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Just like that, in the blink of an eye (or so it seems), the year twenty-nineteen is over (for all intents and purposes). As I sit here typing this, I’m amazed at the rapidity of how these years pass by. Where time goes I do not know, but ideally I’d like for it to slow down. If there’s one thing I would like to change it’d be to see them slow their roll – ever so slightly! As these final days bring to its close 2019, I thought I’d sit down and take a look at some of the things I’d like to accomplish for these interweb spaces, or a kind of New Year 2020 goals publication.

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I don’t have many goals per say, but there are a few I’d like to make a priority in this new year, or at least try and improve on where I’m at now. Then, on the flip side of that, to help with some of the goals we’ll talk about (promise, I’m getting there…!), these goals will require some things to change and lessen.

All of this is ahead, so let’s get started…

Three New Year Goals 2020: Blogging, Social Media and Youtube

1: [HERE and THERE] The Community

One thing I continue to be most grateful for is this community. I feel fortunate to have not been a part of any drama (at least none that I know of) and to meet genuine people who love to chat all the bookish and fangirl things. This goal feels “right” to be under a community heading because it’s you who creates interaction and makes doing this so fun.

The goal for 2020 is to be more prompt in responding to comments. I used to be so “together” when it comes to comments, and it makes me sad that I let some go for weeks. This goal applies across the board form here to Twitter and Instagram. I do see everyone’s comments, and want to say, I appreciate you taking time to read and leave thoughts. It makes this “job” all the more fun.

2: [HERE] Continue to be Consistent

Throughout my years writing here, its name has changed, themes change and sadly, the landscape of this community; less blogging, more political conversation instead of book or fangirl, which continues to change, but one thing I try to be is consistent. In the last few months, I’ve even upped my game in consistency and surprisingly, I did surpass what I thought I could do given that some days (in the past), I have to tell myself to simply let a day go by without new content because for that day, that’s where I’m at. On those days I just don’t have the time to publish anything; and creatively, it’s best to wait to post something so it can be a bit better.

In 2020, I’d like to continue to be more consistent in publishing new content, and maybe even find some new content to post alongside the old because while I love where I’m at now, it’s also fun to try some new ideas!

3: [THERE] New Year, New Changes

With all of these goals, there’s bound to be something that will have to change. For me, what has to give is the booktube channel. In thinking through what I’d like to accomplish in these spaces, I recognize that I’d have to give something up or lessen the time I spend with it. Much as I wish it wasn’t Youtube, because I have had so much fun over the past 3(?) years I’ve been there, there’s simply not enough change in the channel to continue with it, at least not in the way I am now. Plus, I don’t understand the analytics of Youtube, and while I probably could learn, again, that’s a time-consuming endeavor.

While I don’t plan to end the channel, I also have no plans to keep a weekly schedule going once February hits (until then, I have some videos to publish). Beyond this, I may develop a twice a month schedule, one of which would include the usual wrap up and book haul. Let me know if you have any good tips or tricks for being on Youtube!

Things to Help in These Endeavors

  • One of the things I’ve just recently started to do, maybe the last 2-3 months, is to write down exactly what I want to publish/post each day. It helps me so much to see them on paper whereas before I would scramble each day to come up with what was publish ready. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there are so many pretty planners at places like Target!
  • Slowly, I think I’m learning not to box myself in. Recently on a popular Instagram influencers story, she was sharing that as bloggers, no one needs to be just “one thing.” Try new things, write (in my case, for most it’s talking on Instagram these days) about what you love, but don’t feel like you can only share about one thing. In these past 2-3 months, I’ve tried some new (for here) things, and enjoyed them. Whether or not it will be something to explore more, I don’t know. But it was fun.
  • This goes with my prior bullet point which is to always remember how I started this! It may have begun when a prior writing task came to an end, but in the beginning this community was one of the most fun places I’d “hung out.” I wish I could say nothing about it has altered, but it has. All of this just serves to remind me that above all, this space is meant to be about having fun, and I never want to lose that joy in putting all of this together.

As I reflect back on my life here in this interweb sphere, I want to thank everyone, friends and readers, for the continued support of Finding Wonderland. This 7-year journey has been quite a project, but always a fun one, in large part this is thanks to you all. 2020 will include some changes for things like the Youtube channel for this space, but like anything, it’s been another creative space to try new things. Thank you for inspiring new content, and for those of you who leave your comments, thoughts or join giveaway fun, I appreciate this.

Thank you.

As we prep to ring in the new year, I hope you all enjoy the rest of this festive season.

Tell me, what goals do you have planned for this coming year? Will your Internet space or social media mindset change? Comment all of your thoughts down below!

Thank you for visiting!

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[Good] New Year Goals 2020: Here & There. Talking about some New Year 2020 Goals for this interweb space (and the Youtube channel changes!). Text © Rissi JC

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  1. I haven’t thought about making goals, but I love the ones you shared. I like the idea of trying something new and responding to all comments. My constant struggle is writing my reviews pretty soon after reading the book so it’s still fresh in my head. I like to let things settle a bit so my thoughts clear… but before I know it I’m on to the next book, and then I find myself getting stressed as my list of read books that need reviews get longer… in fact, I’m working to clear that list before we ring in the new year!

    1. I struggle with reviews, too, Heidi. I’m trying to get better, and working really hard to be better at publishing the reviews in a prompt manner as I know that’s important to authors. All things I should have mentioned here too. Either way, I hope we BOTH make strides towards finding something that helps and works for us on this blog journey – and I hope you cleared your list before 2020 made its entrance. :)

  2. The end of the year is a great time to take stock and really look at how things are working. I love your goals for next year, and responding more promptly to comments is also one I want to work on!

    1. It’s something I REALLY want to get back to. I used to be really prompt, but in the past 2-5 years, I’ve kind of let that slide, and I’m not happy about it; it’s always lovely to chat with everyone, and it’s because of people who visit that I keep doing this. Hope we both meet some of our 2020 goals, Angela. :)

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