20+ of the Movies to Binge-Watch & Celebrate Armed Forces Day


When it comes time to put together a list of my favorite heroes, chances are good those who rank among them happen to be military men. When portrayed in an honorable way, there’s not many movies with the men and women in uniform I don’t like. On this day, which is Armed Forces day, I thought we’d look at some of the military movies.

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The circumstances surrounding these films aren’t always good or pleasant, but some of them have favorite characters. Below is an array of mediums including harrowing war dramas, romances, classics, and of course, the few light-hearted rom-coms, because we all love those, right?

Also, I cannot help but feel there’s a military film that I love, on the more comedic side, that I cannot think of. It’s driving me insane, but OH WELL! Next time.

Armed Forces Day Movies to Binge-Watch and Celebrate

1: The A-Team
The A-Team

This one might be an unusual choice, but we all need something to make us laugh once in a while, and this one does that while still giving viewers a (fun) white-knuckle adventure!

PG-13 for action/violence, and some innuendo

2: All For Love

Yes, it’s true I do feature this film a lot, but when something is this cute, you kind of have to share all the things. If you like less-military, and more adorable romcom, this is your best pick.

3: Aloha
20+ of the Movies to Binge-Watch & Celebrate Armed Forces Day. Talking Armed Forces Day movies to enjoy for this 2020 celebratory day. Text © Rissi JC

This one is a bit quirky (and takes some getting used to), but also really cute. It features Bradly Cooper and Emma Stone with Rachel McAdams.

PG-13 for language and sexual content

4: Anchors Aweigh
20+ of the Movies to Binge-Watch & Celebrate Armed Forces Day. Talking Armed Forces Day movies to enjoy for this 2020 celebratory day. Text © Rissi JC

Watched this one recently, and it’s kinda’ cute. Frank Sinatra is adorable as a sailor on leave in search of confidence with girls; Dean Stockwell plays an adorable youngster looking to join the military; and Gene Kelly, well, he’s in typical Gene Kelly fashion.

5: Annapolis

This is another one I feel like I’ve seen, but cannot remember a thing about. It has James Franco as a man who tries to fulfill a promise to his mother when he enlists in the naval academy. Jordana Brewster (of Fast & Furious fame) co-stars.

PG-13 for language/violence, sexual content

6: The Best Years of Our Lives

Haven’t seen this 50s drama, but it sounds really interesting in that it chronicles the lives of three soldiers upon their return home.

7: Captain America: The First Avenger

Cannot let a patriotic, military themed list go by without putting my favorite on it, Captain America. armed forces day movies

8: Dear John
favorite veteran day characters

Flawed though this story is, I have a soft spot for it. Likely because of its titular character, who deserves better. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, this one follows a soldier who finds his girlfriend moves on while he is deployed. Also by Sparks is The Lucky One.

PG-13 for sexual content, language and war violence

9: A Farewell to Arms (1957)
armed forces day movies

In response to my query, J’Nell Ciesielski recommends this Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones romance about two people who find love during the turbulent battlefront of WWII. It’s not one I’ve seen, but if it’s an epic love story, I’d be game.

10: Flyboys

Saw this one years ago, and to be honest, I remember very little about it. But it’s a WWI drama about Americans who join the French army in order to become fighter pilots.

PG-13 for war violence / sexual content

11: I Was a Male War Bride

Carey Grant stars in this oldie, and while he’s super popular, I’ll confess I didn’t like his character in this. His female counterpart, played by Ann Sheridan, is hilarious as an American service woman, and the plot is rom-com bliss.

12: JAG

Yes this is a show, but I couldn’t not add this long-running series to the list as it features two of my most favorite TV characters ever. For TV shows, I also LOVE the short-lived NBC drama The Brave.

13: The Lost Valentine

This Hallmark Hall of Fame is tender and romantic and bittersweet too. Betty White plays a woman who’s never been given closure in the wake of her husband’s WWII disappearance. Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Sean Faris co-star. Thanks, Elizabeth for reminding me of this one!

14: Love and Sunshine
love and sunshine (2019) hallmark review

Another sweetheart of a romance from Hallmark with Danica McKeller as a woman who fosters military dogs, and the man who returns on leave to reclaim his dog, Sunshine.

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15: On The Town

I watched part of this once while at a hotel, and remember thinking it cute. It also features Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra as well as Vera-Ellen who Kelly co-stars with in the iconic White Christmas. armed forces day movies

16: Pearl Harbor (2001)

In comparison to some, this one obviously has more weight to it, and is sure to inspire most viewers to need a tissue (or two!). I’ve only seen the end, but think the cast list is supremely impressive. Thanks to Janine Cosche for adding her vote to this one.

PG-13 for sexuality, language and war violence

17: Soldier Love Story
20+ of the Movies to Binge-Watch & Celebrate Armed Forces Day. Talking Armed Forces Day movies to enjoy for this 2020 celebratory day. Text © Rissi JC

The name notwithstanding (also known as Meet My Mom), this one is cute. Originally, it should have shown up on the Mother’s Day lists published here, but sometimes things get overlooked, and this is one of them. Regardless, this one has a sweet story, and I remember really liking the progression of the love story.

18: Top Gun

Oh, look! Another “classic” I’ve never seen. Given the sequel that’s been made, and set to release soon-ish, I may have to remedy this!

PG is the official rating

19: Valkyrie

I honestly cannot remember if I’ve seen this one or not, but it sounds interesting (and likely more intense?) about a man who inspires a coup against Hitler. Tom Cruise also stars in this one. armed forces day movies

PG-13 for violence/language

20: A Walk in the Clouds
armed forces day movies

An unwed woman in need of a husband persuades a soldier to pose as her husband before she faces her family. Set during WWII, this romantic drama was given a shout-out by J’Nell Ciesielski.

PG-13 for sexuality

21: Week-end at the Waldorf

Ginger Rogers and Lana Turner co-star in this one about a group of strangers, including a war correspondent, and a veteran, who meet during a stay at, you guessed it, the Waldorf. Rachel McDaniel shouted this one out.

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Which of these have you seen? Did you like any of them? Which war romances or any war film do you enjoy watching once in a while? Would you put any of these “armed forces day movies” on a list you’d create? Comment all of your thoughts down below!


20+ of the Movies to Binge-Watch & Celebrate Armed Forces Day. Talking Armed Forces Day movies to enjoy for this 2020 celebratory day. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Great list! I especially love the inclusion of Meet My Mum, Love & Sunshine, The Lost Valentine, A Walk in the Clouds, & The A-Team ?

    Additional films I would add to my own list are Midway, Dunkirk, & Monumounts Men; have you seen any of them, and if so, what’d you think?

    Kirsty recently posted: Top 10 Tuesday – Books In Limbo
    1. I mean “The A-Team” is just TOO fun, right?? :)

      I have not seen the first two films you mention (though have heard they are AMAZING!) and did mean to include “Midway” (because I’d thought of it). I have however seen “Monuments Men” and was quite surprised! I didn’t realize it’d be quite the mix of serious/funny that it is. I know this makes no sense, but I remember being kind of confused by this just because I’d thought it was going to be more comedic than it was. That said, the cast is brilliant and overall, I did enjoy the film! :)

  2. I can vouch for The Best Years of Our Lives. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. I also LOVE The Last Valentine.

    I would add The Great Escape for action and Soldier in the Rain for military life during peace time.

    1. YES! I’m so glad to know this. Thank you, Brittaney. I may have to watch it one of these days. I’ve watched 2 or 3 oldie movies in the last month which is unusual, but I find that’s how I watch them; I’ll watch a few in a short period of time and then don’t for months. :)

      I haven’t heard of ‘Rain.’ Thanks for the suggestion!! :)

  3. Soldier in the Rain is sweet, melancholy and will make you cry in a good way! I’ve got a review on my site if you want to know more about it.

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