‘The Unicorn’ Review: First Impression of the Adorable New Comedy


Half hour comedies were never my thing. But then, on a day of browsing Netflix or somewhere similar, I decided to watch a show called About A Boy. From there, I’ve seen and enjoyed shows like New Girl, Last Man Standing, and a few others. The latest to be added to this list is the CBS comedy, The Unicorn. Here a little post on [the] The Unicorn first impression thoughts I have.

The Unicorn Pilot (2019) TV Show Review

THE STORY: One year is what everyone knows to be the length of time since Wade (Walton Goggins) lost his best friend. For twenty years, Wade was devoted to her, his friend, his wife and the mother of his children. For a year, the family of three has been eating frozen meals (or sometimes a dinner of brownies) from the kind neighbors or family who dropped them off in the aftermath of her death. But now, Wade’s friends are concerned. A year later means it’s time to start to heal, and move on, to cook again – and it may even be time for him to start dating again.

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As its most basic, this plot is perhaps not anything we haven’t seen before. In fact, it reminds me of the UPTV show, Date My Dad. But at the soul of this story beats a heart of gold. It’s a charming story about a father and the waters he now has to navigate as the sole parent to a teenage, and pre-teen daughter. Here’s a few reasons why you should watch it!

The Unicorn First Impression: Three Reasons Why You Should Watch It

1: For the Single Father of Teenage Girls Trope

This is always a fun thing to “play” with when it comes to comedies. For this show, the trope is used much the same in dealing with things that girl’s typically go to their mother’s for, but there is also sweet moments like seeing Wade watch an overly dramatic TV show with his girls. It’s in these “little things” that make this series so fun…!

the unicorn first imrpession

*Can we also talk about how funny it is to see Walton Goggins in this role after his Justified character!? the unicorn first impression

2: For the Group of Good Friends

Anytime a story has a solid supporting cast, it’s a pro. In this, there’s an incredibly nosy, yes, but also supportive group of friends and it’s kinda cute.

3: For the Romantic Comedy Angle

At its heart, this show is not a romantic-comedy, and is instead a story about the adjustments and new normal a man, and his two daughters have to make in the wake of unthinkable sorrow. But, there is the background concept of that same man finding his footing in the world of 21st century dating, and perhaps find somehow he can enjoy an evening out with and who understands where his priorities are at. Even in early days, it’s been fun despite the fact we obviously haven’t met the woman who could be such a person for him.

Have you seen this one? Do you like it or is it a “thumbs down” for you? What do you like (or not like) most about it; tell me all of your ‘The Unicorn first impression’ thoughts. Comment all your thoughts down below!

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Content: There is some minor (so far) suggestive material, and an awkward conversation between Wade and his eldest daughter. Depending on the episode, this one rates TV-PG or -14.

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