To be honest, when it comes to slaphappy sitcom-like shows, they’re either a hit or miss. Netflix’s Country Comfort is nothing like I thought it would be, and yet, I continued to watch it.

Country Comfort (2021) Netflix TV Review

Bad luck seems to be the best friend Bailey (Katharine McPhee) cannot shake. Currently she finds herself stranded when her truck runs out of gas, but fortunately for her, it’s near a ranch. Unfortunately for her, the occupants of the house make the assumption that she’s the current nanny their father hired. The family of six is, like her, a little bit of a mess. Eldest sons Tuck and Brody (Ricardo Hurtado, Jamie Martin Mann) form an immediate crush on Bailey. However, despite the confusion and unexpected reaction, Bailey finds herself able to share her sob story of being in a band, and getting dumped in a most unceremonious way.

Then there’s the teen-going-on-adult Dylan (Griffin McIntyre) who sees Bailey as a possible client for his non-existent business; youngest Chloe (Pyper Braun) takes an immediate liking to Bailey; but Cassidy (Shiloh Verrico), still hurting from her mama’s death, isn’t too keen on anyone replacing the void. Finally there’s Beau (Eddie Cibrian), the father of these five children, and a man also still mourning.

‘COUNTRY COMFORT’: SEE THIS DELIGHTFUL HALF-HOUR NETFLIX ORIGINAL. A review of the first season of the Netflix original with Katharine McPhee. Text © Rissi JC
‘COUNTRY COMFORT’: SEE THIS DELIGHTFUL HALF-HOUR NETFLIX ORIGINAL. Katharine McPhee stars in this heartwarming #Netflix show! #Reviews #Comedy #GoodTV Click To Tweet

Without question, this is one of the sweetest little shows I’ve seen. It fluctuates between being a little bit ridiculous and emotionally good. Created by Caryn Lucas, while watching this it makes me flash back to the Freeform show Young & Hungry (just in the vibe, not plot); funnily enough, in addition to the 90s show The Nanny, Lucas also has a part in the Emily Osment half-hour comedy. Country Comfort definitely has the same kind of infectious humor, but like any good story, it also knows when to take a moment and give the characters space.

For such a comedy driven show, this one has lots of tender moments. Whether this be the healing process Cassidy needs to go through or Bailey’s impact on the family, there’s a lot of good here too. In fact, I quite fell head over heels for this show, more so with each passing episode. One critic’s headline describes this as the Nashville Sound of Music. In many ways, this is accurate, but Country Comfort is also its own story. It does an excellent job not just with making us laugh, but also not rushing where it eventually is leading. Plus, also helpful are the few remarks that suggest more than a few days pass during this first season.

The cast is excellent and the music lovely, which is all the more authentic given McPhee sings her own vocals as, presumably, does the rest of the cast. Pyper Braun is all kinds of cute and the rest of the newcomers are equally good and appropriately eager as these characters. I just hope that this introduction prevents them from returning for, hopefully, at least one more season so as to wrap up loose ends. At the end of the day, this is a wonderful show that will make you laugh, cry and cheer on its characters.


‘COUNTRY COMFORT’: SEE THIS DELIGHTFUL HALF-HOUR NETFLIX ORIGINAL. A review of the first season of the Netflix original with Katharine McPhee. Text © Rissi JC

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Content: There’s nothing terrible in this TV-PG show. There’s some non-graphic innuendo; they use it in a sneaky way to prevent the kids from understanding the subject. One episode features a man spending the night with his girlfriend.

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