‘Falling for You’ – Bachelors Bake and Fall in Love


Much as I dread the idea winter is nipping at our heels, the autumn season is one of nature’s most beautiful portraits. This is part of the reason why I always adore the Fall Harvest block of programs from Hallmark Channel. One of these is Falling For You, a Hallmark original that’s as fun as it is full of sweet treats.

Falling for You (2018) Hallmark Review

Saving the radio station, and the town she calls home is a passionate endeavor for Lacey (Taylor Cole). The plan is to run a successful bake off fundraiser which will then save her station and the help it lends to the town. Trouble is, one of her silent auction bake off bachelors just quit. This means Lacey is short one bachelor.

New in town is Zac (Tyler Hynes, It’s Christmas, Eve), a guy with a new tech startup who’s only in town to fix bugs in his test software.  Much to his disappointment, Zac can’t say no to Lacey, and before he knows what’s happened, he finds he’s been cast as a bachelor. Now if only he knew how to bake!

There’s really nothing more to say about a Hallmark original that hasn’t been said or that isn’t summed up in the synopsis. Each one is so cute even by its plot alone that it’s tough to compete with this and say something you don’t already know. But since I continue to want to try and I love any chance to talk about this network, I will anyway.

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Those of us who watch TV premieres will recognize Taylor Cole from other films. These include My Summer Prince or Christmas in Homestead. No matter what she’s been leading lady in, Cole always brings energy to her roles. Unless I’m forgetting, I haven’t seen Tyler in anything (*makes note to Google this*), but in Falling for You, he and Taylor have a great repertoire. They’re fun to watch together and of course, their sparks come to a head in the final moments of the film.

Though some of the film reuses and repeats too much (mainly of people walking down the streets), it’s still lovely. I’ll admit to wearing a sappy grin in the final moments because it’s so charming. The story stays away from any kind of dramatic exit, and allows us to “see” the characters instead. This way we get to know them without a “choice,” or big “break up” coloring our judgement. (For example, we don’t judge them based on a decision because we don’t have to.)

The delicious autumn scenes and a talented cast all adds up to one thing. Falling for You is a must see if you’re into these types of films. Plus, I appreciate how different the ending is! For once it doesn’t follow a common trope, and it’s an end that suits this character so well. You may recognize the title tune if you listened to the same kind of music I did, and you’ll love the warm comfort of the story. Make sure you find DVR space for Falling for You.

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