‘Christmas on my Mind’: A Romance Based on ‘The Goodbye Bride’


Based on a popular Christian novel, this romantic drama puts together two talented actors, but misses something in its translation. christmas on my mind

Christmas on My Mind (2019) Hallmark Review

Putting in his time and work at the family resturant business he now runs is what keeps Zac Callahan (Andrew Walker). Between it and sepdning time with his mother and brother, Bo (Preseton Vanderslice, Mystery 101), Zac has little time for much else. Then, quite uexpectedly, Lucy Lovett (Ashley Greene) walks into his resturatant, and casually appears as if she believes they’re still days away from saying ‘I Do.’

It would seem, Lucy fell, hit her head and now has a concussion that affects her short-term memory. Though everyone from her new life is telling her she now lives in Portland instead of small town Maine, and that she’s about to marry someone else, all Lucy can remember is teaching art, and being happy with Zac…

Based on one of my most favorite novels, this was one of the Hallmark (from the ‘Movies & Mysteries’ branch) dramas I was most excited for. Plus, it hurt nothing that one of my favorite actors played Zac. Unfortunately, while sweet and good, this one doesn’t do the novel on which it’s based justice.

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‘Christmas on my Mind’: A Romance Based on ‘The Goodbye Bride.’ Review of the Andrew Walker drama based on "The Goodbye Bride." #Hallmarkies #Romance Click To Tweet

Titled by a different name, the book is penned by Denise Hunter, and called The Goodbye Bride. Though I understand the title change to better fit with the season, a small nitpick gripe is this change. But the biggest thing is the way in which these events are set into motion. Lucy’s amnesia seems implausible, given how she comes to have it, and then, the way in which the past ultimately fell apart for Lucy and Zac; it’s so different than the novel, which usually doesn’t affect me, but for some reason, it does here.

Perhaps these feelings are because The Goodbye Bride is, without question, one of my favorite romances. That said, this is still a lovely story, because it is Hallmark, and if there’s one thing we can count on from the network, it’s sweet, quality stories. It’s nice to see Andrew Walker in his second Christmas romance of this seson, and though she’s known for Twilight, I don’t think I’ve seen Ashley Greene in much with exception to an indie film.

If you enjoyed A December Bride (also adapted from a Denise Hunter story) or really, anything that relates to Christmas, then Christmas on my Mind is something you’ll not want to skip out on. It’s romantic with a second chance trope that leads its characters back to happily-ever-after in the best kind of ways.


‘Christmas on my Mind’: A Romance Based on ‘The Goodbye Bride.’ Review of the Andrew Walker drama based on "The Goodbye Bride." Text © Rissi JC

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  1. I could not agree with you more that this adaptation failed to live up to the brilliance that is The Goodbye Bride; I actually couldn’t even make it all the way through, I was getting so annoyed with the completely unnecessary changes, i.e. being as subtle as a tank about the fact that Riley does not exist in this version, not to mention altering why Zac and Lucy are no longer together, decisions which make no sense to me.

    However, I also have to say that one of the things I enjoy most about your reviews is that they are always well-balanced and never too harsh, so thank you for including a bit of glass-half full thoughts in as well ?

    1. Right?! WHERE’S RILEY!? I couldn’t remember his name, but knew there was an important brother missing. There wasn’t really a reason to change SO much about the reasons behind Zac and Lucy’s past, and to see Zac take her return so readily…? (Makes me wonder if screen writer’s thought that aspect “too negative”?)

      Thank you, Kirsty. I do try not to be too negative about something (we all enjoy something different, and so if I like something about a title, I try to focus on that) unless I found it “that bad.” Then chances are, I usually just skip writing about it. :) Appreciate YOU reading.

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