Though its rare I find one, I love to browse Prime or other streamers in the hopes of finding something happy and good to enjoy on a Saturday night. Truth be told most times I end up going back to “comfort choices” which is Hallmark (or UPtv), but on occasion I find something that catches my fancy. This made me think perhaps putting together a list of good movies on Amazon Prime (plus a mini watch-list of my own) might be a fun idea since sometimes seeing them all together is a helpful thing.


As is my standard disclaimer, like any sort of list, this one won’t include all of the good or happy (as I’m trying to focus on) movies available on Prime. But it’s a start, and while I do plan to look mostly at the more cheerful movies on there, I still hope, as is always the goal, they’ll be some variety and choice. The idea is to find some that, while perhaps 100 kinds of silly, will make us laugh out loud; and also to find some that while still overall cheering may err more towards being a dramady.

Here’s what I discovered. Let’s have a look.


These are a few things I recently watched or plan to; at publication all are included with Amazon Prime

1: Alex Rider

AN AMAZON WATCH-LIST, PART 2: GOOD MOVIES ON PRIME NOW. Sharing some Amazon Prime movies to enjoy! © Rissi JC

Watched episode one of this, and I like it. It’s a series based on the novels and written to screen by Anthony Horowitz, the man behind Foyle’s War. This is obviously a very different story, but it’s still pretty good! The show is TV-14 for suggestive content and violence.

2: Circle of Friends

This is one of those Lifetime TV mysteries and while imperfect it’s pretty good if that’s your kind of movie. The film is TV-14 for suggestive content and a sex scene.

3: Crisis Point

‘CRISIS POINT’: AN UNEXPECTED & UNDERRATED GOOD TV THRILLER. Review of the 2012 Incendo films title. Text © Rissi JC

From Incendo Films, this mystery is another decent film. It follows a hostage negotiator struggling over a loss. The film is TV-14 for some tense situations.

4: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Haven’t yet watched this one but I want too. It sounds pretty good. It’s about two teens trapped in the same day. The film is PG-13.


At publication these are all available

1: Australia

This is one of those sweeping, epic kind of love stories. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in this WWII drama. The film is PG-13 for suggestive sexual content, thematic elements, and some violence.

2: Because I Said So (2007) – April 1

Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton play daughter and mother in this dramedy. The film is PG-13 for sexual content/adult situations, language.

3: Beautician and the Beast

I re-watched this one (last year I think) a while back and discovered it’s still pretty dang cute. It’s a modern fairy-tale about a beautician who is mistaken for the new teacher of the children of a leader with dictator tendencies. The film is PG for suggestive sexual content.

4: Captain America: The First Avenger

Like I’d skip over adding this one? One of my favorite Marvel heroes is on Prime and you know I have to give him the shout-out. The film is PG-13 for tense and violent situations.

5: Dorfman In Love

Dorfman in Love

It’s been quite some time, but this is one I saw on a whim. Don’t remember much about it, but do seem to recall it made me laugh. The film is PG-13 for suggestive sexual content.

6: Elizabethtown

Despite everyone’s general love for this film, it never did fully capture me. That said, I would re-watch it and perhaps my mind would change. The film is PG-13 for suggestive sexual content, and profanity.

7: Failure to Launch

Saw this for the first time last year. It’s fun but overall not a favorite in the romantic-comedy genre, and certainly not the best of Matthew McCaughey’s. The film is PG-13 for suggestive sexual content, and profanity.

8: Fever Pitch

For one reason or another I always did enjoy this Drew Barrymore film. In it she plays a successful career woman who falls for a man obsessed with baseball. The film is PG-13 for suggestive sexual content and some profanity.

9: Funny Face

Like pretty much anything “old” on this list I simply don’t remember this one. But it’s with Audrey Hepburn and sometimes a classic is all that suits a movie night.

10: His Girl Friday

Despite the immense popularity of this 1940s Carey Grant comedy, it’s one I’ve never seen. Tell me, should I remedy this?

11: Honest Thief

This 2020 film features Liam Neeson and really isn’t like the rest on this list, but it’s pretty good and currently on Prime. The film is PG-13 for intense action.

12: I.Q. (1994)

Way before she was Kathleen Kelly, Meg Ryan plays in this sweet and often forgotten little romantic comedy. The film is PG.

13: Just Wright

This isn’t a rom-com I can say I’ve seen though I do see it a lot on my Prime screen. It looks cute and it has a great star average on, too!

14: Leap Year

leap year (2010)

No secret is ever made of the fact that I adore this comedy. Amy Adams stars as a woman who makes plans to spontaneously travel to Ireland and take part in an old Irish tradition to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day. The film is PG.

15: Mad Money

AN AMAZON WATCH-LIST, PART 2: GOOD MOVIES ON PRIME NOW. Sharing some Amazon Prime movies to enjoy! © Rissi JC

This is a hilarious “girl power” comedy about three women who rob the federal reserve of the course of many months. The film is PG-13 for sexual content and some profanity.

16: My Name is Sarah

This is kind of a love-hate relationship Prime title. Jennifer Beals plays a lonely woman who mistakenly becomes friends with an AA group. They assume she too is an alcoholic only things get a bit complicated when one of their group pursues her romantically. My Name is Sarah is one of those films that has great potential, but it’s a bit tough to fully love the main dude. I think the writing is trying to draw similarities to his alcoholic tendencies, but still, sometimes it’s a little too “weird.” The film is PG-13 for sexual content (lots of conversation about sex). good movies on amazon prime

17: Nanny Diaries

Scarlett Johansson stars in this funny dramedy about a woman who, instead of using her degree, winds up being a nanny to a wealthy mother. Chris Evans, her MCU co-star also plays her love interest! The film is PG-13 for sexual content and situations, as well as profanity.

18: One for the Money

I always did like this one likely in part is some bias speaking since I also like Katherine Heigl. The film is PG-13 for suggestive sexual content, some violence and profanity.

19: The Quiet Man

An oldie but classic romance with Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne!

20: Sabrina (1995)

It’s been YEARS since I watched this one, but it’s one of the romance movies I could watch while growing up (along with something like While You were Sleeping). What’s your favorite 90s romance? The film is PG.

21: The Secret: Dare to Dream

Instead of waiting (how is one to know what will show up on Prime!), I bought this one and while I do wish I’d waited, it’s a wonderful drama. The gist of the story suggests that, in some sense, the attitude we have in our day to day lives can shape the life we enjoy. The film is PG-13 for thematic elements.

22: To Catch a Thief

This is one of those classics everyone has seen. Everyone that is but me. I’ve never watched this one and don’t see myself racing to check it out, but I should take my own advice and catch it while it’s on Prime!

23: The Ultimate Gift

This is a tear-jerker so if you like happy movies, this isn’t one you’ll like. But it’s a very movie story that ties faith into it and features a young Abigail Breslin. The film is PG for thematic elements and some tense situations.

24: What If (2014)

‘What If’ Questions if True Love Can Exist between Best Friends. A review of the 2014 romance drama with Daniel Radcliffe. Text © Rissi JC

Recently watched this because of its Prime status and discovered I did really like it. It’s a kind of quirky romance dramedy about two people who dance around their feelings because they’re too worried about the friendship they form. The film is PG-13 for sexual content and situations, and profanity.


We’ll add here soon as we learn of more titles that fit our content

  • Four Weddings and a Funeral (April 1)
  • Foyle’s War, season one (April 1)
  • Mr. Selfridge, season one (April 1)

Which of these have you seen? Do you see any favorites on the list; or did you strongly dislike some of these? Would you watch any of these that you haven’t seen? What’s your favorite title now on Prime? (Always looking to add more title!) Comment all of your ‘good movies on Amazon Prime’ opinions in the comments; I look forward to chatting with you all.

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