Winter Love Story – A Roadtrip Romance That Will Charm


Among the rom-com genre, there are many a tropes we love. One of these is the “old school” meets “new school.” In effect it’s this that sort of makes up the plot for Winter Love Story. In it, we meet a new novelist, and an experienced one, two people who seem to have little in common.

Winter Love Story (2019)

New author Cassandra “Cassie” Winslett (Jen Lilley) struggles to find her niche as a published author. Her first book, a yearlong autobiography about a break-up rebound, is well liked by readers, but isn’t posting good sale projections. Enter Elliot Somersby (Kevin McGarry).

Elliot is a best-selling novelist whose second fantasy novel is off-the-charts popular. The pressure now is to write that third and final novel. When their publisher decides these two make good business sense together, they pair them on a local weeklong book tour; a roadtrip that becomes a learning experience for both of them.

Every single Hallmark original I see is entertaining. Of course, as everything is, each one is subjective, and there are certainly those I count as favorites. Winter Love Story is a thoroughly enjoyable story even with its missteps towards a few “too many” clichés. What helps it be so is this lead cast, all of whom help to ensure the film “pops” with romanticism and good friendships.

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Winter Love Story

Not only will your recognize the leading stars from many a prior Hallmark original, you might also notice that Kevin McGarry just played co-star to Emillie Ullerup in the Winterfest romance Winter Castle. I’m used to seeing them in multiple originals, but it’s quite unexpected to find them in two so close together. I like him in both films, and especially love the banter between these two. Good back-and-forth barbs can help a film excel, and this one has this in spades! Most viewers will also fall in love with Bungee, who is an important character.

Apart from the leading actor “trivia” fact, we also learn that Jen’s inspiration is “Meg Ryan in her ’90s cult classic You’ve Got Mail.” Like each of the films, the filming time is a rapid turnaround, and Jen is set to film a new Hallmark in the near future, so she’ll play leading lady again soon. I do think this script overuses the “misunderstanding” clause, but in no way does this interrupt what is a charmer.

Though each Hallmark does, one thing they emphasize lately is the idea of an old-fashioned love story. Perhaps what partially fuels this is a plot that involves books, but whatever the case, it’s a wonderful idea. During these cold winter months, this love story is a delightful way to spend an evening. There’s a cozy fire, warm cocoa and a romance that just might melt your heart.

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Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

*Interview and facts from Woman’s Day article with Jen Lilley.

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