A Conversation on Necessary Change and Booktube


There’s the old adage that says change is hard for humans to accept. There is plenty of truth to this, evidence of which I see in the personalities of the people in my family. I’m not as adverse to change as some are, but I do like order and routine, and I think we give change a bad rap. While the word may usually indicate something negative, change can also be freeing, affecting (in a good way), healing and in simple ways, fun.

Today, I’m talking about a simpler version of change, specific to booktube change, in the latest video.

You see, last autumn, I realized that something had to give. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do what needed to be done. Much as I might like it to be (although let’s be real, that wouldn’t be healthy), and while I could, mentally devoting all day to this work wasn’t the right way to ensure tasks were completed. Much as I enjoy this “work,” same as I enjoy reading, I simply cannot sit around and read all day.

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So in my mind, I began to run through the things I did, and the things I am a part of. I knew something would need to be curtailed or I’d have to give something up altogether. For now, the “cut” will happen on the Youtube channel. This is both an easy and a “the struggle is real” decision to make.

Back when I started a channel for this webspace, it was with nervousness and an “i-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing” mood. The former has eased, but the latter remains. I haven’t upgraded my lens. My software is outdated, and while I have the update, it simply does not work as its meant to on my PC, which makes editing a TASK, and limits creativity since the old software disallows features (because it’s outdated).

Furthermore, some of the behind the scenes aspects of the channel is a challenge. Before I go on, I do want to preference this by saying, in no way do I believe this aspect is what’s most important, but when you put a lot of work into something, it’s hard to see no change. One thing I simply don’t understand is analytics, and while I could learn more by taking a class or asking someone I admire if they could help, again we circle back to time. For now, I’ve chosen to pour that time into my writing/website (here), right or wrong, and another weekly writing gig I enjoy.

Because of these and a few other factors, the number of videos will lessen. Instead of four videos a month, I’ll likely only be publishing two videos a month. One of which will be a wrap up and book haul since as of now I don’t do a proper reading wrap up here.

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One of my 2020 goals is to be more present and active across the social media platforms I do maintain; namely this is to be better at responding to comments and visiting the platforms of those who support my endeavors. It’s what I used to do all the time, and I enjoy that interaction. Just now, despite the lapse of time that goes without my visiting your spaces or replying to your comments, I do see those comments, and I do appreciate them.

With all that said, I am sharing about this in the latest video today, and I wanted to post a kind of update on the status of the channel just so the once-a-week schedule didn’t change without my explaining.

All that to say, thank you for all of the support you’ve shown the booktube channel; whether it be through comments, subscribing or sending me encouragement. I appreciate it. Same goes for here; thank you for all of the fun times and conversations, I’m always glad to meet you, chat with you, and visit your spaces.

I’m all about new opportunities (which I will always consider, and be most grateful for) and learning, but for now, this is where I’m at. I’m learning some new things about how to keep new content here, and while I’m still in the “rough” stages of figuring it out, I am eager to see what 2020 brings in this creative world of writing I so love.

A Conversation on Necessary Change and Booktube. Talking about time and when a change in this world of blogging is necessary. Have you ever felt this way? #BloggersTribe #Bookish Click To Tweet
A Conversation on Necessary Change and Booktube. Talking about time and when a change in this world of blogging is necessary. Text © Rissi JC

Do you find you ever need to “cut back” on any of the social media platforms you use – for work or fun? Is there any suggestions or tips you have to share regarding Youtube – or any social media? Have you made a “booktube change” to your channel? Have you ever given something up in this bookish community or had any of these feelings? Comment all of your thoughts down below. I’m always glad to chat with you all.

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  1. I totally agree that there is just not enough time in the day. For awhile I was doing 4 posts a week, but I found myself really struggling to get all those posts up or prepped far enough ahead for me to feel comfortable. Even just cutting down to 3 per week really made a difference, because there are still so many things I want to do – READ!, and blog-hop (and of course, everything else in my life that isn’t related to blogging or reading!). I don’t do a ton of social media, really only Instagram, and I try to get a bunch of photos taken on the weekend for the week or weeks ahead. But that is much less work than creating booktube videos! Good for you for making the decision that’s best for you!

    1. I used to be WAY more into Instagram in the sense that I posted EVERY DAY, and I was able to take a day or two and shoot a BUNCH of photos to last a bit. I just don’t have that time right now or maybe it’s a lack of motivation? I’m not sure. Either way, I’ve come to a place where I’m “okay” being on IG less than I once was. I’ve been working hard to post something new here every day and made this space into something “more” and better than it is now (i.e., I need to rework a LOT of old posts with new formats/photos/SEO, etc.) so that’s where I’ve chosen to spend my time in this Internet world. I like booktube videos and the community, but I find there’s just not enough time. At least for now. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your struggles, too, Angela. I relate. :)

  2. I hear you.

    Saying “yes” to one thing I like means saying “no” to other things I also like. But saying “no” is hard. Cutting back is hard. Prioritising is hard. But it has to be done, so well done for making the decision!

    1. Very true. Sometimes we have to say “no” to certain things. I used to sigh up for ALL of the tours, but now I learn what I like, and it helps SO much. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Iola. Always glad to have you visit. :)

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