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Today we return with a new round of content that is better known as a Book Tag. They’re a fun bookworm pursuit which gives bookworms a series of prompts that somehow relate to a book question. Let’s get on our fall vibes with the It’s Finally Fall Book Tag: 2018 Edition.

Yes, that’s right, I put this tag together last year, but since it is fall time, I thought it’d be fun to again give it its due, and celebrate fall aka jump back into the fall vibin’ book taggin’.

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As is the usual rule around here, some of the Qs I answer in the new Booktube video, and the rest I’ll answer down below. Let’s get to talking all the bookish things complete with autumn hues and atmospheres!

It’s Finally Fall Book Tag – 2018 Edition


1: In fall, the air is crisp and clear: name a book with a vivid setting! Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof is a stunning recent historical romance about a woman who comes to live in America with her late husband’s three cousins, all of whom work on a farm. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks also “feels” like a good autumn read fit though to be honest, I don’t remember how visit the setting is. One novel I do seem to recall that has a vivid setting is Kara Isaac’s Close to You.

3: Fall is back to school season: share a non-fiction book that taught you something new. Not sure I should admit this, but I rarely if ever read non-fiction novels. I know there are amazing books out there in the non-fiction game, but for now, I opt for the happier side which is fiction. I have read Sister Freaks by Rebecca St. James, and Let’s Roll (which is, of course, an incredibly impactful story).

6: Fall is the perfect time for some storytelling by the fireside: share a book wherein somebody is telling a story. *Draws a blank* I know I’ve read a book with this particular style. *thinks*

7: The nights are getting darker: share a dark, creepy read. Answering this one here too, because doesn’t The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein look as if it’d totally fit this question!!

8: The days are getting colder: name a short, heartwarming read that could warm up somebody’s cold and rainy day. Ahh! I have the perfect one for this prompt. It’s Bell Renshaw’s As Easy as Riding a Bike.

9: Fall returns every year: name an old favorite that you’d like to return to soon. I don’t tend to re-read, so this prompt is really difficult. That said, books by Janette Oke “feel” like good nostalgic autumn time re-reads. Though the likelihood of me re-visiting them is slim; I prefer to remember loving them as they were.

10: Fall is the perfect time for cozy reading nights: share your favorite cozy reading “accessories”! I don’t really have any favorite reading accessories. When it comes to fashion, YES, but reading? Not so much. Although I do love a good snuggly blanket.

11: Spread the autumn appreciation and tag some people! If you’d like to join this tag, please do. I’ll tag a couple of you (Alicia, Bekah, Carrie, Courtney, Greg, LaurenLindsey, and Tressa) and if anyone else wants to jump into this bookish pile of leaves, please do. If you’ve recently joined this tag, leave a link where I can find it. I’d love to swing by and read your version of this tag.

Qs Answered in the Booktube Video

  • Nature is beautiful… but also dying: name a book that is beautifully written, but also deals with a heavy topic like loss or grief
  • In order to keep warm, it’s good to spend some time with the people we love: name a fictional family/household/friend-group that you’d like to be a part of.
  • The colorful leaves are piling up on the ground: show us a pile of fall-colored spines!
  • The nights are getting darker: share a dark, creepy read

That’s a wrap on the 2018 edition of the It’s Finally Fall Book Tag! Tell me, have you read anything by these authors or these books? I’d love to chat with you – tell me your favorite autumnal reads or anything goes. Let’s chat.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.

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