say, it’s worth the “cliffhanger” ending (and no future seasons!).  

9. The Living and the Dead (BBC) | Recently watched this one, and surprisingly, I wound up really enjoying it. Sadly, I took down the star rating a bit because the final 5-10 seconds “ruined” what otherwise would have been a nice ending.

10. Mercy Street (ITV) | This one played at my house last winter, and really surprised me. I didn’t think it was worth toting as the “next Downton Abbey” (because the comparison isn’t fair due to the subject/genre), but it’s a nice Southern drama nonetheless.

11. Second Chance (Fox) | The idea for this one is a contemporary take on the Frankenstein legend. Or that’s how I understand it. Either way, I really liked this short-lived series.  

12. Timeless (NBC) | Despite the similar plots already “out there,” this is a really fun show to binge.  

13. Victoria (ITV) | Technically this one doesn’t premiere for the states until January 2017 (and is again being pushed as a ‘Downton’ replacement), but I’ve been watching it these past couple months, and heavens. All I can say is this: don’t miss this masterpiece. best movies and tv of 2016

14. War & Peace (BBC) | Another period drama (question to self: trend much?), and a beautiful one at that. I loved how “lighthearted” this story begins before the real drama and tragedies bombard our screens.  

What films did you love from 2016? What made your best movies and TV of 2016 list? Comment down below! I’d love to know, and chat them up with you. Also, leave your Top Ten Tuesday links. I’d be happy to visit your bookish havens.  

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Great list! :-) I don't watch a lot of TV or movies but I did watch and love Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them :-)

  2. Ahh, this is great, I love movies! Though I haven't seen as many as I would have wanted to this year, I still also really enjoyed The 5th Wave, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad. Hoping to still check out most of the others soon, especially The Choice (I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan too and somehow I haven't seen this yet), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Ghostbusters and Legend of Tarzan. TV shows I'm even more behnd on because I've only seen (and enjoyed) the Gilmore Girls revival.

    1. I do to, Lindsey. Perhaps a little TOO MUCH! ;)

      Sounds like we had some shared favorites this year. I was crazy impressed with 'Civil War' despite my trepidation going into it. Also, Ant-Man is SO good, and I did really like 'Squad' in spite of its dark themes.

      *High five* fellow Sparks fan. :)

      Hope you enjoy all the rest you'd like to see – and can catch up on TV shows soon(ish). I know this feeling all too well.

      Thanks, as always, for visiting.

    1. YAY! I thought Dr. Strange was crazy good. But then, like you say, Cumberbatch is so good that makes anything better. :)

      Appreciate you stopping by, Anouk – and I'm so glad you enjoyed 'Beasts.' :)

    1. 'Civil War' was/is so good, Tasheena! In fact, I'm way overdue for a re-watch since I only saw it in theaters. If you like British drama, I think you'll love Victoria. It's masterfully made. :)

      Appreciate you visiting.

  3. Ooh films… nice. I didn't see 5th Wave but I want to! And while I didn't love Allegiant I like Tris and Four as a couple too… and I liked the first two movies. Kinda bummed if we don't get to see 'em on screen again…

    I haven't seen Dr Strange yet, but Captain America. Yeah. :) And I'm posting my thoughts on Legend of Tarzan tomorrow- can't wait to see what you thought. It surprised me. I'm a huge Bourne fan. And yeah… Zootopia rules. :)

    I really should try Timeless.

    1. I know lots of fans don't care for the 'Divergent' series, but I find them actually some of the better YA flicks. I also know that I've not read the books, so maybe I'd be annoyed if I had. :D Either way, I agree, Tris and Four are a great couple!

      YAY! So glad you like 'Civil War' ('Strange' is crazy good!), and I'm glad you're sharing thoughts on 'Tarzan.' I thought it was beautiful. Bourne is one of the best action flicks ever, and Zootopia so cute.

      Enjoy Timeless.

      Thanks, as always, for being a reader, Greg.

  4. First of all, your banner is amazing.

    I've tried reading the first Alice book and just couldn't get into it. I like the movie adaptions as well. They are both very colorful and fairytales are my favorite to read and watch.

    I'm in LOVE with Captain America and Bucky. I think Captain America has the good guy thing going but doesn't always follow the rules like Superman…

    Antman was pretty good too. I hope there is a sequel where the girl gets more time to shine.

    Zootopia was simply perfect. Couldn't find a thing I didn't like about it.

    I need to watch Brooklyn and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!Especially PPZ because I like the original story so much.

    I've only seen Gilmore Girls in the small screen. I want more after that ending. I never liked a lot of Rory's choices throughout the series. I feel like she's not as good as everyone seems to think she is. It bothers me.

    I can't with Timeless. I'm curious but then time travel legitimately freaks me out. I don't want any geniuses getting any ideas.

    1. Hi, Adriana! Thank you. I had WAY too much fun with this banner. For reasons. :)

      + Glad you like the 'Alice' movies! They seem so perfect for Burton.

      + Captain America is, overall, my favorite superhero. Although on any given day, I could change my mind.

      + Me too! Far as I know, Marvel does have an Ant-Man sequel in the works, so we'll hope for that sooner rather than later.

      + Zootopia is super cute!

      + YAY! Hope you enjoy PP+Z and Brooklyn. Both are very different, but so good.

      + I know what you're saying. Rory is the "good" one for the majority of the series, but then in the final 2-3 seasons, her attitude kind of changes, which is sad. I like the contrast between she and her mother, plus the change is very uncharacteristic.

      Thanks so much for visiting! Great to chat with you. :)

  5. Great list! I also loved a number of the same films, particularly Captain America Civil War. Brooklyn is also one I am so desperate to watch but would love to read the book first so for now I have to wait until I finally get round to it. I'm also currently watching Timeless and despite the fact that it is not the best TV show out there I am still addicted to it :)
    My TTT

    1. I've not read the Brooklyn novel which is a little unusual since I've been trying to "make" myself read the books first if I'm interested in the adaptation. Oh, well. Maybe someday I'll read it. Hope you can read it soon soon.

      Me too! Timeless isn't revolutionary, but it sure is entertaining, and sometimes, we "need" that, right!? :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Alice!

  6. Love that you picked movies and shows on the small screen! I did not see a ton of movies at the theater this year (which is weird) but Girl on the Train was great and Ghostbusters was awesome because I went with several of my book club friends. My favorite 2016 movie experience, though, was seeing Young Frankenstein- it was being re-released for a special night to promote Mel Brook's book on the Making of Young Frankenstein.

    1. I wanted to do something a little different since I had a book list planned for later this week, and this is a topic I like to put together too, so it worked out well. :)

      How fun! It's always a fun time when you can go to see something with friends. Glad you enjoyed 'Frankenstein.' :)

      Thanks, as always, for visiting, Kate.

  7. Ooooo, movies and tv!!! YAY!

    Um, The 5th Wave totally took me by surprise too! I was actually thinking of re-watching with Mia soon (who loved it simply because of Nick Robinson *eyeroll*). Laughing at your Allegiant comment!! I’m the same – literally everyone who watched it with me said it sucked. I still loved it! I saw Brooklyn with my sisters and Grandma and we all cried. So good. Civil War and Ant Man!! High five. I was not expecting to like The Choice and it ended up being one of my favorite Sparks movies ever.

    I sadly never finished Chesapeake Shores…I’ll have to give it a watch soon. The Crown sounds good. Loved Doctor Throne, Frequency, Gilmore Girls, Jericho, Mercy Street, and TIMELESS!! (Can you tell which one is my fave?! Haha)

    Anyways, sorry for this ridiculously long comment. Love this post so much!

    1. It was a fun switch up considering I wanted to do books later in the week. (Because books are the best, so they have to be saved for "last," right!?)

      LOL, well, any excuse to re-watch The 5th Wave, right!? ;) I should give it a re-watch too. It really is better than it suggested in might be.

      *High Five* SO glad someone else liked Allegiant too! I'm so glad not to be alone.

      YES! Love all the shared favorites. So fun.

      'Chesapeake' is, surprisingly, really good. Though now you mention it, I'm not sure I'm quite done either.

      Hmm… bet I can guess your favorite TV show of 2016! :)

      No apologies. Love these long comments, friend. :) So glad you stopped by to share.

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