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This is How I Rank the Hallmark ‘Winterfest’ Romance

January 8, 2020 4 Comments

The arrival of a New Year of seasonal content from Hallmark Channel means it’s time for me to again share my rankings on the campaign that rings in each New Year: Winterfest! Previously, I would rank these originals in a video for Finding Wonderland’s booktube channel, but of late, it’s just been easier to get these on paper (plus there’s going to be less videos this year, so…). No matter what platform I share these on, it’s always fun to talk all of the Hallmark fun, and today I get to share the Hallmark Winterfest rankings!

As is the usual rule of thumb for these rankings, I’m basing these off of prior years (2016 – 2019) since I haven’t yet see the 2020 titles (there are five all new ones to join this campaign!), which you can learn more about in the recent “January 2020 Hallmark Schedule” post published here last week. I’ve heard that movie number one in the lineup (Winter in Vail) is quite good, but it’s still in the “sitting in my DVR stage.” But back on topic.

TV NEWS | Midseason TV Preview: A Look at What’s New and to Return

Here’s the films I’ll be ‘ranking’ from a-z:

1: The Birthday Wish (2017) | 2: Frozen in Love (2018) | 3: Love on Ice (2017) | 3: Love the Sidelines (2016) | 4: Love on the Slopes (2018) | 5: One Winter Weekend (2018) | 7: A Royal Winter (2017) | 8: Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016) | 9: Winter Castle (2019) | 10: Winter Love Story (2019) | 11: A Winter Princess (2019) |

Winterfest movies I haven’t Seen (from 2016 – 2019)

1: Love’s Complicated (2016) | 2: Love in Paradise (2016) | 3: One Winter Proposal (2019) | 4: Snowcoming (2019) | 5: Winter’s Dream (2018), to be honest, I cannot remember if I saw this one… but I’m thinking I [maybe…?] did…

Also, same as before, I’ll rank them from least to most favorite! Though to be honest, I have to say, I really do like most, if not all of these almost equally (with very little difference between the rankings); there must be something about these Winterfest movies that makes them likable.

This is How I Rank the Hallmark ‘Winterfest’ Romance

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11: A Winter Princess (2019)

A Winter Princess

I anticipated liking this one a great deal more than I did, but again, like everything here I still did quite enjoy this one. Find A Winter Princess on Amazon (DVD)

10:  The Birthday Wish (2017)

This one has a kind of Family Man (with Nicholas Cage) plot, and it features Luke McFarlane as its lead, so I did quite enjoy it! Find The Birthday Wish digitally on Amazon Video

9: A Royal Winter (2017)

Not my most favorite ‘royal romance,’ but I still adore this trope, so… yeah, this one is cute! Find A Royal Winter digitally on Amazon Video

8: One Winter Weekend (2018)

Not sure why I feel compelled to rank this one so low (guess I just like its peers a smidge more?) since I remember thinking it quite charming while I watched it. Find One Winter Weekend digitally on Amazon Video

7: Love on the Slopes (2018)

hallmark winterfest rankings

Don’t remember a lot of specifics of this one, but do recall appreciating that there were new-to-Hallmark faces in the lead and that it had a really cute sense of “adventure.” Find Love on the Slopes digitally on Amazon Video

6: Love on Ice (2017)

This one has Andrew Walker so of course, it’s a favorite, and it features a figure skating plot which a: is really unique for Hallmark and b: speaks to my little girl heart who once thought she’d be a figure skater. Find Love on Ice digitally with a Hallmark Movies Now add on

5: Unleashing Mr. Darcy (2016)

I mean, how could I not enjoy a Hallmark version of Pride and Prejudice? This one is darling, plus Ryan Paevey (Christmas at the Plaza) is great as Mr. Darcy! Find Unleashing Mr. Darcy digitally on Amazon Video

4: Winter Love Story (2019)

Winter Love Story

Cozy and sweet, this “road trip” romance is all the good things a winter-y Saturday night should be. Find Winter Love Story digitally on Amazon Video

3: Winter Castle (2019)

When it comes to unique to Hallmark originals, this is one of the best because of its locale. The unique ice castle setting makes it stand out, plus there’s Emillie Ullerup and Keven McGarry, so there’s that too. Find Winter Castle digitally on Amazon Video

2: Frozen in Love (2018)

hallmark winterfest rankings

This is actually one of my mom’s very favorites, and I cannot deny it IS cute. (See photo as evidence.) Rachael Leigh Cook and Niall Matter are hilarious together, and the plot (an introvert book shop owner and brash hockey star) is darling; it’s one of those opposites attract one, and the banter is quite memorable as a result. You can find Frozen in Love digitally on Amazon Video

1: Love on the Sidelines (2016)

This is an oldie one which means it may have a few production snags that Hallmark has since smoothed out, but the story? It’s on point, and I love that it follows a football player (perfect for a Winterfest romance) and an assistant he a: doesn’t want and b: she also doesn’t know a thing about the game. Plus, the new faces makes it even more fun. Find Love on the Sidelines on Amazon

This is How I Rank the Hallmark ‘Winterfest’ Romance! Talking through some #Hallmark Winterfest rankings: how would you rate/rank them? #Winterfest #CleanRomance #Hallmarkies Click To Tweet
This is How I Rank the Hallmark ‘Winterfest’ Romance. Talking through some Hallmark winterfest rankings. How would you rank them? © Rissi JC

It’s now time to turn the comments over to you: tell me, which of these did you like best? What are YOUR ‘Hallmark Winterfest rankings’? Comment all of your Hallmark Winterfest rankings down below… I’d love to read all of your thoughts?

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland

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Rissi JC

amateur graphic designer. confirmed bookaholic. bubbl’r enthusiast. critical thinker. miswesterner. social media coordinator. writer.

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  • Becky January 9, 2020 at 2:11 PM

    Totally agree on the top 4–they’re definitely the best of the bunch! I might rank them slightly differently, but I loved all four of them. Unleashing Mr. Darcy, though … it’s one of the few Hallmark movies that I actively dislike (though I will say it was better than the sequel).

    Just wait until you see Winter in Vail–I loved it so much! It would definitely be in my Top 5 (maybe even my #1). I liked it much more than the majority of Hallmark’s 2019 Christmas lineup!

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  • Chanel M. January 18, 2020 at 6:11 AM

    I love The Birthday Wish! It’s my favorite Winterfest movie! But I agree with your high ratings for Frozen in Love and Love on the Sidelines – both charming and worthy of watching again and again!

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