Truly, Madly, Sweetly – A Warm and Heartfelt Romance


As the first of Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest 2018 line up, Truly, Madly, Sweetly has a kind of responsibility to “set the tone” as it were. While it may not be the one viewers were most giddy about, it’s certainly the one that deserves it.

Truly, Madly, Sweetly (2018) Hallmark Original Review

Natalie (Nikki Deloach) is at a crossroads. She’s happy with her mobile cupcake shop, but her friend knows Natalie is “settling.” Following a bad break up, she’s comfortable in her life despite the fact her talent as a baker could take her further.

Eric (Dylan O’ Neal) is a finance guy who’s trying to make life work as a single parent. His ex-wife is a part of Doctors without Borders for a year which means Eric is solely responsible for his daughter Lily.

When a serendipitous encounter leads Eric to meet Natalie, the two of them soon learn their one-time meeting is about to turn into an unexpected partnership.

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This movie is romantic-comedy magic. It makes it so easy to forget it’s a TV premiere. At least when it comes to sparks. Perhaps the sets remind us of the scale (because everything is “smaller” by comparison), but these two characters together? They’re brilliant. I love this film. Without preamble I do want to put this out there because Truly, Madly, Sweetly is one of Hallmark’s best. From the opening titles, I could tell this one was going to be “different,” I just didn’t know if the promising opener would mean good or bad things.

Between the serendipitous (albeit romance-movie-trope cliché) meet-cute to the missed-kisses, the romance in this film is where it’s at. Sometimes the chemistry in these originals is friendly and cutesy, and other times it sparkles. The latter usually results in some of my favorite romances from Hallmark. This holds true of Truly, Madly, Sweetly.

Beyond the would-be romance of this script (which I’ve talked of more than enough), there is plenty more to love. The supporting characters are fabulous and Lily is an adorable addition to the story. Then there’s the food. Let me tell you, the food is almost like a character itself. Everything looks so yummy. I will admit, I kind of wanted to try one of everything. It didn’t help that the night I watched this, I already had a kind of “sweet tooth” craving.

Just in case the over-the-top sprinkles of gushing doesn’t convey this, let me just say, I 100% love this little film. It’s cheery and cute with just the right about of sass and spot-on perfect chemistry. If you haven’t made time for this one or room on your DVR, I highly recommend you give Truly, Madly, Sweetly a chance to charm you.

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  1. I thought this movie was charming and cute. I also loved that it revolved around a bakery. The lead actors were great, too.

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