‘The Solid Grounds Coffee Company’ is the End of a Unique Trio


STORY | A career is what the business minded Analyn Sanchez builds her life on. She’s the best in the business as a media crisis manager until she isn’t. Refusing to cover up a serious catastrophe for her client, she loses her job for a number of weeks so everyone can take a breather; a blank space during which Ana doesn’t know what to do with her time.

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Shortly before her career takes a nose dive, Bryan, a friend of her best friend’s fiancé, returns home to Denver. With him arrives a more mature Bryan than everyone remembers. With this change comes a new business minded Bryan, a man who has a new business plan, all he needs is start up capitol. It would seem Ana’s sudden free time just may be the business savvy Bryan needs…

The Solid Grounds Coffee Company by Carla Laureano | Book Review

REVIEW | Like always, this novel is a sparkling treat of a story that keeps the reader rapidly flipping the pages – or at least it does me! Each time I pick up a novel in this ‘Supper Club’ series, I’m excited, but until I actually begin to read these pages, I do forget just how very much I like them. This novel, the third of (presumably) three books, follows Ana, who we meet earlier in this “club” of books. Her story is a little different than that of her best friends, Rachel and Melody, but beating at the heart of the story is a story just as brilliant.

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Unlike prior novels, this one isn’t driven by food, but lest you worry, never fear, your taste buds will still be curious, and if you’re a coffee junkie, then this plot will certainly appeal. Rich in unique details about what it takes to roast coffee, and the behind the scene aspects that goes into the business of coffee, The Solid Grounds Coffee Company is an engrossing novel that is difficult to put down. Not only is the business aspect of the plot unique (sometimes a hard sell), but the romance is also on point.

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Ana and Bryan’s love story is full of potential, tension and of course, some good and swoony kissing scenes! (Because why not?) More than this, there’s a solid backstory for each of the characters, which leads to some of the complicated good, and bad, of their fluctuating relationship.

In the end, if you like contemporary fiction or anything by this author, I highly recommend The Solid Grounds Coffee Company. It’s a “solid” novel that leaves the characters in a good place, and us with that always wished for smile.

‘The Solid Grounds Coffee Company’ is the End of a Unique Trio. Review of book 3 in Carla Laureano's fabulous contemporary series! What's your latest #MustRead find? #AmReading #BookReview @Crazy4Fiction Click To Tweet

Content: I’d consider this a “clean romance,” but if more than one kissing scene isn’t your thing, you won’t like this novel. Also, there are inferences to past relationships (which were physical) and the beginning implies intimacy (non-graphic).


Author: Carla Laureano
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: 2020
Source: Publisher Provided – thank you, Tyndale!
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance | Series: Supper Club, Book 3
Find the Book Elsewhere: Goodreads
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Rating: ★★★★★

‘The Solid Grounds Coffee Company’ is the End of a Unique Trio. Review of book 3 in Carla Laureano's fabulous contemporary series! Text © Rissi JC

Sincere thanks to Tyndale for kindly sending me an ARC of this novel in consideration of review; all opinions are my own

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  1. I think of all the books in this series, I can relate to the coffee focus better than the food focus in the other two. Coffee is life!

    By the way, reading your review reminded me what an excellent writer you are. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank YOU for reading and the kind comment, Brittaney. Always appreciate your comments. :) I enjoy this series SO very much. It’s just THAT memorable. Hoping whatever Carla writes next that I enjoy it as much. :)

  2. I loved the first two books in the series, and am really looking forward to reading this one. I’m not personally a coffee fan, but hopefully I’ll still end up enjoying it as much as the other two. Lovely review as always. :)

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