20 of the Novels & Irish Romance Movies for St. Patty’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, which not only signifies we’re past the halfway mark of another month, but also traditions like certain foods to celebrate the day. But if you like quieter nights in, sometimes the right activity just might be watching or reading a movie or book. This is why I’ve put together a little list of Irish romance movies and novels to enjoy.

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Below you’ll find a variety of romances; from period drama to contemporary romantic-comedies, there’s a eclectic collection as is the intention. Some of them don’t take place solely in Ireland and instead feature Irish characters, but for the purpose of this topic, I thought these books, films or character still deserve their due. Plus, this list was a bit of a challenge as it took some serious interweb “digging” to find enough stories to be satisfied with the length of this list… but it’s all about fun, so I hope you too find something new to watch or read or just are reminded of a nostalgic favorite.

Let’s visit Ireland! (Or get to know Irish characters at the least.)

20 Irish Romance Movies and Novels for St. Patty’s Day

the films

1: Brooklyn

best cozy movies

This one starts in Ireland before moving to New York, and then back to Ireland. It features an Irish heroine and is all-around a gorgeous period drama about chasing new dreams. This is also based on a novel of the same name.

PG-13 for sexual content/adult situations

2: Dancing at Lughnasa

I’ve never seen this one, and while it seems more about family than romance, it does have a “romance” tag attached to it. Meryl Street stars with a host of talent.

PG; content unknown

3: Dare to be Wild

20 of the Novels & Irish Romance Movies for St. Patty's Day. Talking some of the Irish romance movies and novels. Share your favorites. Text © Rissi JC

Saw this one on a whim and really enjoyed it. It’s not the typical “happy end” story, but it’s based on true events and features Victoria‘s Tom Hughes.

PG for some innuendo, maybe some profanity

4: Forever in My Heart

Haven’t seen this one, but it’s a Hallmark original that anyone who likes clean romance is sure to enjoy.

5: Honeymoon for One

irish romance movies and novels

This is another Hallmark, only this one is quite old in comparison. It features Nicollette Sheridan as a woman who, in the aftermath of her broken engagement, goes on her honeymoon. While visiting Ireland, of course, she meets a handsome dude, who happens to be played by Greg Wise from the 90s Sense and Sensibility.

6: Laws of Attraction

This one isn’t exclusive to Ireland, but a great deal of the movie is set in Ireland, all of which is pretty to look at – and the leading chemistry (between Pierce Bronson and Julianne Moore) is nothing to sneeze at.

PG-13 for sexual content, profanity and just in general, this one is more of an “adult” romance

7: Leap Year
leap year (2010)

Not many people seem to like this one, but I find it a fun lucky charm. It follows a woman (Amy Adams) who chases her boyfriend to Ireland to propose to him as is an Irish tradition (the woman proposes on Leap Day). Matthew Goode co-stars.

PG for some innuendo and minor sexual content

8: The Luck of the Irish (1948)

A classic movie, this one feature Anne Baxter and Tyrone Power, who plays a man engaged to someone else, but finding that perhaps another is his “destiny.”

9: P.S. I Love You

This bittersweet romance is about a recently widowed woman who’s husband leaves letters behind for her, all of which take her on a journey to find healing… and love. This is also based on a novel of the same name.

PG-13 for sexual content, profanity, and other adult situations (and heavy topics like grief).

10: The Secret Scripture

Don’t know a thing about this one expect I have seen it around. It’s about a young woman in a psychiatric hospital and a psychologist who visits her, trying to learn secrets from her past (via her diary entries). If you liked Sanditon, Theo James also co-stars in this one.

PG-13, likely for adult situations; content unknown

11: Tristan + Isolde

This one is only for those who like tragic romances. Given my feelings on this type of story, all I’ll say is, it IS pretty to look at.

PG-13 for adult situations and sexual content

12: The Quiet Man

irish romance movies and novels

I went through an entire watch-all-the-John-Wayne-movies phase, so I’ve seen this one at least once. Of course, the classic is a must on any such Irish movie list. In addition to Wayne, Maureen O’Hara co-stars.

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the novels

1: [Almost Anything] Cecelia Ahern

I haven’t read any of Cecelia’s novels (though I’ve seen two of her film adaptations), but I know they’re popular. They are secular fiction though, which I’m sure means there’s PG-13 content. Find the author on Goodreads

2: Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason

I don’t know if this one visits Ireland because I (much to my embarrassment) haven’t yet read it, but its heroine is of Irish origins (and I think some of the book takes place on the pretty green hills of the country), and I adore books 1-3 in the series. Stands to reason this one would be good too. Goodreads

3: Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron

I don’t recall that I’ve ever read any of Kristy’s ‘castle’ novels, but they sound grand. Goodreads

4: The Library at the Edge of the World

Don’t know anything about this one, but the author seems to be well liked. Goodreads

20 of the Novels & Irish Romance Movies for St. Patty's Day. Talking some of the Irish romance movies and novels. Share your favorites. Text © Rissi JC

5: There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones

I adore this contemporary rom-com, which follows a grieving teen to Ireland where she meets a hot teen movie star. Suffice to say, a re-read is long overdue. Goodreads

6: A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

Read this one years ago. It takes place in Boston, but if memory serves, I think its hero is Irish and maybe the family has Irish ancestry…? Don’t quote me though. Goodreads

7: Irish Meadows by Sarah Anne Mason

Another U.S. based novel that is rooted in Irish ancestry. Goodreads

8: Now a Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy

This one is about a girl who travels to Ireland to see her grandmother’s book being adapted as a film. Goodreads

9: Still Life by Dani Pettrey

A contemporary romance/suspense novel that features a noble, good guy hero complete with Irish brogue, and let’s be real, we’re here for this. Goodreads

10: Love and Luck by Jenna Evans Welch    

This one has been on my shelf (as so many are) for too long. Jenna’s sound SO cute, and I cannot wait to finally read them. This one visits Ireland, of course. Goodreads

Tell me, what Irish romances (or stories) do you like? Did I miss a favorite of yours? Is there one you enjoy watching time and again? Have you seen any of these? Any and all thoughts welcome; tell me about your favorite moments or Irish romance movies and novels!

20 of the Novels & Irish Romance Movies for St. Patty's Day. Talking some of the Irish romance movies and novels. Share your favorites. Text © Rissi JC

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