Make a Fun Return to the Village Life of ‘Midsomer Murders’


If you’re into British village life or cozy mysteries, one of the shows you might enjoy watching is Midsomer Murders. Throughout its long history, its undergone cast changes and new character arrivals, but it maintains the same “cozy” feel that is evoked by its village life. Today, I’m sharing details on the upcoming 21st (!!) season as it returns this Sunday, December first. All of the details of where to see it, and how can be found below, but first let’s have a look at what the season is about.

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At the start of this new group of installments, Barnaby and Co. visit the ballroom when a dance competition holds the secrets to a death that seems to be a robbery gone wrong, but is instead a murder gone wrong. Comprised of four 90-minute episodes, direct from Acorn, here’s how the official (episodic) synopses read:

Make a Fun Return to the Village Life of ‘Midsomer Murders’

Episode 1: The Point of Balance: Midsomer is buzzing with excitement at the arrival of the annual ‘Paramount Dance Extravaganza.’ But behind the sequins and smiles are deep running feuds and passions, and when the stakes are high, the desire to win can outweigh just about anything.

Episode 2: The Miniature Murders: The worlds of miniature doll houses and real houses collide when prolific real estate agent Alexander Beauvoisin is murdered in front of a crowd at the unveiling of a new doll house collection at the Midsomer Museum of the Family.

midsomer murders

Episode 3: The Sting of Death: The Deddingtons’ thriving bee empire has put the village of Granville Norton on the map, but what lengths will they go to ensure they’re never dethroned.

Episode 4: With Baited Breath: Fishermen and women flock to the village of Solomon Gorge, desperate to catch a giant fish that is said to lurk in the lake. Their plans are threatened however when hundreds of lycra-clad sporting enthusiasts descend on the area for the Psycho Mud Run.

The series stars Neil Dudgeon (Life of Riley) as DCI John Barnaby and Nick Hendrix as his trusted sergeant, Jamie Winter.

If you haven’t seen these, they’re so much fun for anyone who enjoys things like ITV’s Marple or any of the cozy British mysteries will enjoy Midsomer Murders. It’s a contemporary setting, but the elements remain similar to the Agatha Christie style mysteries. If these sound familiar, it may be because for quite a long time, the seasons were on Netflix. They are no longer available there, and now instead, will be exclusive to stream on Acorn TV. This includes past seasons, and of course, the arrival of the NEW four-episode series December 1! (All of which are quite good!)

If you’re anything like me, you may have binge watched this one on Netflix (which I feel like I did relatively quickly considering it boasts an impressive 20 seasons), you’ll be glad to know four new adventures are in your near future.

If you haven’t experienced this village yet, it’s worth a visit. Head over to Acorn TV to discover past seasons, and December first, uncover four new mysteries with DCI Barnaby and the characters you love.

You can stream Midsomer Murders on Acorn TV (including this new season 21, on December 1!) or find this fun Christmas pop-up collectible on Amazon!

Make a Fun Return to the Village Life of ‘Midsomer Murders.’ Highlighting the Acorn TV show and its 21st (!!) season return in December. Text © Rissi JC
Make a Fun Return to the Village Life of ‘Midsomer Murders.’ Highlighting the Acorn TV show and its 21st (!!) season return in December. Have you seen #MidsomerMurders? #AcornTV Click To Tweet

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  1. I got so excited when I saw you had published a post on Midsomer Murders; thank you so much for an enjoyable read, and the latest info on this fantastic show!!

    Congrats I think are in order as well, for having binged 20 seasons; well done! It’s one I’ve loved for years, for all those reasons you mentioned, as well as the fact that it’s still as interesting and entertaining now as it was when it first started.

    However, I have to ask; do you have a preferred Barnaby? For myself, while I do really love Neil Dudgeon, John Nettles will always and forever be my favourite. As for their revolving door of Sergeants, Ben Jones and Charlie Nelson are definitely at the top, though Jamie does come very close in third place. And my favourite episodes to watch multiple times are 11×01 Shot at Dawn, 12×07 The Great and the Good, and 16×01 The Christmas Haunting; where there any that stuck out to you in your binge-watching that you thought you might want to watch again?

    1. Hi, Kristy. Thank you, as always, for the conversation and excitement. Love chatting all the fun fandom stuff with you. :)

      Some of the older installments didn’t have the best pace (from my memory), which made them a little slow moving, but overall, I really enjoyed the show!

      Hmm… I’m not sure. I do like Tom, but think I like John maybe a tiny bit more…? Not at first, but he’s really gotten to be an interesting character and I like the relationship he has with Sarah. Plus, I liked the change in him when Jones left (it showed a different, deeper side of him). Jamie too is a favorite, but in terms of picking one favorite sergeant? Don’t think I could do so.

      You have an excellent memory! I couldn’t tell you know that stuck out to me, though I did really like the first episode of this new season. I also like, I think it’s the third episode of this season too. You’ve made me want to go back and re-watch those you call out; though I suspect at the time I did enjoy the Christmas one because I always enjoy a good seasonal special. :)

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