‘The Birthday Wish’: Make a Wish (to See the Future!)


The last Winterfest film I saw in Hallmark Channel’s 2017 line up, The Birthday Wish is as cute as its promo spot suggests.

The Birthday Wish (2017) – Make a Wish! (To See The Future) A review of the Hallmark Channel original. All text © Rissi JC

The Birthday Wish (2017) Hallmark Review

Gwen Turner (Jessy Schram) has plans. Right now she’s hoping her modest successes as a creative TV commercial director turns into a win in her personal life. You see part of those plans involves being engaged by thirty. Little does she realize her boyfriend doesn’t share these plans. When he elects not to propose on the eve of her birthday, Gwen begins a new year sans a ring on her finger.

This inspires her to make a wish… to see her life in ten years. Normally a harmless notion, Gwen’s wish her a vision she’d rather not come true.

In her vision, Dave McKinley (Luke McFarlane) is the man next to her. Dave’s creative direction and Gwen’s director pair together (by ad agencies) professionally, but never does Gwen imagine herself dating the spontaneous Dave. What’s a girl to do when her carefully laid plans fall apart?

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Penned by a familiar Hallmark script writer (Hello, It’s Me, Wedding Bells, The Convenient Groom) one of the things I like best is the humor. It works well on many levels. From sappy slapstick (a search for a ring) to a more realistic approach (playful competitive competition), it all comes together. As I watched this one, this is the memory that sticks with me. The humor and the way the script allows these characters to shine, all of which the talent of its cast assists.

Speaking of, it was great fun to see Luke McFarlane (a familiar Hallmark leading man) in this role. He’ll be familiar to those who like Dashing Through the Snow and The Memory Book. Costume drama enthusiasts may also recognize him from Mercy Street. Fun fact: in ‘Memory,’ Luke’s co-star Megan Ory plays Red on Once Upon a Time. In this he romances Once’s Cinderella, actress Jessy Schram (who plays Cinderella in recurring appearances on the ABC fairy tale). The careers in this film are also interesting which gives the story a new layer.

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Futuristic romantic comedies aren’t always my cup of tea, but in the case of The Birthday Wish, I thought the blending of present and future is well done. The latter doesn’t consume the present timeline so that we remain affixed on this path rather than the back and forth of the alternating realities. The ways Gwen experiences her future prophesies is also funny and sweet.

If you love romcoms, The Birthday Wish is worth spending a Saturday afternoon in. There’s plenty of (real) magic going on in this happy-face comedy, filled with one wish you’ll root to come true. ?

You can purchase The Birthday Wish on DVD or stream on Hallmark Movies Now.

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  1. I saw the last few minutes of this the other night when we were switching channels during the Oscars and literally wrote it down to my (long) To Be Watched list! A: LOVE the gal. From Once Upon a Time AND Nashville. Two of my faves. She's a way more easy to watch Hallmark movie actress than some. ;) AND THE GUY. Suffice it to say I have a rather *ahem* not super appropriate nickname for his role in Mercy Street (he plays the minister helping in the mansion house's hospital…) so I was SUPER psyched to see him in this. Hehe. ;)

    1. It's SO cute, Meghan. Mom and I watched it and giggled through the WHOLE thing.

      I liked Luke's character (so far) from Mercy Street. But uh-oh, maybe I won't in S2!? :) As for Jessy, she's great in this role! All around, I am so impressed with Hallmark films. I think starting with their 2016 Christmas line up, they've been so much better in terms of acting, production, and really, everything.

      Hope you can see this one soon!

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