Dorfman in Love: A Comedy That Stands Up for Self Worth!


If ever you want to find something new with the potential to entertain, all that’s required is to browse Amazon Prime. This romantic-comedy is one I’ve seen floating around a while, but never did watch. However with a familiar leading lady in the titular role, I decided Dorfman in Love worth a chance.

Dorfman in Love (2011) Review

Ordinary is the best word to describe Deb Dorfman (Sara Rue) and the life she leads. Though she cares for her father (Elliott Gould), and lets him live with her, he’s in something of a funk since the death of his wife. This means Deb does everything for him. Needless to say, this puts Deb in a rut. Then there’s work, where most people don’t see family, only Deb does. Not only does she work for her brother, she also keeps his business afloat.

For a week she has the chance to “quit” life when her brother’s best friend asks her to look after his apartment. Located in downton LA, Deb jumps at the chance to do this for the guy she’s loved for as long as she can remember. While there, she experiences more of culture and life than she ever imagined and meets colorful neighbors who aren’t who they seem.

Way back when I saw Sara Rue in an ABC Family production called My Future Boyfriend. It being cute is my only memory while more recently I saw her in the Hallmark original All For Love; a film that I have seen multiple times and don’t plan to quit repeat showings of anytime soon. All this is to explain what ultimately inspired me to hit ‘play.’

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Sara Rue plays characters with effervescent charm in each of the roles I’ve seen her in. Deb Dorfman is no different. She’s a kind of nerdy character who we RELATE to so much. Perhaps not in every aspect (like her family situation), but certainly in the day-to-day humdrum of this-is-as-good-as-its-going-to-get scenario. She’s the primary caregiver for nearly every character in this script, and so it’s Sara who’s in nearly every scene. As a result, it’s important for the audience that we like Deb; that’s part of what makes this unknown film so darn charming.

For those who like a sprinkle of romance, but not full on romantic-comedy, Dorfman in Love might be worth a look. Yes there is an ending that feels a little sappy (to play to the romantics), but it’s still sweet. It’s like a diamond in the rough. There isn’t a polished perfection to its production quality, and sometimes I find the supporting characters annoying (which is likely hindered by some acting that is a bit awkward), but for the most part, the story and film is cute.

At the heart this movie is Deb’s journey to stand up for herself, and find out what she wants rather than what people expect. She’s not changed so much that she’s not going to be a caring person, only by the film’s credits, she’s given up the things she shouldn’t have to shoulder, and find healthier footing with those she can.

Content: this one has some adult material and suggestive scenes/gestures. One character cheats and does so again after admitting to it [there’s an awkward scene that depicts this]. There’s some profanity as well. PG-13 is the film’s official MPAA rating.

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