Magnum P.I.: See the Beautiful and Colorful Tropics of Hawaii


Remakes may be more popular on the big screen, but the small takes a stab at re-imagining a fan favorite now and again. Magnum P.I. (2018) is one of the latest cult classics to be remade. magnum p i (2018)

Magnum P.I. (2018), Season One CBS Review

Despite hardships and memories he’d rather forget, Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) finds “home” in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Together with his friends, the men he fought a war beside and survived as a POW with, Thomas stars over; and he has more than beautiful scenery working in his favor. magnum p i (2018)

Employed by the mysterious millionaire Robin Masters, Thomas’ role on the estate is security consultant. But to supplement his income, he also works as a private detective; this much to the irritation of the estate manager, Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks). Juliet believes Magnum is something of a slacker who has no place in her employer’s guest house, but despite this, she finds herself often helping Magnum with many of his cases. The latest of which becomes personal when Magnum’s friend is found murdered.

Given their track record, the fact that this show is fortunate enough to land on CBS is a pro in its column. From Hawaii Five-O (now on its eighth – or is it ninth? – season) to MacGyver, the success of re-boots on the station speaks for itself. Though imperfect, and different than its inspiration, the show is up to the high standards CBS keeps setting. magnum p i (2018)

What I do like about the show, and pick up on from the pilot, is that it compliments its 80s counterpart. It’s all in the little details and things that only those who watch the classic version will recognize; whether it’s an iconic mustache or a guest star that headlines in the original, the show pays homage to the Tom Selleck led show that first introduces us to this titular character.

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Magnum P.I. (2018), Season One

I admire that the script does this with its little details, and still carves out a niche all its own. Like its station partner, a spotlight shines on Hawaii. From the beautiful beaches to the palm trees, and stunning color and depth of the ocean, the camera catches some stunning scenery. It’s the kind of sweeping shots that make you feel like you can almost feel the tropical breezes, and certainly as if you’d like to visit. For a show like this, the locale becomes like a living, breathing character we enjoy seeing as a part of the hour-long story. magnum p i (2018)

The cast is fantastic as well. Jay plays the role differently than Selleck, and I think that’s to his credit. The essence of the character remains, but he makes certain characteristics his own, and of course some of the details of Thomas’ past differ. Zachary Knighton and Stephen Hill as Rick and TC respectively “fit” the characters quite well, and British TV fans will find it fun to know Weeks is the sister of Honeysuckle Weeks who was in Foyle’s War.

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The banter (or chemistry) between Jay and Perdita is also off the charts good. As of now, it stands more as a friendship, but given time, it may (or may not) develop into more. I’m fine no matter the direction it takes so long as this solid friendship doesn’t break. magnum p i (2018)

If you like Hawaii Five-0 or were a fan of the 1980s Magnum, P.I., this new century re-boot is worth a look. Its first season is full of thrills, and interesting cases as well as the start of great friendships and character arcs. CBS scores again with an oldie that not just entertains, but also makes us care about the characters we meet. That is always enough to bring me back episode after episode.

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  1. I’ve wondered about this show! I always thought the old Magnum, PI show looked fun but I’ve never actually seen much of it, and of course Hawaii is a draw! :) And the little Easter egg/ throwback references you refer to sound great as well!

    I need to try this show. :)

    1. Both are really quite fun, Greg. The newer is of course more relevant because of the change in investigative tactics, fashions, etc., but I enjoyed the oldie as well. :) The Hawaii scenery is GORGEOUS! That alone creates a kind of character, which is fun. Let me know if you try this one!! :)

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