Mingle All the Way: How to Date and Romance at Christmas!


On Hallmark, Christmas movies continue which means, I continue to pursue reviewing them. Their latest is Mingle All the Way, a darling “how to” dating kind of romantic-comedy.

Mingle All the Way (2018) Hallmark Review

Molly (Jen Lilley) is fully invested in her new startup company. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to impress her mother (Lindsay Wagner). The algorithm Molly created is for an app that allows singles to find their plus one without strings attached. Unlike typical dating apps, this app doesn’t create romantic matches, but rather a match for those needing someone to take to an event. Besides, Molly is too busy for a love story.

Jeff (Brant Daugherty) too is in the same boat. Busy working on a campaign at the ad agency where he works, he’s also vying for a new promotion. The trouble is, his boss is an old-fashioned guy who likes family values. Without a girlfriend, Jeff believes he’s already on the losing side. But then he hears about Mingle All the Way. One chance encounter later, and both Jeff and Molly just might be each other’s solution.

Every Hallmark original I’ve seen this year has been sweet. Sure I’ve enjoyed some more than others, but overall, each one is entertaining. Mingle All the Way is no different. It’s infectious and as usual, the overabundance of Christmas décor ensures a cheery portrait. As if the title doesn’t accomplish this all on its own!

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In my movie-going experience, this is a newer (or “less used”?) trope. Sure I’ve seen some dating app romcoms, but not to the same extent as the whole small-town-girl-returns plot. Jen Lilley always infuses any role with a girl-next-door charm, and this role is no different. She helps to bring alive the film despite her character’s sort-of-Grinch persona. It’s also fun to see Lindsay Wagner in something again.

Apart from its aforementioned adorable title, this film drips with romantic-comedy promise. It’s breezy and sweet which makes this a joy to watch. Its director is no stranger to Christmas features which means he knows how to curate what makes a good scene. (In fact, he already directed Hallmark’s Road to Christmas from earlier this season.)

Those of you ready to stay in and cuddle up with a good story should make a date with Mingle All the Way. It’s a charming story with a Hallmark leading lady you’ll recognize. Find your favorite blanket, and maybe some hot chocolate, and enjoy the marshmallow story of this ‘how to’ (or would it be a lesson in in not to date?) dating romantic-comedy.

This one premieres tonight (December 1st) on Hallmark Channel; plus, be on the lookout for re-airs over December.

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Content: as usual, this one contains nothing of note, and is TVG.

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