#Booktube Talk: My All-Time Favorite Historical Fiction


Hello, everyone! Today’s “booktube talk” looks a little bit different than usual. That’s right, it isn’t a book tag. Say whaaat!? I personally love book tags (watching and filming them) so I’ll admit I’ve fallen into a little bit of a “comfort zone” place with videos. I realize for you, this is likely to get boring. I’ll confess, I don’t think about it that way because I enjoy watching and filming them. Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me and continued to hang out on Finding Wonderland’s booktube channel. I really appreciate this.

Today instead of a prompt driven video, I’m sharing some recommendations. This first recommendation post/video (yes, I would like to do more of these!) is going to all about historical novels.

Weirdly, the historical fiction genre is far from my favorite. Why, I don’t know. What makes this more puzzling is that I adore British period drama which is, of course, historical. This doesn’t translate to books.

This is why when I find a historical novel I adore, I tend to talk about it – a lot.

As I teen, I read LOTS of books by Janette Oke, Lawana Blackwell, Tracie Peterson, Lori Wick and Catherine Palmer, all of whom wrote historical fiction, but I cannot remember specific conclusions about them. (Because it’s been that long!)

Today I share five books (plus an author!) here. So let’s get started.

#Booktube Talk | My All-Time Favorite Historical Fiction

1: Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren | Read this trilogy so long ago, but I still have fond memories of it. It’s got a unique premise and is so fun to follow Cora around on her travels abroad! Plus, to go with the classy locations, there’s also plenty of romance. Goodreads

2: The Lady and the Lionheart and Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof | Joanne’s writing is forever and always beautiful. It’s lyrical, romantic, and emotional. This means, you’ll want plenty of tissues for her novels. ‘Lady’ on Goodreads

3: Lori Wick (Historical) | In all likelihood, as a teen, this was the first “adult” author I probably read. (I don’t really consider Janette Oke “adult” fiction even though it is categorized as such.) Among Lori’s MANY books, some that I read include: Kensington Chronicles; The English Garden; and the Californians. She also wrote many a contemporary novel that I read too! What was your favorite by her?

4: The Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron | I might not remember specifics about this one, but it’s still on my shelf, which means I like it since I do an annual unhaul. If you like The Greatest Showman or Water for Elephants, I 100% think you’d enjoy this 1900s historical.  Goodreads

5: The Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz | This era isn’t my cup of tea (even on film), but something about this novel works effortlessly with the style and premise. It’s a beautiful marriage of convenience story that’s so much richer because it allows the couple to fall in love in the sanctity of marriage. Goodreads

6: The Bachelor Girls Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan | I mean, seriously, the title pretty much sums up all you need to know about this one. It’s cute, fun and of course, has a mystery (or two) to go alone with it. Plus, its titular characters are unforgettable fun. Goodreads

Talking about a *few* favorite #historicalfiction reads! Come by and tell me about your favorites! #Booktube Talk: My All-Time Favorite Historical Fiction Click To Tweet

Tell me all of your favorite historical fiction reads. I’d love to read about them – and give me all the best ones so maybe, I can learn to appreciate this genre more. Do you spy any favorites on my list (or in the video)? Share all of your thoughts down below!

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. THANK YOU for putting a spotlight on this genre; historical fiction has been my preferred reading scene from the very start of my bookish journey, and though it’s been usurped a bit lately by contemporary & suspence, it still holds a large piece of my heart.

    Like you, I read through many a book by Janette Oke and Lori Wick (favourite books from the latter absolutely the Kensington Chronicles, which I also believe to be her most well-written). Judith Pella’s Daughters of Fortune played a huge role in my fascination with WW2, and any book by Sarah Sundin or Jody Hedlund is guaranteed to become a huge favourite. Karen Witemeyer and Brandy Vallance are also brilliant, in very different ways, haha.

    Most recently however, I’ve found myself captivated by the characters created from the pens of Dawn Crandall, and Misty M. Beller. Oh, and if you enjoyed Glamorous Illusions, you might also like Lisa’s River of Time series.

    P.S.: Bit off topic, but I wanted to also ask if you’ve been watching the current season of Dancing With The Stars, and who you’re rooting for.

    Kirsty (aka Eleanor Rose) recently posted: Lifetime’s The Spirit of Christmas Review
    1. This is awesome, Kristy! I have fond memories of specific stories in genres I like best too (for example Becky Wade’s “My Stubborn Heart” is what reminded me the “why” I love the contemporary genre).

      Do you know, I feel like I’d really like to re-read some of Lori Wick’s books. I have a feeling they’d read like “new” stories since it’s been that long since I read them. Ah, yes! I read some Judith Pella too. Though I don’t remember if I read the series you mention.

      Thanks for the recommendations – and the mention of Lisa’s series! I’ve had so many people tell me it’s good. Must read it now. :)

      PS: apologies for the reply delay. I always love talking DWTS! Yes, I did watch this season. To be honest, I wasn’t really rooting for anyone this season (I didn’t vote once). I never really grew to support “one” person like in season’s past as I did with Mark’s partners, Lindsey and Sadie Robertson or David Ross. I though Milo was really talented; Evanna seemed sweet with a great range of style; Alexis was lovely to watch and seemed genuinely excited to be in the competition; and Bobby had fun with EVERY dance, and I think that is what America related SO well too. How about you? Who were you rooting for?

      1. Reading ‘My Stubborn Heart’ was actually what started my journey towards falling in love with the Contemporary Christian Romance Fiction genre as a whole, so it’s pretty special to me as well!

        And re-reading books you haven’t read in years is always fun (I’d recommend going with The Knight and the Dove from Kensington Chronicles; it’s still my favourite of all her stories!)

        As for River of Time… you really can’t go wrong with a time-travel story-line!!

        I don’t think there was anyone I was hard-core rooting for this season either, not like Nyle DiMarco, or Lindsey Stirling. Juan, Alexis (I’m STILL not over that gorgeous Pocahontas Foxtrot), Milo, & Evanna were the ones whose dances I enjoyed the most on the most consistent basis though. I’m actually feeling very conflicted about Bobby Bones winning; while as a fellow Australian, I am SO happy Sharna won her first Mirrorball, I really wish it had been with a different partner, as Bobby definitely wasn’t the most technically proficient contestant in the Season Finale.

        1. How fun! Between Becky’s ‘Heart’ novel and Dani Pettrey’s Submerged, those are the two books that reminded me how much I do love reading. They’re also two of the first books I ever received for review, so that was cool. :)

          Love the recommendation – and you’re making me all the more curious to read them again. I remember them being teen Rissi favorites.

          Or a Lisa Bergren novel in general! :)

          I 100% rooted for Lindsey the season she competed. Really wanted her to win, but I’m glad she made it to the final. (YES! That foxtrot was SUPER romantic, and I feel like Alan and Alexis turned in some really pretty routines this season. Though he’s very good, I’m disappointed in some of the remarks Juan has made in the aftermath of his elimination.) 100% agree. Bobby is not talented in the technical details, but he did have fun unlike Joe who seemed to be in a state of “pain” after each dance (not that I blame him; the judges are brutal!). I’m so glad Sharna won, and appreciate that this seemed more like an “audience choice” win over the usual “judges choice.” I don’t think I’ve ever watched a season when the talented dancer wins over the (sometimes) less technically sound runner up. Either way, it was so fun to watch, and now I’m curious if they’ll be a spring season or just fall if it’s renewed.

          As always, glad to chat with you, Kristy. :)

          1. Dani Pettrey was actually the third author I was introduced to in the Suspense Christian Fiction genre, after Dee Henderson and Irene Hannon, and she had a large influence in cementing my love of those kinds of books; I love that both she and Becky also played such a large role in your reading journey as well!!

            I did feel a little disappointed Lindsey didn’t win, but since Jordan was such an incredible dancer as well, I also felt he really did deserve it just as much. In fact, the finale for both that Season and Season 22 with Paige, Nyle, and Ginger have been the most exciting and satisfying of all the ones I’ve seen; all six contestants across both seasons just felt like they belonged there.

            Two other high point Alexis and Alan routines for me were their Country Night Samba (ALL the dances on that night were pretty great actually), and their Semi-Final Waltz. And even though they didn’t win, I’m also excited both Alan and Keo finally made it to a Grand Final!

            After some time, and reading a few comments from other people, I can see a bit more now why and how Bobby as a fan favourite won, and it definitely is a huge bonus how much he loves the show. I really hope they do a spring season!

            P.S.: Also really quick, have you been watching the first season of DWTS Juniors at all?

            Kirsty (aka Eleanor Rose) recently posted: Top 10 Hallmark/Lifetime/PixL Couples
  2. Great list. The Lady and the Lionheart is one of my favorites! The Ringmaster’s Wife and The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder were also two favorites! :)

  3. So honored to be on your list! I remember loving reading Lori Wick as a teen, but now I can’t remember any of the titles. I recently adored Melanie Dobson’s HIDDEN AMONG THE STARS. Romantic, awesome location, and just a really strong story all around. I want to read these others on your list too, but lately, 99% of my fiction is digested via Audible. Off to see if they’re in audio format.

    P.S. You really should read River. ;-)

    1. It’s been a long time since I read anything by Lori, but someday I really do want to re-read them. Just for fun. :)

      I love that title! Hidden Among the Stars… so pretty, and it along makes the story sound swoony and perfect. :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Lisa – and I will! I love all the nudges to read ‘River.’ It’s still on my shelf… waiting. :)

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