Why ‘Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen’ is the Perfect Austen Cure


In the past few years, TV movie networks have tried their hand at modernizing classic literary romances. One of the more popular ones to adapt is Jane Austen. Another involved visiting the East Coast and Louisa May Alcott’s March sisters (Lifetime) or this year, reinventing Austen’s Dashwood women in Hallmark’s Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen. While the title is cute, there’s more to this one than just it.

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Before I get into why this version is an Austen aficionado must, let’s talk basics. The plot follows Marianne (Kimberley Sustad) and Ella Dashwood (Erin Krakow), the sisters now run their late father’s party-planning business, Dashworks. Marianne has run the company for years while the free-spirited Ella travels the world, bouncing around from one adventure to the next. But she’s now home, and is ready to truly be home. Their next hurdle is Ella’s plans to expand while Marianne likes where they’re at.

Desperate to prove something to her sister, Ella ends up taking on the party of a client, Edward Ferris (Luke Macfarlane), who isn’t exactly keen on Ella’s spontaneous ideas.

Here’s a few reasons you too may enjoy this one…

Why ‘Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen’ is the Perfect Austen Cure


One of the first things you’ll notice about this one is that this flips the script on characters. Ella is more like Austen’s Marianne and vice versa. It’s interesting and ever the slightest bit frustrating to see a Marianne Dashwood character be the “sensible” one. There’s also more of a “banter” relationship between Elinor (Ella) and Edward in this version.


I’m pretty sure I like everyone in this cast. It’s always fun to see Kimberley (from Nine Lives of Christmas) in something current, and of course, Hearties fans will adore seeing Erin Krakow as another Hallmark leading lady. (Especially when it’s an Austen lady.) Don’t know  how popular he is in comparison to Krakow, but I also really like Luke Macfarlane; he’s been paired with Jill Wagner, Candace Cameron Bure, and Jaime King.


I mean, really, what better reason is there than Jane Austen? In my opinion this one is better than last year’s attempt at Austen. Sure, it’s different than the way we know Sense and Sensibility to be, but it’s charming, as usual, and still manages to hang onto some Austen-esque flair!

Have you seen Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen? Did you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down? What did or didn’t you like about it? Comment all of your thoughts down below!

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