Watercolor Palettes of Color (or Watercolor Book Cover Designs)


Welcome, happy readers. Today’s Tuesday (or nearly so) which means it’s time for that popular bookworm meme – which you may have seen around the blogosphere, Top Ten Tuesday and with its a look at some pretty watercolor book cover designs. Here’s our May eighth topic…   That Artsy Reader Girl May 8: Books With My Favorite Color On the Cover (or In the Title).

Watercolor Palettes of Color (or Watercolor Book Cover Designs). What's your favorite kind of cover design? All text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

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So… artistic is the subject. A topic that seems to be something I’d really enjoy. Don’t mistake the setup of this ramble, I did.
But it seems like the ones I’m overconfident about (aka am sure will be easy) are the ones that don’t go quite as smoothly.  

As odd as this may sound, I don’t feel like I have a favorite color. I may have as a kid, but if so, the color slips my mind.
Instead, nowadays my color preferences are influenced by trends and popular color palettes. Whether this be in my choice of a nail color (currently sporting a beautiful shade called “Mint Candy Apple”) or the shades in my blog design (currently influenced by Stampin’ Up!), I’m all about shifting color loyalties depending on what color “pops” as the “it” shade.  

This explanation is all in an attempt to explain the “why” of how today’s list is put together. Today, I decided to spin the topic away from one color (in design or title) and feature one of my favorite design elements: watercolor! Now if only I could actually watercolor.  

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Let’s take a look at the pretty covers on today’s list – nearly all of which I have not read. (Tell me below all the reasons I should read these.)    


1: The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout | This is one I’ve overtalked about – i.e. that I should read it. It’s time I stop talking and crack open its waiting pages. Amazon | Goodreads

Watercolor Palettes of Color (or Watercolor Book Cover Designs). What's your favorite kind of cover design? All text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

2: Cold Summer by Gwen Cole | Another one I’ve not read… but am super interested in. It sits on my shelf, looking so pretty, plus
the synopsis (WWII, time travel) sounds incredible – and all the more intriguing in light of my recent obsession: Timeless. Amazon | Goodreads  

3 & 4: Mending Christmas and Mending Fences by Lorin Grace | These two books were recent(ish) Amazon purchases – pre Christmas I think. Both were added to my shelf thanks to a search for Christmas stories. (One is a seasonal read, the other isn’t.) After reading about them, I decided they sounded like fun reads. Amazon | Goodreads

Mending Christmas: Amazon | Goodreads ● Mending Fences: Amazon | Goodreads

5: Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge | Here we arrive to a book I actually have read (only one of three on today’s
list). Guys, I adored this novel every bit as much as I love its pretty cover design. Amazon | Goodreads

6: The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord | Why I haven’t read another book by Emery is beyond me. You know how much I gushed over The Start of Me and You, so reading more by this author is kind of a must. Amazon | Goodreads

7: When We Collided by Emery Lord | See above explanation. Also, how stunning are both these (7&8) covers!? Amazon | Goodreads

8: Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist | The second book on this list I have read. It’s not the same kind of “watercolor”
look as some of these other books, but it still has a place on this list, and if memory serves, it’s an entertaining read, too. Amazon | Goodreads

9: The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson | The page count may be short, but this cover is big and bold – in all the best ways. It’s a gorgeous heart-eye emoji kind of aesthetic. Amazon | Goodreads

Watercolor Palettes of Color (or Watercolor Book Cover Designs). What's your favorite kind of cover design? All text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

10: Love, Life and the List by Kasie West | Yes Kasie West novels show up a lot on my Top Ten Tuesday lists. But to be honest? I don’t see this changing ANYTIME soon. They’re just so darn cute. Love, Life and the List is equally adorable (and is the third book on this feature I have read.) Amazon | Goodreads

So, colors… tell me about some of your favorite colors? Or trends in cover designs. What’s your favorite book design aesthetic? Let’s get our book talk on down in the comments. If you joined today’s meme, make sure and leave your Top Ten Tuesday links below so I can visit – or simply introduce your blog. I’d be glad to visit your bookish spaces.  

Thank you for visiting. Come back soon!

ps; I finally finished replying to last week’s Top Ten Tuesday comments… apologies for the delay. BUT I do read them all, and am grateful you stop by to talk all the bookish things with me – thank you. Hopefully this go-round will not suffer the fate of last week. 

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    1. Yes they are!! I haven't read When We Collided yet, but am certainly eager too. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Nicole.

    1. The Sun is Also a Star is high on my must-read list AND yes, I do like its cover too!! So much pretty. :) Thanks for the recommendation and for stopping by.

    1. Thank you, Rachel. It was sure fun to piece together (only after the fact, I realized I should have used color photos since this is about COLORS!).

      Thanks for visiting. :)

  1. Ooh I like how you did this one. I like the cover of Cold Summer too, I have since I saw it the first time. Something about the muted tones, I don't know, but it just works. Jane of Austin and The Names They Gave Us are great too!

    1. …and Cold Summer is one I've been meaning to read since seeing that pretty cover, Greg. Hopefully I'll accomplish this soon!!

      Thanks so much for visiting, as always. :)

  2. I like your take on this week's prompt. Kasie West and Emery Lord have recently become a few of my favorite YA authors. The cover for The Girl Who Could see is stunning!

    1. YAY!! I love Kasie's books, and though I've only read one of Emery's, it's still a favorite. Hopefully I'll read more of hers soon. Which books do you like by these authors?

      PS: I SO need to play catch up on your blog, Brittaney – and I will! Soon. :)

      Thanks, as always, for visiting.

    1. It sure does, Taylor!! I have featured Love, Life and the List a lot, but I HAD to again this week because it fits so well. :)

      Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love your take on the topic! I don't really have a favorite color either, but like you I do love watercolors so, so much! And yet, I haven't read any of these books yet… but I do love looking at them :)

    1. My favorites are often influenced by trends or popular colors. So… this seemed the best route! I get to feature colors and a artistic technique that usually blends multiple colors. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Lindsey.

  4. WATERCOLOR!!! Such a good idea for this list!! I love the covers of Emery Lord's books. They're always so pretty. And Cold Summer is beautiful looking too!!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Once I figured out the theme, it was fun. I agree. 'Summer' looks beautiful. :)

      …thanks for visiting.

    1. Thanks, Courtney; it was sure fun once I figured out which direction to take.

      Hope you enjoy Kara's! Glad you visited. :)

    1. Yay glad Cold Summer was a pretty good read. It's been on my shelf for far too long… so someday soon(ish) I must read it. :)

      Glad you visited!

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