On Netflix: The Most ‘Wanted’ in Australia


Sometimes digital libraries like those of Netflix seem unusually small and other times I find them quite extensive. One of the shows that I recently binged from said service is Wanted, an Australian transplant that entertains but is also a little dark, at least in places. In a second installment, today I’m talking about my watching on Netflix (aka “on Netflix Wanted”) happenings.

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The premise revolves around two women who are quite unexpectedly drawn into a tangled web of crime when they becomes the almost victims of a dirty cop. Strangers, Lola and Chelsea soon learn they must rely on each other for survival, all while not exactly trusting the other person.

Let’s talk about a few points in regards to Wanted.

1: Premise. The premise is really unique, and though it might not normally need multi seasons to tell its story, the short concise seasons help to make it possible.

2: Adventure! Though this may fit in the overarching premise category, I also find the adventure side of this interesting. Normally I’m not one for confined space stories, and season one has a lot of driving. This means we stay primarily with Lola and Chelsea, but there’s still something interesting about their time together.

3: Questions. To be honest, this can be a con or a pro. There is a lot of baddies in a tangled web of deceit and hierarchy to complicate everything, so that the pull of the story is constantly present. Who should we trust on behalf of these women? Is there anyone on their side? It makes for a compelling series, and keeps us hopeful, but also distrustful of the people who pass through their lives. On the con side, this can also be repetitive as the pair of them go on the run, are cornered, escape and again go on the run. It’s a cycle, but somehow it remains to entertain.

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On Netflix: The Most ‘Wanted’ in Australia. Talking about my latest Netflix watch ("on Netflix Wanted") and what it's all about. Text © Rissi JC

4: Cast and Acting. The acting is quite good, and even if they don’t play the role that Lola or Chelsea do (because they’re the main two), the supporting characters who appear now and again add interesting aspects to the script.

5: Introspective. This is definitely something this show is. It’s all about emotions (along with some excitement) and the affect the present and past has on these women. You may even tear up over what will be Chelsea’s future as well as her desire to live something of a normal life with someone who once offered “safety.”

When it comes right down to it, this show is pretty good. There’s some really good storytelling and moments sure to make us tear up and think. The bond between the characters is strong, and the script has this funny capability of being funny (in a more serious way) and a little bit, well, serious. It’s hard to describe unless you see this one.

The end is decent, and though I don’t know if the final episode was written as a finale (in some ways it feels as though it is) or not, it certainly operates well as one. If you like international dramas, then this just might be the best thing to add to your “next to binge” list.

You can find Wanted, seasons 1-3 on Netflix (at time of publication).

Have you seen Wanted? Did you like or dislike it? What are your thoughts on the plot and how everything shakes out? Would you have liked a fourth season?

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On Netflix: The Most ‘Wanted’ in Australia. Talking about my latest Netflix watch ("on Netflix Wanted") and what it's all about. Text © Rissi JC

Content: there’s some profanity, and innuendo; in season three, there’s a kind of sex ring. Violence also factors in including someone being lit on fire [non graphic], people shot, and flashbacks to a man being stabbed. There’s thematic elements like abuse as well.

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