Why ‘Music & Lyrics’ is an Underrated Romance


One of those movies that I rarely watch, Music and Lyrics is impossible not to like. In the story we meet Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a former 80s pop star from a band, ironically, called Pop! He’s now a “happy has been” whose career is virtually non-existent until the biggest pop star in the world comes calling. Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) is a young artist who is busy making boppy music, and stylized music videos that are not exactly the same as those of Alex’s days. But Cora likes Alex’s music, and now she wants him to write a song for her. The one tiny hitch is, Alex doesn’t write lyrics.

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Enter Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), a quirky slogan writer who meets Alex when she fills in as his “plant lady,” during which time Alex learns Sophie just many have a natural knack for lyrics. Only thing is, he needs to convince the hesitant Sophie of this…

Music and Lyrics (2007) Film Review

Like so many films I talk about, I often forget how much I enjoy them because it’s been that long since last I watched whatever the title of topic is. Today, it’s Music and Lyrics, a romantic-comedy that has indeed been a long time in getting that re-watch. The story and aesthetics of the movie are just as I remember them being; catchy and on point. A movie that is, in my book, underrated.

music and lyrics


Furthermore, this cast is wonderful. I’ve said before I’m not a Hugh Grant fan. But in terms of the romantic comedies I’ve seen him appear in (The Rewrite), I like him fine. In this, his character is really sweet in the way he tries to inspire Sophie to realize she’s so much better than her insecurities, and that makes his Alex all the more likable. Then Sophie who is a character that is so darn likable. Yes she has some anxiety and is a woman who walks to the beat of her own drum, but there’s nothing about her that isn’t cute; her personality is just so fun.

The music is also perfectly in tune with the script, and makes the story “pop” with additional personality. Adding to this is Sophie’s family and of course the romance. It’s a relationship that undergoes the usual ups and downs complete with the usual “break up” scenario. When all is said and done, the dust settles and the usual happy end plays out, this romance is easily one of the most charming romantic comedies in its category. All of which are reasons why I wish this one would be wider known.

Why ‘Music & Lyrics’ is an Underrated Romance. A review of the Drew Barrymore romantic-comedy. All review text © Rissi JC / RissiWrites.com

Content: There’s some profanity and suggestive humor, plus some sexual content (implied a couple spends the night together with a usual “morning after” scene).

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  1. Ooh, I think a re-watch might be in the cards because I absolutely loved Music and Lyrics when I watched it ages ago. I don’t know why I haven’t re-watched it since because I remember it left me feeling so feel-good and happy! I quite like Hugh Grant in romcoms and I can never get enough of Drew Barrymore! Love this review :)

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