‘Love in Store’ is a Clean Romance that Shines


A romance from Hallmark that was filmed longer ago than the usual matter of months turnaround, this charming little romance features new-to-Hallmark faces and a premise that makes everything seem shiny and fresh in the world of clean romance.

Love in Store (2020) Hallmark Review

Working at a home shopping network for the past ten years, Terrie Carpenter (Alexandra Breckenridge) has put in the work. She started at the bottom of the chain and is now one of the network’s most recognizable (and likable) hosts. When a possible promotion opens up, Terrie hopes she’s in the running to take over from the network’s founder. Only trouble is, her competition is someone she doesn’t exactly get along with.

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David Crabtree (Robert Buckley) is another of the home network’s more popular hosts, but unlike the “do your research” approach Terrie takes, David likes to try different ways of marketing and selling products. However, when a last-minute replacement is needed on Terrie’s segment, the two must pair up. Little knowing their on-screen interaction will become a favorite among audiences – and their boss!

This is one of the cutest TV rom-coms I’ve seen. As is on “repeat” in any of my Hallmark reviews, all of them are cute, but since everything is subjective, we all have our favorites. This is one of mine. There’s a new kind of energy to the plot given that its more career focused than hometown simple, and I like that the career is in the home shopping network, just because it’s not something I’ve personally seen before.

Plus, it hurts nothing that these two are adorable together. I’ve seen Alexandra in a handful of things including the oldie teen rom-com She’s the Man and more recently the Netflix series Virgin River, but haven’t seen her on this network before. Same can be said for Robert; I’ve seen him in a few Lifetime originals, but not here, however he needs to become one of the familiar faces around this network. He’s always been excellent leading man material.

Love in Store is a darling little romance not to be missed. The cast is quite good and the plot is cute and “fresh,” which makes the story all the more entertaining to sit down and enjoy. In short, it’s something that is sure to bring a smile, and at the end of the day, that’s the best kind of “good.”  

‘Love in Store’ is a Clean Romance that Shines. A TV review of the Hallmark original with Alexandra Breckenridge. All text © Rissi JC
‘Love in Store’ is a Clean Romance that Shines. A review of the @HallmarkChannel romance with Alexandra Breckenridge (of #VirginRiver). #Romance #CleanRomance #Hallmarkies Click To Tweet

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