8 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Warcross’: an Exciting Series


8 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Warcross’: an Exciting Series

Sometimes, as readers we delay reading a book with hype. Why is this? Well, my theories are simple. Perhaps it’s because we avoid hyped books (like the plague) or maybe it’s because the book doesn’t sound like a good read. Or it could be more basic than this and be as a result of other books that need attention (aka publisher sent review books that sit and mock us).

BOOK REVIEW | Warcross by Marie Lu– Colorful Adventure Set in Japan’s Gaming World 


In my case, my not reading Warcross was a little bit of a combination of things. First, it was because I had too many books and so little time. Also, despite the fact that I do own a copy of Warcross which sat on my shelf (for way too long I might add), I didn’t think it had my name written on it. But late in 2017, as my last-read-of-the-year, I did pick up Warcross and discovered I became easily immersed inside its world.

Before we get to our topic, we’ll revisit my experience with this book via a quick little reader tale. As I read Warcross, the further into its story I was pulled, the more intrigued I became. The conclusion rapidly approached and I began to feel a sense of calm; everything was going to end well and everyone would find themselves in a good place and then bam! The ending shattered my little reader heart – in other words, as I read this, I had no idea this was only one part of the story! But as I closed the book, there was zero information on the follow up novel, so of course, I had to wait for news on a sequel. We’re talking, title, synopsis, and release date – the works.

Thankfully, the release date (September 18!) of Wildcard is just around the corner.


Today, thanks to Penguin Teen, I share 8 Reasons Why You Should Read Warcross (and of course, it’s sequel, Wildcard). Let’s jump into said reasons.

8 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Warcross’: an Exciting Series

1: The Characters | Any good book – no matter the genre, should feature characters a reader can root for. Much to my reflection (after the fact) surprise, this one gives readers this. Sure some hide behind a mask, and hold secrets, but for the most part, this Warcross fighter gang is fun to hang out

2: Emika Chen | It seems a given that the heroine would be a primary reason why this series is a must-read. But we put the obvious aside because Emika is a girl who deserves a numbered reason all her own. She’s interesting with a backstory I don’t think we know the half of, and fierce in unexpected ways.

The fact that she’s an independent bounty hunter is fascinating too!


3: Marie Lu | This is the first novel I’ve read by Marie, but if Warcross is anything to judge by, I can easily say: I will revisit the Legend trilogy.

4: (Story) Pace | Oh, the pace! To some, this might not matter. But to keep a reader, this is so important. There is barely a moment to catch our breath in this novel. Immediately we are thrust into Emika’s world. This keeps the story moving at a clip, and us invested in flipping those pages.

5: Romance | Most YA novels do feature some sort of romance. Because Warcross (and I’d imagine Wildcard too – I’m not very far into this one) is more about the fast pace (as previously mentioned), there isn’t a lot of romance. But, fortunately, the romance you do find in this pages is swoony – and a little bit sexy.

6: Sci-Fi Epic | I’ll confess, I’m not much of a sci-fi fan when it comes to books. But this novel, epic!

The sci-fi elements are brilliant, and as previously mentioned, the world so easy to fall into. For me, as a reader, this is the greatest compliment I can pay this novel.Warcross

7: World Building | This is perhaps the most impressive (to me) reason why this series is a must-read. So often fantasy worlds become too complicated and build themselves a world or system that a reader no longer understands as the plot progresses. Marie Lu crafts a unique sc-fi world that I actually understand. The world is complex enough without being confusing and the author deserves all the props for this.

8: Zero | This in-the-shadow character intrigues me. More so since Zero is supposed to factor into Wildcard where they did not as much in book one (Warcross). Who do you think this character is?Warcross

(This post does contain affiliate links; if you buy anything through these links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale. Read the disclosure page for details.) Warcross is in stores now – and is now in paperback, and Wildcard releases on September 18. To celebrate its upcoming release, use the hashtag #WildcardWarcross to share your excitement!

Have you read Warcross or Wildcard? What are your ten favorite reasons why this series is epic – who’s your favorite character? Comment down below with all of your thoughts!

Thank you to Penguin Teen for the chance to join this amazing Warcross blog tour.

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