Oh the Book Places We’ll Visit. A Top Ten Tuesday Book List.


Hello, everyone! Today I am joining Top Ten Tuesday but not in the normal way. Let’s have a look at the challenge of today’s prompt. top ten tuesday october 16

That Artsy Reader Girl | Top Ten Tuesday October 16: Bookstores/Libraries I’ve Always Wanted to Visit

I’m not much of a library person. Don’t misunderstand, I think libraries are fine and there’s nothing wrong with them but since I didn’t grow up going to them, I’ve never developed a fondness for them. Something similar can be said of bookstores. I adore shopping at a bookstore, but I’ve primarily only ever been to Barnes & Noble and before they closed, Borders.

Still, don’t mistake me. If I had the opportunity to see an amazing book landmark, I’m 99.9% sure I’d take it. Below I talk places I’d like to visit, a fantasy destination, and memories of one place I enjoyed visiting. Told you, I’m not doing this week’s list in normal fashion.

Oh the Book Places We’ll Visit. A Top Ten Tuesday October 16 Book List

1: Amazon Bookstore | Yes, I know this is a controversial “add” because so many detest Amazon. What can I say? I’m addicted. I buy most of my books through Amazon, though I respect and admire Indie book shops. When I buy as many books as I do (I know, I need to fix this), I tend to opt for the least expensive prices.

2: Belle’s Library | I mean, come on. Fiction or no, we all want to see Belle’s library, right?

3: Downton Barnes & Noble | I’d never been to an “unusual” B&N bookstore, until 1 year or more ago. During a day trip I went to one that was downtown (usual experience number one), and inside, I discovered it was a two-level bookstore, also a new experience.

Top Ten Tuesday October 16

4: Indie Bookstores | I haven’t visited many “indie” bookstores. It’s not that I don’t like indie shelves or bookstores like Book Outlet, it’s just I find them too disorganized. I like browsing Amazon knowing I’ll find what I seek. Or walking into B&N knowing if I walk to the YA, Inspirational or Fiction sections, chances are high I’ll find what I seek (because usually I’m looking for a new release) in alphabetical order. Nonetheless, in general, I feel like I’d like to visit some Indie shops. top ten tuesday october 16

Book Discussion | A Reader’s Perspective On the Stigma of Indie Novels

5: Powell’s | I feel like walking into this semi-famous (or is it just famous?) book store would result in an overwhelming sense of “where do I start!?”

6: The Strand | I know next to nothing about this bookstore, but you do see it mentioned now and again. Still, since I would like to someday visit New York (just because), the idea that I wouldn’t also stop at a bookstore is unimaginable.

We #travel in this week's #TopTenTuesday (October 16 2018) post! To #bookstores and libraries to be specific. What bookish places do YOU want to visit? Come by and share! Top Ten Tuesday | Oh the Book Places We’ll Visit Click To Tweet

Tell me, what bookish places have you or do you want to visit? I’d love to read all about your wish lists! Tell me about the places you’ve seen or can imagine seeing. Or do you have a favorite bookish space in your corner of the world? Share all the thoughts below.

If you joined this meme, feel free to leave your post link. It may take me the week, but I’ll be glad to pop by and visit your blogs and posts. Or if you didn’t join but want to introduce yourself and blog, please do!

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  1. Belle’s library would be amazing. You could read and read and never run out of books to read!

    I got to spend the entire day at Powell’s bookstore before, although I didn’t know it was famous at the time. I just knew it was a really big, amazing bookstore. If I ever have time in Portland to kill again, I’d definitely go back.

    Brooke Lorren recently posted: Book Settings I’d Like To Visit
    1. Right!? Wouldn’t this be an amazing trip! I like to think her library is a real place, and someday I’ll walk into a room, and there it will be. :)

      How fun! Sounds like your Powell’s experience was memorable.

      Thanks so much for visiting, Brooke.

  2. Nice list! I agree that some indie bookstores can be a bit disorganized, and that is frustrating. Fortunately there are many out there that are very well organized. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday

    1. If you have unlimited time, I’d guess browsing Indie bookstores can be amazing!! That said, I haven’t been to many, so I’m sure there are some that I’d happily stay in all day. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. I feel the same way, I love libraries but don’t go to them that often? I do love finding a good indie bookstore, and I LOVE discovering a used bookstore, but you’re right about B&N- it’s also nice to go in and know you’ll have the selection and where everything is. They’re all good haha!

    1. As is usually the case with anything in life, there are pros and cons to Indie and “box store” book stores. No matter your preference, I just love that it’s a big bookish community, and all of us love to buy/add books to our shelves!!

      Thanks so much for visiting, Greg. :)

    1. It seems like it’d be so fun to visit, although I 100% know I’d be overwhelmed! :)

      Thanks for visiting, Alicia – and I hope you can someday visit Powell’s.

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