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Hello Readers and Friends,

This note is long overdue for many reasons. Today I write this note for new reasons, but the old inspiration still applies.

The latter reason being to thank all of the faithful readers of this space for over five years. If you’ve stuck with this bookish and fangirl place over its name changes, design changes (some of which are super drastic), and all the other changes, I just want to say thank you. I appreciate your continued support.

Book Discussion | A Reader’s Perspective On the Stigma of Indie Novels

Now comes to new information and feedback request aka the ‘Disorder + Feedback.’

You may or may not have noticed we’ve moved. Sort of. The URL is the same, but after much lamenting and a decent amount of article “research,” we’re now on a new server with a new host which means, the way you keep up to date with new content is drastically different. The same old methods don’t always work (for example, GFC is no more on this site, and because of this I now regret solely using this option). Below is some of the ways you can keep up to date on new reviews and content. Should you wish to.

You can do this in one of five ways.

  • Sign up for the RSS Feed (once daily, at most, email update)
  • Sign up for the content update list (this one only goes out 1-2 x a month, at most)
  • Copy + Paste the URL into your Blogger dashboard via the “manage reading list” button (this option is if you’re old school – like me, and you still use the Blogger dashboard)
  • Follow via the WP “follow” reader option
  • Follow via BlogLovin’ (this one isn’t currently up to date as the feed details aren’t updating – also, does anyone know how to get in touch with BL. I’ve emailed them THREE times!!)

*Please note, to receive any of these via email, you will have to “confirm” via email, and this email may be sent to your junk folder

If you’re a new reader, please say hello and introduce your blog. I’d love to “meet” you. If you’ve been around here for a long time, again, thank you.

I’d also love any feedback. My plans for this blog is about new things and finding a good method of posting, plus finding my way back to prompt comment replies, because I do so enjoy chatting with you all. In regards to content, I’m really working towards sharing more discussion posts alongside the usual material, but I’d a: love to know what you all enjoy seeing (aka what you’d like to see more of) and b: technical things like how the site is operating for you.

When I ask this of you, it’s sincere. I’d like to know your thoughts.

If you see reviews with wacky margins, and misplaced photos, I have an explanation. This is because I have to go in and manually reformat everything. I’m working towards this goal, but with 100+ reviews (and nearly 2,000 posts), this is going to take a while. In the meantime, I apologize for the unpleasant appearance (aka that Disorder + Feedback), and the difficulty in reading archive reviews.

PS: Comment below with your favorite plugins or must have organizational tools. I’m all for making Finding Wonderland’s 2019 year its most organized yet. I’ve love to read your tips.

Thank you, readers and friends. Thank you.

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  1. Good luck with your changes! My favorite way to follow blogs is through Feedly since it most closely resembles the old Google Reader that got discontinued. I don’t like Bloglovin’ because I like reading more content before clicking over to the actual blog, and it only shows a tiny bit. Feedly lets me see the whole post unless the blog has it set to only show a partial amount.

    1. Thanks, Heidi! It’s a lot, but is something I hope to accomplish.

      I don’t use Feedly, but should take a second look. I’m old-fashioned and continue to use the Blogger dashboard, or I did – ALL THE TIME, prior to the move. I don’t use BlogLovin’ a lot, but my feed can be found there… only right now it’s not updating and I’m a little annoyed. Wish I knew how to get BL’s attention for a customer service response. :D

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