‘Pearl in Paradise’: A Paradise Romantic Adventure


Part of their Summer Nights 2018, this Hallmark romantic-comedy is the one I was most curious about. The reasons why we’ll talk more of down below. But first, let’s talk about the plot. It introduces us to Alex (Jill Wagner), a hard-working travel photographer. One of the best photographers on staff of a popular NYC travel publication, she’s looking to land the 30th anniversary cover, she sets out to find a unique treasure. pearl in paradise

In her search, she discovers a rare pearl. A pearl located in Fiji. It also happens to be a jewel no one but a best-selling author knows the location of. Colin (Kristoffer Polaha) is the polar opposite of Alex. Where she’s messy and adventures, Colin is a firm believer in structure and lists. When these two team up in order for Alex to find and photograph the pearl, sparks do indeed fly.

Pearl in Paradise (2018) Hallmark Original Review

Anytime Hallmark casts a favorite leading man in a new original romance, I am there for it. This is true of Pearl in Paradise, which is a fun, charming little romance that’s bound to enchant those of us who love romantic-comedies – and more specifically, those on Hallmark Channel.

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The ante of this Summer Nights block of premieres (five in total) is upped this year because of the exotic locales. When a production films in the place where the story is supposed to be set, it adds so much personality to the story. Never underestimate a good setting, and in the case of this original, it does not. The lush green settings, crystal clear waters, and sense of adventure (provided by the location) all helps to make this film stand out. It’s almost like seeing it in person. Almost.

Of course, the plot itself is fun. We come to love the characters, and root for them to find what it is they’re seeking.  Alex is an independent career woman who’s as adapt at being at home in an office environment as she is hiking in a paradise jungle. Then there’s Colin who detests anything that doesn’t include a well thought-out list. It’s two personalities that makes for a sparks-flying kind of romantic-comedy.

What I like so well about Pearl in Paradise is this couple. Their sweetheart romance is as charming as the promo TV spots suggest, and the co-stars who play them do their story justice. The film also brings in a kind of fun historical plot line that I suspect, in some way, pays a kind of homage to this culture.

Aficionados of charming stories should not miss this one. It’s another paradise romance from a network we’ve come to trust.


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