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Of Romance and Favorite Tropes: A Romance Book Tag

February 13, 2020 Rissi JC 1 Comment

Hey, there, readers and friends. Since it’s been a minute since last I joined in a bookworm themed tag, today’s post is coming to you with one. This time, it’s perfectly seasonal with the Romance Book Tag – and if you didn’t know this was a thing, you aren’t alone! Neither did I.

LIST | 20+ of the Cute Valentine Romance Novels (and 7 I Want to Read!)

Today’s tag is full of questions – and I mean, there’s a lot. As today is a “booktube Thursday,” some of these I answer in the channel’s new video, while others I answer down below, and others still I don’t answer because they simply don’t apply to my reading style or life.

With that all said, let’s get to answering some Romance Book Tag Q’s!

Of Romance and Favorite Tropes: A Romance Book Tag

An Underrated Romance You Wish More People Would Read

First question and I already feel as though I’m going to epically fail the answers. I don’t know that I have an underrated romance I want more people to read. I mean, I have my favorites, but I guess I don’t feel the need to champion books to everyone; I love to review books, but these are merely a reflection of my own personal feelings (how I felt while reading the book, whether it made me happy/sad, good, etc.) so I guess when I review a 4 or 5 star novel I AM recommending it, but am aware that it won’t fit every reader.

One romance I do adore that I don’t feel anyone talks about is The Runaway Princess.

An Overrated Romance You Wish People Would Stop Talking About

I don’t think I feel as though it’s “overrated” per se, but one I didn’t care for that everyone else seems to adore is One Day in December by Josie Silver (the characters… cringe). That said, I am curious about her upcoming release. Is that weird?

An Author You Used To Love That you have since abandoned

Hmmm… well, I haven’t read a novel by Colleen Coble in years, but not because I might not like her books, I just haven’t read them lately. Also, I never seem to pick up the more recent co-authored novels by Janette Oke despite the fact that years ago, I read her books all the time.

Favorite Trope

Oo, fun question. I guess I’d say in a broad sense, anything “old fashioned,” which can include love letters or a lot of hand-holding. But this isn’t really a trope, so… when done well, I adore the marriage of convenience and Best-Friends-to-More (because in a 90-minute film, it makes the romance more authentic if you have that building ground).

Best Book With Your Favorite Trope

In terms of marriage of convenience, I adore The Mistress of Tall Acre and Breath of Dawn; best friends’ trope… well, there I draw a blank! What are some of your favorite romances with this trope?

Best romance/rom-com movie

Answered this question in the booktube video, but I’m answering again with different answers because there’s SO MANY! These include: Leap Year; Set it Up; To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (both movies!); The Wedding Planner; and too many to name.

Your All-Time Favorite Romance

Nooo! Don’t ask me these questions. Ugh. I remember feeling really impacted by Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter, and I was impressed with True to You by Becky Wade as well. Also, Carla Laureano’s ‘Supper Club’ series is SO GOOD.

There we go! A wrap on this book tag, 2020 edition! Have you joined this tag? If so, let me know where I can see it. Have you read any of these books I mention or do you want to read any of these? Comment all of your romance read favorites in the comment section!

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland

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Of Romance and Favorite Tropes: A Romance Book Tag. In which I join the Romance Book Tag! How would you answer these Qs? #Romance #Booktube #BookTag Click To Tweet
Of Romance and Favorite Tropes: A Romance Book Tag. In which I join the Romance Book Tag! How would you answer these Qs? Text © Rissi JC

PS: Here’s the full list of the Romance Book Tag Questions! (If you join, let me know!)

  • First Romance You Remember Reading
  • Last Romance You Read
  • The Romance You Are Most Likely to Recommend to A Newbie 
  • The Romance You Are Most Likely To Recommend to Another Romance Reader
  • An Underrated Romance You Wish More People Would Read
  • An Overrated Romance You Wish People Would Stop Talking About
  • An Auto-Buy Author
  • An Author You Used To Love That you have since abandoned
  • Favorite Trope
  • Best Book With Your Favorite Trope
  • Most Hated Trope
  • A Book You Like Even Though It Has The Trope You Hate
  • Your Problematic Favorite
  • A Book Everyone Else Loved That Has You Scratching Your Head
  • Your Favorite Romancelandia Person to Follow on Twitter
  • A Place Or Person You Go To For Recommendations or Reviews
  • A Book That Has A Character That Reminds You of Yourself
  • Romance Cover You Love
  • A Book You’ve Reread more Than Twice
  • Best Romance Audiobook
  • Best romance/rom-com movie
  • Favorite heroine
  • Favorite Hero
  • Your All-Time Favorite Romance
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