15+ Good Movies Perfect to Enjoy on Mother’s Day


When it comes to favorite pastimes, one of the things my mother and I enjoy on a weekend, and even more so on those rare long weekends, is a good movie. Most of the time we steer away from overtly dark drama because let’s be real, we have enough of that in real life. Instead we love a solid feel-good movie, which doesn’t always negate anything “negative,” and when we can find one we haven’t seen, a period drama that invites us to get lost in its yesteryear world.

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As we approach the special day that is Mother’s Day (how are we here already?), ‘Mother’s Day movies’ for this week’s topic only seems right and proper to look at some of the films (or in a few cases, TV shows) that my mother and I enjoy. Or in other cases, to simply include films that are appropriate for this day. Perhaps, you too will find something that looks interesting – or at the very least, fun.

Also, I did give a shout-out for suggestions on Facebook/Twitter, and came away with a few additional titles; makes me happy to collaborate in this way because a: it inspires fun conversation and b: I love seeing what everyone else puts in this type of category. If YOU have any favorite mother characters, let me know! I have another post next week that’s similar to this, but a TINY bit different.

15+ Feel-Good Mother’s Day Movies to Enjoy

1: 13 Going on 30

13 going on 30

Originally I did not have this one on my list, but I re-watched it recently, and didn’t realize the important role the mother plays. She’s not in the film often, but her one “big scene” are words of wisdom that bear reflection.

…I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I don’t regret making any of them. …Because if I hadn’t have made them, I wouldn’t have learned how to make things right. – 13 Going on 30

2: Anne of Green Gables

Perhaps this should be put on a specific character list (and who knows, maybe she will be put there, too!), but Marilla Cuthbert is one of the best mother-ing characters I’ve met. Of course, perhaps this is my nostalgia talking since she is a bit “gruffer” than some characters, but I never doubt she loves Anne fiercely.

3: Because I Said So

Diane Keaton leads the impressive cast in this comedy about a mother and her three daughters. This also happens to be one my mom and I enjoy a re-watch of quite frequently. It’s just too fun to ignore. Lauren Graham, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht and Piper Perabo co-star.

4: Blended

Shamefully I did not put this one on the list, and it’s more more embarrassing because, well, I just re-watched this one. That said, I will say this one has a solid mother and father character, but it’s more suited to being a good mother’s day binge. Shout-out and MANY thanks to talented rom-com author Jessica Kate for the suggestion. PG-13 (adult content, including crude/suggestive humor)

5: The Blindside

Sandra Bullock always dominates her leading roles (or those I’ve seen) and this is no different. She’s phenomenal in this film, and though this has a more serious side, there’s also great humor, and in the end, this one has a solid uplifting message. PG-13 (suggestive content)

6: Brave

Janine Rosche, the author of This Wandering Heart, remembered this Pixar, Disney film, and though it’s been YEARS since I saw it, I do remember thinking it a charmer.

7: Forever My Girl

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

A sweet underrated romance about a woman who’s left on her wedding day, only to years later meet up with her former fiancé.

8: Home Again

This is one that I think doesn’t get enough credit really. It’s quite charming and features Reese Witherspoon as a woman who tries to reinvent herself in the wake of a separation with the husband she is unable to be married to.

9: Hope Floats

Sandra Bullock stars in this tale about a woman and her daughter who start over after she’s publicly humiliated on national TV. Harry Connick Jr. co-stars, and as recommend-er Janine Roshce tells us, he’s a good reason to check this one out! *Sadly, I have not yet! PG-13 (adult content)

10: Instant Family

This one is charming in so many ways. The mother-child relationship comes about not through shared DNA, but through adoption. The story touches on some interesting complications and manages to be funny, heartwarming and still, one of those that makes you feel really good in the end. mother’s day movies

11: Life as We Know It

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel co-star as two single career orientated people who must step up and raise the only child of their mutual best friends. PG-13 (adult/sexual content)

12: Little Women (2019)

This “feels” like another really solid film to put on a list such as this. Although it IS quite a bittersweet tale. That said both myself and my fellow, former Silver Petticoat contributor, Dixie-Ann of Belle Works think Marmee is one of the most memorable mother characters. That said, I must admit, I overall, do prefer the 1994 adaptation.

13: Mamma Mia!

Yes, I did add this one post-publication because I remembered it as I was on a walk, and thought it a travesty that I didn’t include it. It’s got the strong mother-daughter bond, romance, cheerful songs, and just in general is sure to make you smile. PG-13 (adult themes/suggestive content)

14: Mother’s Day

Looking at 15+ Mother's Day Movies to enjoy.

Pretty sure this one was raked over the coals when it appeared in theaters. It’s really quite cute and looks at mothers in a variety of life’s walk. PG-13 (adult content)

15: No Reservations

This is another “unusual” one to add as it’s about a woman who must raise her sister’s daughter.

16: The Perfect Man

This throwback Hilary Duff film features the actress as Heather Locklear’s daughter, a teenager who creates a fake boyfriend in order to distract her mother from being too interested in her life. It’s cute, and fun and well, just adorable.

17: Raising Helen

mother's day movies

Another film that tells the story of a carefree single woman who is thrust into raising three children. Despite its “fun” vibe, at least for most of it, this one looks at some interesting angles of parenting. But before you wonder at me placing this one on the list, Jessica Kate (author) mentioned this one, and we all know she has the best taste in movies! PG-13 (adult content/sexual content) mother’s day movies

18: Sarah, Plain and Tall

mother's day movies

This one is a classic film that my aunt once adored. I haven’t seen it in years, but I feel as though that makes it a kind of film that has memories attached to it. It follows an Eastern lady who agrees to become a caretaker and mother in the home of a widowed farmer.

19: Stepmom

No list such as this seems complete unless this title would be on it! It’s bittersweet, yes, and looking back I realize at the opening of this list, I promised “upbeat” titles, but it’s just the most ideal title for this type of this – both myself, Sarah Monzon (author), and fellow blogger, Andi agree, this one must be on this list! PG-13 (adult content)

20: Wives & Daughters

This is another that doesn’t have a “mother” in the traditional way, but for some reason it came to mind when I prepped this list. There’s something about the BBC mini-series that just “feels” ideal.

Honorable Mentions

mother's day movies
  • 1: I Don’t Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker (PG-13)
  • 2: Mom’s Day Away (Hallmark)
  • 3: Monster-In-Law (Yes, I realize this is an unusual pick, but it’s fun in its own way!)
  • 4: Puppy Love with Candace Cameron Bure (Hallmark)
  • 5: Terms of Endearment (recommend by Janine Rocshe)

What about you? Do you see any titles on this Mother’s Day movies list that you would like to or have seen? Any you plan to revisit? Which movies would YOU add to a list? Comment all the comments in the comment section. I’d love to chat with everyone.

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Shout-outs to (and my endless thanks!): Andi Tubbs; Dixie-Ann Belle; Jessica Kate; Janine Rosche; and Sarah Monzon for sharing their suggestions and favorites!


15+ Good Movies Perfect to Enjoy on Mother’s Day. Discussing some of the movies ideal for a Mother's Day night in! Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Good list Rissi. I like No Reservations. It’s a sweet movie. Anne of Green Gables is always a good idea. Sarah Plain and Tall and Little Women ~ great choices! :)

    1. I like No Reservations, too, Kathy. In fact, I’d quite like a re-watch soon. :) ‘Anne’ is a lovely classic and I watched ‘Sarah’ more time than I can count as a kid! :) Thanks for checking the list out.

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